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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now just days away from the start of the NFL Combine.

I'll be heading to Indianapolis on Monday, and on hand for press conferences from General Manager Ran Carthon and head coach Brian Callahan on Tuesday.

Prospects for the NFL Draft will be in Indy throughout the week.

But for now, let's open another Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Jim Willams from Lubbock, Texas
Question: Hi Jim. The mock drafts are all over the place for the Titans pick at # 7. Most have them selecting either Alt or Fashanu. Whoever they take, it needs to be an impact player. That's one who influences the direction the team is going. Skoronski is solid, but is not an impact player. Alt, Fashanu, and Nabers are potential impact players who may still be available at # 7. Let's hope they get someone who can really make a positive difference for this team. Now for my question: On draft night, if the Titan management can't agree on the pick, who makes the final decision as to the player they select?

Jim: Hey Jim. Yes, the mock drafts are all over the place. I think most folks doing these mock drafts now would admit these are just guesses. Teams needs are going to change between now and the NFL Draft, after free agency, and you're going to see additions and subtractions across the NFL, and changes in mocks as well. In the weeks leading up to the draft the folks doing the mock drafts will have more information to work off of, but these things will continue to be more fun than fact. … As for who makes the pick, GM Ran Carthon has final say on the roster, but he'll be consulting with others in the personnel/scouting department, and the head coach.

Justin Bishop from Ball Ground, Georgia
Question: Hi Jim. From my understanding, the Titans need to fill 3-4 O lineman, 2+ WR's, corner backs, safety, RB assuming Henry leaves, linebackers and maybe more. Considering our 67 million in cap space along with possibly 7 draft picks - how many decent players do you expect the Titans to be able to get in filling those holes? By "decent" i mean the level of an average NFL player or better in that role. I don't expect Rome to be built in a day and i am fully prepared to be patient in the rebuild. That said, im curious as to how many holes you think we will be able to fill this year. Thanks for the line of communication, i always enjoy reading your updates and mailbags.

Jim: Appreciate it, Justin. Well, as you said, it's going to be a process. But I think the team will be able to acquire some players that will help immediately, and other players currently on the roster will develop. The Texans proved this season how quickly a team can change its fortunes.

Allen Carver from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: I feel that 60,000 seats for our new venue is too few and limits the options for uses. Have the Titans reconsidered to have at least a 65,000 seat capacity for the new Nissan Stadium?

Jim: The number is going to be approximately 60,000 for the new stadium, although there will be standing room only tickets that will increase capacity. And, that's enough to host Super Bowls, Final Fours, etc. By the way, the groundbreaking for the new stadium is scheduled for Thursday, February 29.

Joel Cairo from Nashville Tennessee
Question: Jim, by the time you read / respond to this question this situation may be resolved. So many people are thinking that Tee Higgins to Tennessee (assuming he's not tagged by Cincy) is a slam dunk great thing to happen. I don't profess to be an expert by any means but I have read a couple of these click-bait mock drafts and stories about landing spots for free agents, and they seem to think that Higgins would not be a good fit in Tennessee. Higgins is supposedly similar to Hopkins and Burks, and the argument is that we need a slot receiver, not another wide receiver. Comments? Thanks.

Jim: I'm assuming Higgins will get tagged by the Bengals… I hardly consider him an option.

Terry Anderson Edmonton, Kentucky
Question: Hello Jim, hope all is well. Hope the Titans keep up the momentum on their positive offseason. I still hope they figure out a way to keep Derrick in Nashville. Throw for show and run for dough so to speak. Only 2 or three teams out there that can win without a consistent running game and Kansas City is the top of that list. I still Henry has gas in the tank. Online, secondary and Wr rooms need work but with a new voice in their ear and teachers on the field, who know how well the o line will be with what we already have. What is the vibe in the facility these days? Anyway keep up the great work Jim.

Jim: Hey Terry. I have so much respect for Derrick Henry, how hard he's worked, how much he's produced, how good a teammate he's been, how good he's been in the community. But I'm bracing for life without Derrick Henry on the Titans, and you probably should too. The way Derrick Henry handled himself leading up to — and after – the regular season finale vs Jacksonville told me he's doing the same. My thinking on this has nothing to do with anything anyone has told me in the building. I've just been around long enough to get a gut feeling on these things, and with the changing landscape, that's what my gut is telling me.

