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Gameday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's Gameday.

The Titans face the Bears in the preseason finale at Nissan Stadium on Saturday night.

Two weekends from now, the regular season will be upon us.

Let's open up another Titans mailbag to discuss it all…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Will Anderson from Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Hey Jim. Thank you for taking the time to go through and read these questions from everyone. My question, and I know what the preseason means. I know what each game means and we don't have the starters out there very much playing. The games are for the young guys and the guys on the cusp of making the roster to really show what they can do in the system and for some, at the next level. I also understand that some of the guys we have seen play could be stashed as depth guys or placed on the practice squad, and some unfortunately won't make the squad. However, even with all of that, what do you think it says to come out and have two big wins the way we have the last two weeks? Whether it be towards the guys fitting in the system, or just playing well and capitalizing on the chances they've had? Thanks, again!

Jim: Hey Will. I appreciate it you reading, and I appreciate you writing in. What I've liked is the energy, and the aggressiveness. The guys who have played have played hard. The back-ups have looked good. But I'm not going to sit here and write it's a sign of things to come, because that would be premature. We all know those weren't the real Buccaneers last week, and we really haven't seen the real Titans yet either. The front-liners have barely played, and some haven't played at all. But I've definitely been impressed with what I've seen so far for sure.

Brian Weber from Bethlehem, Tennessee
Hi Jim. What has been your take so far on LB Monty Rice? Lot of the experts thought he was a tremendous reach in the spot that the Titans selected him in this year's draft. Georgia is on national tv quite a bit, heard his name mentioned a lot during their games. Has he been what the Titans expected so far in camp? Keep up the great work and Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Brian. Monty has had his moments. I'll be honest – I haven't noticed him a ton. Part of that, of course, is he has players like Rashaan Evans, Jayon Brown and David Long Jr. in front of him. I think Monty is still finding his way, and the reality is he was picked to help in the future, not necessarily right now.

Eli Rogers from Corinth, Mississippi
Happy Preseason to you Jim from Mississippi! Even though it is not starters vs starters, I am encouraged by the attitude of our defense this year. With the offensive weapons we have, I believe even a defense ranked in the 15-20 range give us a legitimate shot at getting that ring. My question is about the short season coming up before the season, creating a practice squad. When a player is signed to the practice squad, what is the schedule and responsibilities to the team from the player perspective. Do they workout with the team at all practices? Do they travel with the team and dress out, etc? Thanks for taking the time. It's been a long off season and I'm ready for some Titans football

Jim: Hey Eli. The practice squad guys practice with the team every week, usually on the scout team. Sometimes those guys are weaved into the mix, because sometimes they're needed as a call-up. Most of the time they don't travel, and practice squad guys never dress out. In the past two years, the practice squad guys are as valuable as they've ever been because they're getting promoted more than in the past, and many of them have more experience.

Jason Petty from Lebanon, Tennessee
Hey Jim, hope all is well with you. My question this week is about Mekhi Sargent. From the start of camp thru the Titans vs Bucs, I've seen and heard a lot about how chances were high that Hill and McNichols would be the RB behind King Henry and Darrynton Evans. To me it seems as though Mekhi Sargent is fighting for extra yards and doing ALL the things teams would expect from a rookie giving his all to make the 53 man roster. He seems to be a good receiver out of the backfield as well (proof from his receiving td in 2nd preseason game). So my question is, what are his chances of making the 53 man roster over McNichols whom has been much less than impressive to me? Thanks for your time and efforts at keeping us all informed and making us feel heard. #TitanUp

Jim: Hey Jason. It's getting interesting with Mekhi. He's performed well, and the coaches really like him. Plus, right now Darrynton Evans is hurt and Jeremy McNichols is on the COVID-19 list. I haven't been blown away by Brian Hill, and the only other back on the roster, Javian Hawkins, just got here Thursday. So Mekhi has put himself in a position to stick, at least at the start. No matter what happens I think he's in the team's plans for the season for either the roster/practice squad.

Josh Bomar from Knoxville, Tennessee
Hey Jim! After watching the first two pre-season games. It looks like we have tons of depth at the WR position. Which players do you see out of that group making the final roster? Kinsey had a nice game against the Bucs, but with all the depth, I'm not sure he makes the squad. The announcer did come up with a good nickname for him though. 3rd and Kinsey! That got me thinking, can we start referring to Anthony Firkser as "Firks and 10" or "Firks down"? See if you can get that one circulating for me lol. All jokes aside though, I think our defensive scheme looks much improved. It seems like we are dialing up more blitz packages. That's something I thought we didn't do enough of last year. I'm excited about Molden. He kinda reminds me of Cortland Finnegan. Thanks for all you do Jim, and Titan Up!!!!

Jim: Hey Josh. Mason has been great. He's scrappy, and he's a competitor. And he keeps making plays. I've said all along I think it'll end up being 6 or 7 receivers on the final 53. But injuries are complicating things here, too, as Josh Reynolds missed more time this week. I consider Julio Jones, A.J Brown, Reynolds, Marcus Johnson, Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, Chester Rogers/Cameron Batson as the top six spots, with Dez Fitzpatrick, Racey McMath and Kinsey in the group behind them. Fred Brown has made some plays as well. The reality is Kinsey has outperformed probably all the guys in the final four, and probably some others. But will draft pick status or other factors come into play? We'll find out soon. The defense has looked better, and Elijah is going to be special.

Brett Heard from Nashville, Tennessee
Is it weird to be almost just as excited about Slim & Husky's and Party Fowl (being at Nissan Stadium) as I am about regular season football almost being here?

Jim: Probably just means you're hungry

Nathan George from St. Louis, Missouri
I know it's only the preseason, but so far, we have seen a huge improvement in the defense. Do you think adding defense coordinator, Shane Bowen, plays a big role in the improvement?

Jim: I think Shane looks more in command, and guys have responded. The organization and communication have been good. But again, I'm not ready to throw a parade for the preseason performance. Everything goes out the window when the regular season starts.

Robert Lewis from Booneville, Mississippi
Hey there long-time reader and first-time writer. Thanks so much for what you do!!!
I want to congratulate all for the win in preseason 2 and pretty much everyone should get a promo here but of course there's not time and I'm sure not enough space so I just want to mention a few and get your insights as well.
First off David Long. Mr. Long can definitely play, and I hope he's around for the long-haul great speed and plays with a lot of enthusiasm and determination really like this guy. Elijah Molden well he showed he's a baller in his opener, instincts look really good and he's not afraid to hit someone. Great game Mr. Molden. Last but not last Mekhi Sargent – WOW I find it hard he wasn't spoken more of before the preseason games started, this guy wants to play for this team. Have you seen his yards after carry, and 4.9 yards per carry over the first two games, impressive. I know he's playing against the 2's or 23's but that's what he has been playing with. Furthermore, all the other RB's during preseason have been going against the same. This guy as of right now looks like he should be the number two behind the King. I know the team is high on expectations with Evans and have confidence in McNichols but at this point neither of those two seem to be able to give what Nr. Sargent has delivered. I would like to see him get some reps with the starters in the upcoming game against the Bears as they have , or usually have a pretty good defense
I would bet he would be up for the challenge. This guy reminds me of Maurice Jones-Drew – low center of gravity, speed and power.

Jim: Thanks for chiming in Robert.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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