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For Ticket Information:

Ben Stefaniak: Account Executive - Group Ticket Sales

Faith & Football Ticket Program


Fundraising Opportunity:

Team up with the Titans to help raise funds for your congregation, church, youth group, or other faith-based organization! Your group will receive an exclusive ticket link to raise money seamlessly while $10 for every ticket purchased will go directly to your organization. Plus, a dedicated Titans representative will help you organize your event and provide promotional graphics, flyers, and more.

Preferred Faith Group Pricing:

Receive the best pricing available for our Titans Faith & Football Day (game date TBD) when you organize a group ticket fundraiser for your church or faith-based organization. There is NO MONEY DUE UPFRONT to participate in the Faith & Football Program, plus receive a savings of up to $25 per ticket.

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The Tennessee Titans have a strict no reseller policy and may refuse purchase or cancel purchases in violation of this policy. Tickets purchased through this group ticket offer cannot be resold online. At their discretion, the Titans Ticket Office may request buyer ID to verify the purchase.

For More Information

Ben Stefaniak, Account Executive - Group Ticket Sales

Ben Stefaniak, Account Executive - Group Ticket Sales

For more information about the Titans Faith and Football Program, contact Ben Stefaniak, Account Executive - Group Ticket Sales.

Phone: 615-565-4261