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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now a week into July, and a week closer to training camp.

This weekend's Titans mailbag, well, it's here.

Let's get right to it…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Jorda Harris from Hampton, Virginia

Question: Titan Up hey Titans Nation and Jim Wyatt thank you for taking the time out to answer my question. With everyone waiting for the Hopkins outcome why doesn't the Titans look into signing other veterans wide receivers like Jarvis Landry? I love our young receivers but we didn't get any big play making receivers in the draft and at least we could do is try to help out Derrick Henry, and tannehill by giving him more weapons. I loved that we put money into our defense but I think it time to put money into our offense.

Jim: Hey Jorda. I think everyone is waiting on DeAndre, and until he makes a decision, there's no sense in signing another veteran in free agency. More guys will be available in the coming months and the team wants to let the young guys develop as well. Jarvis Landry has been available in the past and the team didn't pounce, so that tells me something.

Matt Shope from Brentwood, Tennessee
Hey Jim - Do you know which days training camp will be open to the public this year and when tickets will be available? Thanks!

Jim: Hey Matt. It's my understanding we'll find out about all this in the coming week. There will be some days open to the general public via a ticket lottery system. Stay tuned.

JB Jones from Houston, Texas

Question: Hi Jim. Thanks for getting us all through these dog days, can't wait until we have some actual football to talk about.

My question is about Malik Willis. It's great to hear all the reports that suggest he's making improvements, but I'm still seeing articles/posts out there suggesting his roster spot is in jeopardy. Doesn't the new rule that allows for the 3rd QB to dress on game days more or less guarantee his spot? Please let me know if I'm missing something. Thanks!

Jim: Hey JB. Appreciate you reading. Malik's roster spot isn't guaranteed, even with the new rule. Ryan Tannehill and Will Levis will be on the 53-man roster because Tannehill is the starter, and Levis was the 33rd overall pick and he's going to be given time. So, Malik needs to keep improving, and earn his spot. Right now, I think he will be on the 53 himself, and I wasn't thinking that way the beginning of May. Malik outperformed Levis this offseason, and definitely showed improvement from a year ago. But things can change.

Jeremy Kain from Plattsburgh, New York

Question: Jim, my family is in Charlotte, NC right now for the Lacrosse World Series, and even though Bank of America Stadium is right down the road, I kinda feel a little spring in my step knowing Tennessee is a lot closer to me than it usually is. With that stated, I have been meaning to ask you about two areas of need that can still be addressed through free agency now, prior to waiting for roster cuts later on… It's been a little while since DeAndre Hopkins made his visit with the Titans, as well as with other clubs, and he still remains available. Are there active talks still taking place with Hopkins and the Titans? Hopkins would clearly help our offense and provide a solid veteran starter to a largely inexperienced receiving corps. However, I wonder if a cheaper option at another position might be a better all around fit and use of scarce resources. Last season we suited up a D rated offensive line on most game days. After free agency and the draft, it is fair to say we now have a C+ crew with potential for a higher grade once positions get settled and the unit gels. Veteran Guard Dalton Risner is still available. He is massive, durable, passionate on the field, relatively young, and is clearly an above average player at his position. At this point his asking fee should be below previous expectations. Adding him to the mix instantaneously upgrades our line to a solid B, with potential for even better. He would also indirectly improve our depth significantly, which would help us endure some of the injuries that take place in the trenches throughout the eighteen weeks that follow the also injurious preseason. His presence on an already improved line would have a ripple effect that would enhance our pass protection to help keep Tannehill upright, which would better accelerate the growth of our young receivers, and of course help create bigger spaces for the King to rule… Are there any updates on Hopkins, and what are your thoughts on adding Risner?

Jim: Hey Jeremy. As I mentioned before, it's up to DeAndre now. Sounds like the two sides remain in conversations. I'm familiar with Risner, but I haven't heard any buzz about him. But I'll be honest – it's been quiet around the office the last few weeks, when I spent some of my time on the West Coast, including several days at Yosemite National Park. What a beautiful place! Not a lot of Titans talk in Yosemite, although I did run into Titans superfan Chris Judkins (Son of Bud) when I made it to San Francisco at the end of the trip. We talked Titans in the lobby of the San Francisco Marriott Marquis. I think Chris might be the biggest Titans fan in California! Here's a picture of Chris and I below:


Cleal Davison from Phoenix, Arizona

Question: Hi Jim, I believe the Titans fans are only fooling themselves into believing D.Hop will sign with this team! Why would an all star WR would want to play for a team just to run block majority of the time, makes no sense! The real question is who will step up as a legit number 2 WR on the Titans who do more than just run block?

Jim: Thanks for chiming in, Cleal. I'll wait and hear it from DeAndre.

Ryder Wallace from Stewart County, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim, so I was wondering how is Mason Kinsey doing and how has he been doing in practices also how is Harold Landry? Titan up!!!!!!

Jim: Hey Ryder. I always tell people Mason Kinsey is an easy guy to root for – he's an underdog who just keeps scrapping. He shows up at practice sometimes in his old Berry College gray shorts, a reminder of where he came from. Mason is competing, just like he always does. He's going to make it hard for the team to cut him because he doesn't concede anything. I expect Mason to put himself in the mix again this year. As for Harold Landry, he's edging closer to returning after working hard all offseason. Here's a story I did on him recently: CLICK HERE.

Michael Cordero from Bakersfield, California

Question: Have the Titans released the new throwback jerseys what color are they going to be? I would love to get me one but I haven't seen which throw backs they are going to use.

Jim: I've seen them Michael, and they're real, and they're spectacular. Everyone will get to see them the end of this month…

Eldon English from Knoxville, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim. With all the buzz about the Texans/Texan fans wanting to wear the Oiler jerseys, you think the Titans may turn around and wear the Texans jerseys instead of their throwbacks this season to make them even angrier? Thanks

Jim: Good one, Eldon.

Have a great week everyone!

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