Reuben Alvear II from San Francisco, California
Question: Recently I chatted with some Titans fans online. One particular fan and I were in lockstep in that we both agreed that it doesn't appear that running the ball hard, playing physical on D, and winning with grit and determination were going to be enough going forward. Nowadays, it appears the NFL is trending towards elite QB play, and excellent analytics and scouting. In addition to bold, creative and innovative passing attacks.
I respect what Mike Vrabel did his first four years in Nashville. I believe that Vrabel cannot be solely faulted for the deficiencies and leaks that showed up the past two years. Yet, I do believe Tennessee needed to chart a new course. Because if things had kept going in the same direction my fear was that the Titans were going to get left way behind.
I am excited by the Titans hire of Brian Callahan. All through the Titans head coach search I instinctively wanted upper management to give the green light to Coach Cal. I am intrigued and jazzed by the apparent intentionality that B. Callahan exhibited, in regards to numerous assistants and coordinators that Coach Cal has surrounded himself with. In particular Dennard Wilson!
To the detractors, I'll have some fun with y'all. Because I know all of this has to materialize on the field. Yet, I don't believe that it is a federal crime to be excited about this season's possibilities!

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Reuben.

Jonathan Nelson from Clarksville, Tennessee
Question: How well do you guys think Callahan will do this season? I think this is a great new turn. I have a couple offensive players but I really wanna know who y'all will pick for the draft. I can't wait to be a Running Back for you guys ( It's my second year as one and my coach said I'm a beast.) What will happen do Derrick though? I think we can still keep him. He can work with Tyjae in long term development as a player and with Will Levis as QB, how well do you guys think ya'll will do? I hope we win the division for once in a while. What have we been thinking on our defense? I see us going 10-7, 11-6, or 12-5.

Jim: Hard to predict how Callahan will do right now, Jonathan. Heck, we don't know what the team is going to look like with free agency and the draft upcoming. And, without any practices. I think he's going to be a good coach, but he has some work ahead of him.

Richard Robles from Springfield, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim. Wow, The thing for the NFL Draft needs something because for the NFL Draft, We need Tennessee State University Wide Receiver Dayron Johnson to be drafter to the Tennessee Titans and we also need to draft a Offensive Tackle and Punter. We also can remind that we also need to draft the Germany football player to boost the roster and to get a chance to become the best in the world. Thanks!

Jim: I'll keep him on my radar, Richard. Thanks.

Robert Lyons from Brentwood, Tennessee
Question: Jim First of all a compliment to you and all the sports writers covering Nashville sports. You all do a great job. Now for a question. Watching the Super Bowl, there was a quarterback for the 49erss that would have been in the running for the most valuable player, but he wasn't playing quarterback. Jennings was a wide receiver. Has there been any consideration converting Malik to wide out since it looks like he's not going to be the backup QB. It's a shame to waste a 3rd round pick. He should know all the routes, and we know he can run. Thanks

Jim: Appreciate it, Robert. Mailk's not going to get moved to receiver. If he's going to be on the team, it's going to be as a quarterback, and he has his work cut out for him.

Rick Pinkerton from Terryville, Connecticut
Question: Jim, Thanks for all you do, keeping us in the loop during the off season. It should be an interesting time. Two questions. How is Julius Chesnut doing? Do you see him as a running back that can make the team next year, with an impact. Do the injured players stay in Nashville to rehab, or go home? Thanks.

Jim: Hey Rick. I actually did a story on Julius this week. Check it out: CLICK HERE. I expect him to compete in camp again. As for rehab guys, a bunch of them rehab in town during the offseason.

Don Jones from Mount Juliet, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim! I'm really enjoying getting to know Brian much as one can. Just watching the press gatherings it seems as if there's a ton of respect and, dare I say, friendliness, in his approach. Will that last? Who can say? I liked Vrabel. He had a lot going for him. But in those press conferences, he seemed miserable. Often angry and impatient. I have to imagine it's considerably more enjoyable for you guys (though I know you can't comment on that). It often seemed that there was some gunshy questioners because of the venom they might receive from Vrabel. It's a refreshing difference. (Quick story, question). Some years ago I was driving across Nashville and Archie Bell and the Drells came on with "Tighten Up". As I was head bobbing to this classic, I thought, "hey that'd be a cool phrase for the Titans...they could play Archie Bell and the Drells during time outs and people could sing and dance to it. I continued to think about it and came up with a bunch of tie ins for "Titan Up". I then phoned the head of marketing at the Titan's offices and ended up getting a voicemail. I told him (can't remember his name) that I had an idea\concept to run by him and would he return my call. I let him know that I had done creative work around town and wasn't just a crackpot fan. I didn't want money or anything but just to pass along what I thought was an interesting idea. He never called me back. But some time after that "Titan Up" found its way into the Titan lore. I've always you know how that was developed and created? I'd love to know. Thanks!

Jim: Hey Don. Well, no one was safe with Vrabel for sure. I even felt his wrath, and I work for the team. But that's fine, you deal with it. As for the "Titan Up" catchphrase, can't say I know the origin, to be honest. I have to admit, that's a pretty interesting story from you – I just Googled the Archie Bell and the Drells song and listened to that song for the first time.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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