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WR Danny Amendola


What do you think about where QB Davis Mills is now after completing his first season? 

"He's coming along. He's a great quarterback. He's going to be a good player here for a long time. He can spin it. He's getting all of the operations down. He's a great teammate. I'm rooting for him." 

What is it about QB Davis Mills that you can see his comfortability in up tempo offense? 

"I love gong up tempo personally because we get the defense tired. We get them running. Conditioning comes into play. It gives the advantage to the offense. He handled everything great today. Great communicator out there today. It was definitely a stepping stone in the right direction for Davis. Great learning experience. He's going to take this into his second and the sky is the limit, honestly. He's going to be great. He's a great quarterback. He's going to be great." 

This was your first game back since the Jets game. How did you feel out there today? 

"I felt good. I felt good. Anytime you get to get out there, put your cleats on, strap up, it's a blessing. Very grateful to be part of this team, part of this group." 

How do you feel at this point about your future? Do you know right now if you want to continue playing football and is this somewhere you would want to be next year? 

"I love the game. I love to compete. I love the challenges that the game brings and I love this group. I love being in Texas. I'm from Houston. This was a blessing being a part of such a great organization that I hold near and dear to my heart back when it was the Oilers. Just like any other season, I'm going to take a couple of months off, assess the damage and make a decision then. So, we will see."  

Just your thoughts on how you played today. You missed some time but didn't look rusty. How did you feel about how you played? 

"I left a couple of plays out there but came together there at the end within a score there at the end. The Titans are a great time, well-coached, obviously. They're going to make a run here in the playoffs, and it was great to get out there."

What did you see from WR Nico Collins today with WR Brandin Cooks being out? 

"Not only a good rookie, one of the best rookies I've been around. Great NFL player, man. He is going to be a force these next few years. He can run. He can catch. He is a dog. Great teammate. Great person. He puts it all in week in, week out. He is going to be something special here pretty quick."

You've seen young rookie quarterbacks or young quarterbacks, rookie wide receivers. To have QB Davis Mills and WR Nico Collins be on the same path that they are right now, do you think they could have that same type of upside? 

"Definitely, man. Definitely. They're going to continue to grow, continue to get better. They're getting into their first offseason together. They'll continue to grow, get on the same page. Nico is going to continue to learn. He is, obviously, an amazing athletic talent and one of the best I've been around, honestly, so sky is the limit for Nico. Sky is the limit for Davis. I'm excited for them. Great teammates and hard workers, so they'll be good."

Ever since you joined the team, you were productive from day one when you were healthy. Because of that, does that make you hungrier to come back next year? 

"I'm always hungry, man. I love the game. It's been a blessing to be able to play 14 years now. I'm grateful for this opportunity Coach (David) Culley and Nick Caserio gave me. It's a blessing, man."

Given the way you played today, would that make it tough to walk away after what you saw yourself do out there in this situation? 

"We'll see, man. We'll see. I love playing the game. I love playing the game. I love running routes in the offseason. I love training. I love the whole process of being an NFL professional football player. It's something that I love, and I base my whole life around. I'm going to enjoy this first part of this offseason, make a decision on what's best for me and my family here in the future."

You're going to have to consult with your coaching dad? 

"Absolutely. Yeah. Got to see him there at the end going in the tunnel. It's been a blessing just having him here. His guidance, his coaching, his love. He is a great coach, but he is an even better father, so it's awesome for both of us to share this experience. We'll never forget it."

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