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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now less than a week until the NFL Draft.

The Titans have some big decisions to make.

Titans fans have some questions that need answers.

Let's jump right into this weekend's mailbag.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Also, send your Titans mocks, or just your pick for the first round, for a special edition of the mailbag: CLICK HERE.

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Question: Hello Jim. With the draft right around the corner, I've been doing of mock drafts playing out different scenarios, but the one thing they all have in common is me trading back at some point in the top 2 days. I just find it tough to believe the Titans will have only picked twice heading into day 3 of the draft. How likely do you think it is that we do end up trading back, and out of which pick?

Jim: Hard to say, Evan. Depends on how things unfold in front of them. The early day picks are obviously the most valuable in this draft, so yeah, I know the team would love another. But it takes two to tango, so things will have to play out right. If the Titans are on the clock and a pod of players is there they like, with all of them graded around the same, the question becomes: How far can the Titans move back and still get one of those picks? We won't know some of this until the draft gets going.

Ryan Xavier from North Providence, Rhode Islanbd
Question: Hey Jim, thank you for all your Titans insight and weekly feed!
I have one simple question, what is your opinion on drafting Malik Nabers at #7 rather than Joe Alt?
(Assuming both are there)
Thank you Jim!!!!

Jim: I could make a strong case for picking either one. I certainly don't think it's a no-brainer. I know a lot of folks around here pushing for Brock Bowers, too.

Mark Clarke from Causeway Coast and Glens Ireland
Question: Travelling all the way from the north coast of Ireland in Sept to watch the new seasons team in action!
First time since supporting the boys for over 40 yrs!
Excited to see who we can add! A top WR would be great! Hope the team play again in London! Slightly shorter journey for me! Not good for local fans Alas
Keep the faith 91 again!

Jim: Sounds like a great trip, Mark! Hearing the schedule will be released on May 9, so you'll know potential opponents. Safe travels. Could London be calling again? We'll see… It would have to be as a road team, and there are some possibilities …

Edward McKinney from Antioch, Tennessee
Question: I know people are excited by our two RBs. However. I feel we still need a RB who will come in and get us that 1 or 2 yards on 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1, which brings me to H. Haskins out of Michigan in our 2022 draft. How is he doing? Is he participating in off season training with the team?

Jim: Hi Edward. I asked Ran Carthon about the running backs at the NFL owners meetings, and he threw Julius Chestnut and Hassan Haskins into the conversation. The veteran minicamp starts the coming week, so I'll get a look at him then.

Beau Blaker from Thornton, Colorado
Question: Hey Jim, hope all is well the draft is getting closer it's exciting to see the mock drafts going away and the real draft coming into focus. Just had a real quick question when it comes to the team. When it comes to the staff who do you think personally was a great hire for the team not named Callahan. I do think we got some good experience and valuable position coaches and I know that's something Miss Amy and the front office valued was a coach that could bring in a good staff. Is there a coach or two that comes to mind that you anticipate to bring a position group up a level of play?

Jim: Bill Callahan. He's considered one of the best, if not the best, offensive line coaches in the NFL. And, he arrives on a team that needs to make big strides at the position group. I think head coach Brian Callahan built a great staff. I was around when Tracy Rocker (d-line) and Frank Bush (linebackers) were here the first time around, so I know they're good coaches. Same for Steve Jackson (secondary/safeties). I know DC Dennard Wilson has a great reputation. I'm looking forward to seeing all these guys work on the practice field.

Hector Hernandez from Teziutlan, Puebla; Mexico
Question: Que tal Jim buena tarde, quiero preguntarte cuando sale el calendario oficial de la temporada 2024. Gracias saludos Titan Up!!

Jim: Hello Hector. Espero que el calendario se publique el jueves 9 de mayo. Sé que eso podría cambiar, pero esa es la fecha que tengo en mi calendario.

