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ONE Community | Tennessee Titans -

Healthy neighborhoods are foundational to building cities in which individuals and families are equipped to thrive. Neighborhood partnerships include new programs that support, amplify and advocate for historically marginalized neighborhoods in our community.

Programs within Neighborhoods include:

Home Field Advantage Catalyst Fund

  • A $5 million investment to provide access to grants and loans to encourage affordable housing through community development corporations
  • Initiatives would focus on affordable and workforce housing throughout the city

Keep Nashville Home Campaign

  • An annual awareness campaign to encourage eligible seniors to apply for available housing security assistance programs and increase participation
  • Launched in 2021 with the Urban League, NAACP and Trustee Erica Gilmore

Neighborhood Business Spotlight

  • Inspired by Nashville's historic Jefferson Street, the Titans will select a group of businesses representing other iconic streets and roadways to highlight each year
  • Selectees receive a direct financial contribution and media and brand promotions through social media platforms and public recognition

Direct Community Support

  • Titans will continue to directly invest in community priorities through volunteer service, capital investments and programming
  • The Titans will support the Looby Community Center, for example, through the launch of "Friends of Looby Center" to support future capital improvements and through updates to the kitchen space, computer lab, game room and outdoor playground.

Mental Health Initiative

  • Trauma-informed therapy sessions and training through Cheatcode Foundation, a program currently available to Titans players and Coaches
  • Training for healthcare and community workers, trauma-informed sessions, and community engagement events in the pilot program's zip codes of 37218, 37208, 37209, 37216 & 37206