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For Ticket Information:

Ben Stefaniak: Account Executive - Group Ticket Sales

Faith & Football Ticket Program


Fundraising Opportunity:

Team up with the Titans to help raise funds for your congregation, church, youth group, or other faith-based organization! Your group will receive an exclusive ticket link to raise money seamlessly while $10 for every ticket purchased will go directly to your organization. Plus, a dedicated Titans representative will help you organize your event and provide promotional graphics, flyers, and more.

Preferred Faith Group Pricing:

Receive the best pricing available for our Titans Faith & Football Day (game date TBD) when you organize a group ticket fundraiser for your church or faith-based organization. There is NO MONEY DUE UPFRONT to participate in the Faith & Football Program, plus receive a savings of up to $25 per ticket.

Please fill out the form below to receive updates when the schedule is announced in the Spring.

For More Information

Ben Stefaniak, Account Executive - Group Ticket Sales

Ben Stefaniak, Account Executive - Group Ticket Sales

For more information about the Titans Faith and Football Program, contact Ben Stefaniak, Account Executive - Group Ticket Sales.

Phone: 615-565-4261