WR Corey Davis


Sunday, Dec. 20, 2020

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(on if he was surprised that to be wide open on his 75-yard touchdown)

I wasn't too surprised because we got the look that we wanted and what we were anticipating the whole week. (Ryan) Tannehill put it in a great spot and the rest was up to me. I was determined to get in. I was just trying to get some points for the boys, and that's what we did.

(on what the season has been like for him in comparison to some of his previous seasons)

Definitely one of my best seasons so far. I'm healthy, my mind is right, I'm playing confident. The team is really rolling. We've got some momentum. We've just got to keep that up and keep doing our thing.

(on how well the offense has been clicking to be the ninth team in NFL history to go five straight games with 30 points and 400 yards)

That says a lot. That sounds like it's hard to accomplish. Art (Arthur Smith) and the rest of the offensive staff does a great job of scheming plays and we have a lot of weapons. It's our job to answer that call when they do call us to make a play, and that's what we've been doing so far so we've just got to keep it up.

(on how much pride he takes in the passing game and how much he is able to contribute)

We have a lot of pride in what we do. (Ryan) Tannehill is a great quarterback and he definitely makes our job easy. He puts it in a great spot. He has great accuracy, but we do take a lot of pride in our job and what we do, knowing where the ball is. We put it upon ourselves to go get it. Contested or not, the ball is in the air, it's our ball. That's something that Rob (Moore) and the guys preach all the time.

(on the importance of yards after the catch)

That's another thing we kind of take pride in. When we get the opportunity, we just make the most of it and try to make it happen with the ball in your hand. First and foremost, you've got to protect the ball. We do take a lot of pride in that. Rob (Moore) is always harping on that.

(on if he knew the ball was coming to him on the 75-yard touchdown and his thought process when it lands in his hands)

I knew it was coming to me. Like I said, we got the look that we had wanted all week. It was just my job to sell it in there and set my angle. Like I said, (Ryan) Tannehill put it in a great spot, and I was just trying to find the end zone, and that's what I did.

(on if the group's mindset is if they continue to play like this that they will be hard to beat)

Our mindset is take it one game at a time, one play at a time. We've got weapons. I always say that. We've got to trust the scheme, trust Art (Arthur Smith) and trust the plays and go out there and make it happen. That's what we do week in and week out.

(on how conscious he was of Lions safety Duron Harmon during his 75-yard catch)

I kind of felt where he was. His momentum was kind of taking him. He had a good angle on me first and foremost. I had to kind of stop and try to cut back. It's just something that you feel where he is. You feel his momentum whether it's going one way or the other and you just go the other way, and that's what I did. We played pretty well today, and that's a good win for the boys.

(on putting pressure on himself but also having the support of teammates around him such as quarterback Ryan Tannehill and wide receiver A.J. Brown)

Obviously, it helps a lot to have A.J. (Brown) over there on the other side. Most of the time, he's attracting the attention and frame me up and vice versa. Ryan (Tannehill) does a great job making sure we're on our toes and we know what we're doing, putting the ball in the right spot. But mentally, I feel like I'm in a better place. The past few years I would put a lot of pressure on myself and sometimes it was too much pressure. It would just end up having a negative impact on my playing, so this year I'm a lot more free. Just going out there, playing and having fun with it.

(on how he got out from underneath the pressure he put on himself in previous years)

I just kind of got my priorities right. Focusing on God and changing my relationship with Him was a big part of it. Like I said, just not putting too much pressure on yourself to go out there and perform because that can have a negative impact on you and your mental and your play. Just going out there, playing free and playing fast is something that you have to do in this game. You've just got to rely on your instincts sometimes and take the thinking out of it. That's kind of what I've been trying to do this year. It's been working, so we've just got to keep it up and keep having fun with it.

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