Young optimistic as training camp opens




(On the first day of training camp)

Oh man, day one was great. You know, very comfortable, relaxed, I feel more like a veteran guy now. And I got a chance to concentrate more on different things a little more, a new offense, and just having a good practice. Overall, I felt I did alright for my first day.

(On feeling like a veteran and how it shows itself)

I'm just more mature, know what's going on, reading the defense a little faster. Coach [Jim] Schwartz has been trying to get the guys moving around to disguise the defense a little bit but Coach [Mike] Heimerdinger does a great job of helping me out with that pre-snap read and knowing where I need to go prior to the snap of the ball.

(On having a cold)

Yeah, it's the hotel. The AC is blowing pretty cold in there.

(On working with Coach Heimerdinger)

It's good. He's the same guy, he hasn't changed, but you see a little bit more of the game situation of us getting out of the huddle a little faster, making sure the guys get to the line of scrimmage and get their things called, things like getting their pre-snaps and everybody getting out of the huddle just a little bit faster. And we just hear that out of him a little bit more. But he's still the same coach, very aggressive. He wants to see us compete every play. Definitely a lot of reps.

(On the bar being raised because of making the playoffs)

We definitely want to win in the playoffs, so as a team, as a whole, from the offseason how we worked out, you know that's all you were hearing. Most of the guys were saying, let's go further than we did. But from the looks of it from a defensive standpoint and an offensive standpoint we look pretty good. We're a very physical team. All we have to do is just stay injury-free. I really feel that we can have a good year this year.

(On feeling like you can win it all at the beginning of the season)

You have to have your confidence level up, if you don't think you are going ot win, you're going to lose. If you feel like you are going into a season and that you are going to have a good season, you are definitely going to have a good season. So you hear a lot of guys saying let's go out here and take care of our responsibility, you know you are going to hear [Kyle] Vanden Bosch all the time say that.

(On veterans taking over this team)

Yeah, after we are changing periods and going to another situation that coach [Jeff] Fisher wants us to do you can hear most of the veterans saying pick it up, on the hop, run, and things like that. Once you get things like that, guys moving all the time, buying into what's going on with the team spirit and things like that, you are definitely going to have a good year when you got guys feeding into what's going on with the team.

(On whether that general attitude of buying into team spirit is different than last year)

Somewhat, but you just hear more guys, more veteran guys speaking out more, trying to get everybody into it, more pumped, you know things like that so we can finish the season like we want to finish it.

(On the importance of getting defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth into training camp)

Big Al, we definitely want him in, I definitely want the big guy here, taking care of his responsibility just the same as he's taking care of business on the outside right now. But we know he'll be here. A couple guys today have seen him and said that he looks pretty good. Obviously he's taking care of his business out there but at the same time as a guy on the team we are looking forward for him to get in here.

(On rookie running back Chris Johnson)

I was looking around for him, I just figured out when I got in the locker room before we left. I was asking a lot of guys whether he got his deal signed and things like that. Hopefully he'll get in here tomorrow, but if not, you never know what's going on upstairs and what's going on with him and his agent. Hopefully he'll get up in here.

(On what running back Chris Johnson is missing by not being at training camp)

He misses a lot. Especially as a rookie you definitely, going into the season, you need to get in here, get yourself prepared to play because there's a lot of things that's different prior to the offseason and things like that. People are more aggressive, people are putting on pads and those different things, guys are getting truly getting ready to play ball right now. I know he's taking care of his business, but I know as soon as he gets here he's going be working hard.

Everybody else is jumping in motion, taking care of business, and now he has to come in here and catch up. I know he's going to do a good job, take care of his responsibilites, but you know missing a day is going to hurt him, not hurt him a lot, but just a little bit. But when he gets in we have great coaches, they are going to help him out a whole lot. I'm pretty sure he's ready to go, he's hyped, he's going to be a little fresher than we were today, that's all.

(On new wide receiver Justin McCareins)

He's quick. On those deep routes, he's going to take off, he's going to use his speed. Great hands, he brings a lot as a veteran guy. He's quiet but you can tell by his play, his play is his action out there on that football field. He's going to make plays for us. With myself, Kerry Collins and coach Heimerdinger can all see that in him.

(On being more energized heading into this season with Heimerdinger)

I see coach Heimerdinger and he's a veteran, he's been in the game for a long time, he knows what's going on, he knows the tendencies of different defensive coaches and what they want to do. And also certain things that he's teaching me. I've been playing quarterback for a long time, but some of the things he's teaching me, I haven't been taught like that in a long time. So I definitely appreciate coach [Jeff] Fish[er] and him working with me a whole lot.

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