Micah McKamey from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim, there has been A LOT of speculation over this pick and about who is going at 7. I feel like the fan base is more divided than ever, but if you had to ask me, I think Joe Alt is the obvious pick! That's just my opinion though, and I still see the idea behind going WR.

Jim: Thanks for chiming in, Micah.

Adam Finlan from Spring Hill, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim is Adam Rapp Finlan I am a Down syndrome about J J McCarthay from Michigan and Marvin Harrison Jr. from Ohio State and Dillon from Washington get draft pick. We went to the Special Olympics at near Nissan Stadium about Polar Plush just did and just taste chili for events.

Jim: I always enjoy hearing from you Adam. I'm looking forward to this draft as well!

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
Question: Hey Jim, hope you've been enjoying the offseason. Although I guess it's still busy for you... OK. I'm thinking trade back a little to 12-15ish to pick up a 2nd in the 40's range. And draft... Amarius Mims at 12-15ish and Ladd McConkey at 38, Darius Robinson at 45ish and give big guy T'vondre Sweat a second chance at 106... big Jeffery Simmons can be a big influence on him. Depending on the draft... I might go Brock Bowers at 12-15ish and trust Mr Callahan to build the OL with existing parts plus day 3 guys. Bowers, McConkey... Robinson and Sweat... I'm not sure you can walk away from Bowers. He's basically AJ Brown plus 25lbs. Potential to be next Kelce or Kittle.

Jim: Hey Jack. Covering the NFL, you understand there really isn't an offseason. It never stops, which is good with me. Headed to Detroit for first round, and then back in Nashville Friday. Appreciate the feedback. I've discovered a lot of folks like Brock Bowers around here. When former GM Mark Dominik said this week he’d take Bowers over an offensive tackle, I also discovered via social media a lot of folks wouldn't be on board with that…

Noah Richter from Concord, North Carolina
Question: Hey Jim. I honestly don't understand how Titans fans can want anything but an offensive tackle as our first draft pick. O-line issues have been our biggest problem for the past 2 years . The reason we lost Tannehill 2 seasons ago was because our o-line didn't protect him, which literally ruined our season. And he got injured last season for the same reason. The LAST thing I want to see is Levis get injured because our o-line can't protect him.
Here's a random stat that I found: 10 of the 13 teams that allowed the fewest sacks last season made the playoffs, the bottom 9 teams did not make the playoffs (I understand that sacks can be blamed on QBs and WRs, but the majority are the o-lines fault).
I get that drafting Brock Bowers would be great, but we don't NEED him, and we don't NEED another star wide receiver, what we do need is an offensive tackle who can immediately be a solid starter from day 1. I understand that we could get a solid tackle at #38, but he might not be as ready for the NFL. I don't just want to see an average o-line this season, I want to see an elite group that can give Levis plenty of time and give our RBs some nice blocks. These are just my thoughts on the situation though. Thanks for all you do Jim. TITAN UP!

Jim: And here's an example of someone not on board with Bowers at 7 over a tackle. I welcome all opinions. Thanks for taking the time, Noah.

Anthony Lloyd from Knoxville, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim! I always greatly enjoyed the Titans caravan and getting to attend training camp every year before the season starts. It's been disappointing to see both of these eliminated, or access greatly reduced in the past few years. Any chance they bring back the caravan this year? Any chance they open up training camp practice to the public, without having a limited amount of tickets available?
I remember going to camp as a youngster and it solidified my Titans fandom, after watching and getting players autographs. I would love to do the same with my son - he's starting to like the Chiefs, and we can't have that! I know if he could meet some Titans players and see them practice up close it would solidify his fandom like it did for me!

Jim: Hi Anthony. I hear from a lot of folks missing the Caravan. Unfortunately, I don't think it's coming back. As for training camp, look for news on this closer to June or July. The problem with training camp is space – with the new building, there's just not bleacher space like there was years ago, and with new construction all over MetroCenter, there's very little parking, too.

