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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Finally, it feels like football season.

The sight of the Titans on the field with helmets on Friday was a long time coming.

Plenty of work needs to be done between now and the season opener, but there's time to sort a lot of things out between now and September 14.

Thanks for keeping my inbox hopping while we've waited for live action.

We'll keep this going, and before too long we'll have games to discuss.

Let's get into another round of questions, and answers …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Stefan Overton from Waynesboro, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim! I'm a long time Titans fan and was just curious of how our defensive line would look now since the absence of Jurrell Casey and no signing of Clowney. I understand we have Jeffery Simmons in the middle but who else will be on that starting line up?

Jim: Hey Stefan. For starters, DaQuan Jones will be out there alongside Simmons. The big defensive end is one of the most underrated players on the team. Then there will be competition for the other starting spot, and for roles in the rotation inside and outside. Jack Crawford, formerly with the Falcons, should be in the mix. I'm thinking Larrell Murchison, the team's fifth-round draft pick, will be a factor, too. Also keep an eye on guys like Isaiah Mack, Matt Dickerson and Joey Ivie in camp. Camp will provide some big clues.

Tony Chisholm from Jacksonville, Florida

Question: Why did the Titans not offer Corey Davis a long-term contract? He was a top-five blocking wide receiver. In the league last year, and he is a better receiver than AJ Brown. We need both yes, but he has been injured in his early part of his career. If we get a true QB -- Tannehill is not the long-term solution. please remember he was drafted in the first round for a reason let's get the most out of him. He has not yet reached his prime. He has been the most consistent wide receiver for us in the playoffs for the last 2 years. Please ask management to make a commit to the fans, not the pocketbook with 2 number one options at wide receiver makes us hard to defend. we have let so many draft choices go to other teams and produce for a once let's get it right and make a real commitment to win a Super Bowl

Jim: Well Tony, just because he wasn't offered one this past offseason doesn't mean it won't happen. The team only elected not to pick up Corey's fifth-year option for 2021 because of the hefty price tag that would've come with it – in the $16 million range. Financially, that wouldn't have made a lot of sense. Now, Corey has to go out and prove his worth this season. Based on what we saw in 2019, I can't say I agree he's better than A.J. Brown. I definitely don't agree with you on your assessment of Tannehill.

Paul Wallace from Los Angeles, California

Question: Hi Jim, we've seen the last few years a rookie kicker get the job only to lose it in the first few regular season games. With no pre-season games this year to show off their "clutchiness", how do you see the kicker position unfolding between Greg Joseph and Tucker McCann?

Jim: Hey Paul. My money is on Joseph. I liked what I saw from him late last season – in games and in practice – and he has some experience. The Titans coaching staff wanted to bring McCann in to compete, and I'm curious to see how he does in practices. But it's Joseph's job to lose if you ask me, which you did. And if neither rises to the occasion, then the team could add a kicker late after camp. The Titans, of course, hope they don't have to look elsewhere. For what it's worth, Joseph was a perfect 5-of-5 in Friday's session, while McCann was 4-of-5.

Coleman Minnis from Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Question: As the Titans prepare to start camp, who are some under-the-radar guys that we should keep an eye on?

Jim: Hey Coleman. I'll give you several names to keep an eye on – defensive linemen Teair Tart and Kobe Smith, receivers Mason Kinsey, Kristian Wilkerson, Kyle Williams and Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, and linebacker Cale Garrett.

David Stalder from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Question: Hey, Jim. Not convinced yet that the 2020 season is actually going to happen, but I'm eagerly holding my breath. My ex-wife is a school bus driver. She doesn't need to be but she does it because she loves it, loves the kids--and I think she really has a secret love of driving big machines, but she would never admit it--but I worry about her now more than I ever have. There's a lot of press about Covid, kids, and educators, but don't forget the good people that drive your kids to school. They have families and they have to expose themselves to dozens of schoolchildren every day, twice a day, and sadly, at least here in Albuquerque, the measures they've taken for the buses are quite insufficient, as far as I'm concerned. Has Nashville addressed how to make busing safer?

Jim: Hi David. Sounds like your ex-wife is a trooper, and my wife is, too – she's a first-grade teacher. She's teaching in a mask and with a shield with a classroom packed with children. She's also a diabetic, so she has to be especially careful. I think everyone is doing the best they can through all of this – school teachers, bus drivers, hospital workers, grocery store employees, and football teams. Here's hoping everyone stays safe.

Ashton Fidler from Lebanon, Tennessee

Question: When will yah know if the Titans stadium will hold fans? And you think they can win the division this year and host a home playoff game for the first since 2008?

Jim: Soon. The team continues to work with city officials and the NFL to determine if fans will be allowed at games. This week, Nashville Mayor John Cooper said "I do expect announcements on this over the next week or so." Stay tuned. As for hosting a home playoff game, yes, I think the team is capable of doing it. But the team will have to earn it.

Cliff Stephens from Smyrna, Tennessee

Question: Good morning Jim. I hope you and yours are doing good and staying strong. I will just get to my question. What is up and going on with Vic Beasley. He came to camp late and now on non-football injury. Can you shed any light on this?

Jim: Hey Cliff. Well, you're up to date. Vic was late showing up, went through COVID-19 testing protocols, and then was placed on the non-football injury list. He'll need to pass a physical before he can begin practicing with the team in camp.

Hunter Phelan from South Pasadena, California

Question: Hi Jim, been long time since I have wrote in. So much has happened as we all know since last years very fun ride just short of the Super Bowl. Glad you, your family, and Titans family our doing so well after a tough off season with tornados and the pandemic.

Don't know if you remember but i bet my entire fantasy league last season (12 teams) the Titans would win 11- 12 games. Well I lost the bet, even though technically they did win 11 games and I ended up having the last laugh. Was so proud of the boys reaching the AFC title game. My buddies from my fantasy league of course all thought it was a fluke and think we will be back to below mediocre lol. Lets prove them wrong again.

My question is once the fellas start hitting and exchanging sweat are they gonna be tested every day or what protocols are in place? Hopefully this has not been asked 1000 times like the Clowney topic. If so my apologies.

Thanks for the time Jim. As always appreciate all your articles and enjoy you and the gang on the OTP! GO TITANS !!!

Jim: Hey Hunter. Good to hear from you again. How about Nashville's Mookie Betts, and our Dodgers, too?!

This week, the NFL and NFL Players Association agreed to test players daily for the coronavirus until Sept. 5. That's a nice development for keeping players safe.

Tyler Baczewski from Harlingen,Texas

Question: Hey Jim really appreciate the time you take to answer all our questions. My question is: Where's this year's Igniting the Fire? Really enjoyed the series in the past and was looking forward to this season's as well.

Jim: Hi Tyler. Unfortunately, there won't be one this year because of the pandemic.

Rayan Amin from Nashville, Tennessee

Question: What's an update with Clowney?

Jim: Word is he just ate breakfast. Next up: Lunch.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Titans players take the field for training camp on Friday at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Donald Page)

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