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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now less than a week from the NFL Draft.

The first round kicks off on Thursday, and then it's on.

I appreciate all those who've shared their thoughts on the draft and more in here. We'll discuss more in this Saturday's mailbag, and then I'll take mocks and predictions in full force in a special edition of the mailbag on draft day.

Let's go…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Andrew Dench from Elkhart, Indiana
Hello again Jim. Hope all is well Jim. Writing again to let you know my thoughts on the draft. I think we should take Elijah Moore in the first round and Asante Samuel Jr. in the second if he's available still. Also, if I come to a Titans game down in Nashville where is a good place to stay with a family of 4? Thanks again for all you do Jim.

Jim: Hey Andrew. I think a lot of folks would be on board with that combination. As for where to stay, downtown Nashville now has a ton of options, from the JW Marriott to the Westin to the Omni to the Hilton to the new Grand Hyatt. All of them are within walking distance of Nissan Stadium, and all the downtown restaurants.

Rob Freeman from Manchester, United Kingdom
Hi Jim. Huge Titans fan from across the pond. I absolutely loved last season, tuning in to watch the Titans every Sunday was the highlight of my week and kept me sane throughout the lockdowns we had here in the U.K.
I have a couple of questions. First, my girlfriend is in love with King Henry. If you have the information on hand, please could you let me know his physical training regime so I could get just as shredded as he is?
Secondly, in regards to our offence, would you expect the team to stick to a similar system next year with a lot of the same plays, or throw some new flavours in there to accommodate some of the new players on the roster?

Jim: Hey Rob. Good to hear from you from across the pond. Well, I'm not sure I'd advise taking on the same workout regimen as Derrick. It involves hills, chains, medicine balls, and some heavy lifting. If you follow him on social media, I'm sure you can steal some ideas if you want. His trainer, Melvin Sanders, is also on social media. Good luck! 💪 With new OC Todd Downing, I suspect the offense will look similar, but I also expect Todd to add some new things of his own, partly to accommodate new players, but also to incorporate some of his own style and ideas.

Michelle Carpenter from Madison, Tennessee
What about preseason games? I didn't see them on the schedule. I need my football. Thank You. ...Titans Rule!!! The rest DROOL.

Jim: Hi Michelle. Be nice! 😊 The preseason games will be announced on May 12 with the rest of the schedule. Here's the story from this week: CLICK HERE.

Josh Carter from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Thank you for keeping the Titans news rolling our way all off season long! I keep seeing Christian Barmore mocked to the Titans. We are so desperate for a wide receiver and a corner that it seems like taking D-line in the first round is not as necessary. Our D-line depth seems ok. On the other hand, when I think about Simmons, Barmore and Autry on the line and Dupree and Landry on the edge, that seems like a pretty nasty group of dudes to have to deal with for any O-line. After watching Tampa's defensive front push Kansas City's O-line all over the place and chase Patrick Mahomes all over the field, maybe this is just what the Titans need. If the road to the Super Bowl still goes through Kansas City then maybe this is a genius pick. What do you think?

Jim: Hey Josh. Mixed feelings on this. The defensive tackle class is really thin at the top this year. Most agree if you don't get one early, you're not going to get a great one. Barmore has potential to be great, but does the team have more pressing needs for an impact player? Yeah, you can definitely make that argument as well.

Steve Crosio from Brick, New Jersey
Hey there Jim, it's almost draft time so here's my latest Mock Draft what do you think?
Round 1: Christian Barmore DL Alabama
Trade with Green Bay Packers: Elijah Moore Wide Receiver OLE MISS (Trade for 29 in exchange for 53, 126 and Round 2 for 2022)
Round 3 Pick 100: Josh Palmer Wide Receiver Tennessee
Round 3 Pick 102: Benjamin St-Juste CB Minnesota (Traded picks 85 and 205 in exchange for this pick and 155)
Round 5 Pick 155: Tommy Tremble TE Notre Dame
Round 5 Pick 166: Aaron Banks G Notre Dame
Round 6 Pick 215: Isaiah McDuffie LB Boston College
Round 7 Pick 232: Tarron Jackson EDGE Coastal Carolina

Jim: Hey Steven. This would add two good receivers. ... Barmore has become a popular pick for many…

Eli Decko from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Good morning Jim, Happy Holiday! I just got done watching Alabama vs OSU again and Christian Barmore was probably the biggest reason OSU, and I'm a Buckeye, got massacred. I'm looking at the teams ahead of us and I'm thinking he could literally fall right into our laps at 22. Simmons and him would probably become the best defensive line combo we've ever had, and we have had some good ones! I like how his build is just a big ass dude, a kid from Philly build like a country boy is pretty interesting to me. Then you have Simmons who is built like a Greek God and the addition of Dupree and Landry in year 4 should be something to make some waves in the league. I also really like Najee Harris to Tennessee too. Him and Henry as a combo would be perfect. Then we would be able to take our time on WR and just let AJ feast. Have a good one Jim be well!

Jim: Hey Eli. Thanks for weighing in…

Steve Boxwell from Corpus Christi, Texas
Jim. Thank you for keeping us informed. Long-time fan. The Titans should draft Christian Barmore, you put him Jeffery Simmons together. For any team they played against they would produce trouble for the opposing team. They could not stop them, then you Autry, Dupree, Landry. That would be too much to overcome. Their defense would become number one. Then let the offense score. Hope you like my choice. Thank You Jim

Jim: Good to hear from you Steve. Another vote for Barmore….

Indiah Carter from Memphis, Tennessee
Hey Jim, it's been awhile. I have one question as well as some comments if you'd like to respond to those. You mentioned in a previous mailbag that teams expect full capacity in stadiums this season. Do you know if that's with/without masks and with/without vaccination for Nissan stadium? Also I forgot to mention last email about EDGE Jordan Smith from my hometown college UAB would be a steal in Rd4/5.Daviyon Nixon dropped in the espn ranks from 3 to 7, he'd be a 3rd round steal check out how he handles double teams like Simmons. I mentioned Dyami Brown as the 3rd best WR last email, DBs give this man 17 yards minimum as respect because thats how quick off the line he is and his second gear is second to none, route running is exceptional. Lastly, the BIGGEST steal in the draft that could fall to Rd6 would be TE Quintin Morris, ranked second to last on espn but Jim if you watch this tape and are not convinced I will buy you a case of Mountain Dew, I am not exaggerating when I say this guy looks like shorter Kyle Pitts! The route running looks better than 90% of the WRs in this draft.

Jim: Hey Indiah. It's way too early and not necessary to talk concrete on any of this regarding the pandemic and what things might look like. We have 3-4 months to figure it out, and see how things are going. Of course, we'd all love to see full stadiums. But does that mean everyone is vaccinated? Will fans have to wear masks? Again, these are questions that will be answered in August, not April.

Steve Vaughan from Goodlettsville, Tennessee
I'd like to vote on the finalist for stadium announcer. I'd like a native Tennessean to be in the seat. Kristopher Freeman from White House or Storme Warren from Franklin would be appropriate. (Being a witness to the "Miracle" shows he's a die-hard fan. Being in the Founders club for the team, I hope we can keep a Tennessean in the chair! Thanks for the consideration).

Jim: Thanks for reminding me to remind everyone about this. Fans can read about the six finalists for the new Titans PA announcer, and then vote, here on the website. Voting ends on Saturday. CLICK HERE.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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