Justin Parrott from Westminster, Maryland
Question: I've seen a lot of people (random internet users and media alike) offer up trades for number 7 or picking one of the top three WRs. Hopefully the Titans don't even think this way and know which way they should go.
The pick has to be who ever they think is the best LT. I think it's probably Joe Alt today, but if they believe the kid from Penn St offers a higher ceiling long term (and they believe they can get him there) then take him.
The bottom line, though, is that they HAVE to get the LT position settled. Levis can't get the ball to any great skill players we may have if he's constantly on his back or out hurt.
So yeah - if the draft shakes out how most think it will the Titans will have their pick of LTs and need to run that pick to the podium.

Jim: Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Justin.

Tyler Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Question: Jim. Are the Titans interested in WR Ricky Pearsall? He was one of the top elite WRs in the SEC and only gets slighted because of the winless Gators. Did Ran or Brian ever look at him?

Jim: Hey Tyler. Well, I work for the Titans, and I am interested. Of course, a lot depends on what happens at 7. … The Gators didn't go winless, btw. A lot of folks in these parts are well aware of that…


Jim: I hear ya loud and clear in those ALL CAPS, Ray! And, I do think the new coaching staff will do everything it can to get him more involved. I think Chig is a good player, someone capable of doing more than he's done so far.

Kenny Gore from Horse Cave, Kentucky
Question: Hey Jim. It's that time of yr & everyone is ultra focused on the Draft. In this fan base it seems people focus in on our biggest need; attach (Who THEY consider) the best player at that position & ONLY that position to us... Recently (Most) fans are ultra fixated on Joe Alt. He is a very good LT prospect. However, seeing people attach "Generational & Day 1 Elite" to him is crazy to me. It was similar w/Paris Johnson Jr recently; who has NOT been "Elite or Generational." A couple thoughts on that for me: 1) Alt has some obvious warts that everyone is over-looking because it's who they think we SHOULD pick. He's a waist-bender which all OL Coaches HATE. It lightens the anchor/moves center of gravity forward giving away leverage/takes away the advantage of being a big guy! 2) People are setting the guy up to disappoint; if we do draft him!! If he is "Generational" (HIGHLY UNLIKELY) then people will say: Well that's what we expected. If he struggles yr1 (As EVERY rookie OL man does) people will undoubtedly express displeasure/disappointment in taking him so high!
My other issue is fixating on a position of need in the 1st round to start... I get that when JRob ran the team; we almost always (Always really) took a player in the 1st rd that filled our biggest position of need; regardless of if that player was actually BPA. I PRAY this team finally starts taking the BPA!! It's NOT all about THIS yr!! This team desperately needs to add Elite players. If that player is a WR; which very well could be the player available at 7, take the WR! We have 2 very good WRs in DHop & Ridley. However, DHop is over 30, & playing on his final yr of contract. Ridley is near 30. There is a big drop off in talent behind those 2; & (I HOPE) we use more than 2 WRs at a time; a lot this yr!! Even if it's a defensive player; take that player! When we have a chance to add a Blue Chip Prospect; we NEED to do so! Not take a lessor player simply because we have a need there. It's not smart to pass on a talented player & take a lessor player! Not only are you losing out on talent; you're also going to play against that talented player you passed on!! I will say; I have a lot more faith in this leadership structure; than the previous one!
I also wanted to give props to the team, it's leaders, Communications/Social Media/Media employees, & Owner. As SOON as the Coaching change took place; you could see transparency become more common/important!! I feel MUCH more connected to the team & informed!! I LOVE seeing the team going back to posting LIVE feeds of Pressers/Interviews; rather than recorded/edited versions! I am a BIG fan of the current direction of the team; in more ways than one!! I definitely have more hope/optimism about the team/decision-making now; as opposed to when Vrabel seemed to be the driving force.
THANK YOU & Keep up the GREAT work!! ALL of you!!

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Kenny. Appreciate you sharing all these thoughts. Hope you're back to 100 percent and feeling great!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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