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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – OTAs and minicamp are now in the books.

The Titans wrapped up their offseason program this week, and with the exception of the rookies, players are not scheduled back until July 26.

There's some time to kill, and we'll keep things fresh here at during the break with stories and mailbags, and before too long we'll dive into the position previews.

So, keep checking in, but first, check out this weekend's Titans mailbag.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Elaine Hamilton from Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Jim, hope you are well. I was wondering who are the players likely to be in the mix for the return jobs this season?

Jim: Hi Elaine. I saw your question in here and it prompted me to ask special teams coach Craig Aukerman about it this week. At punt returner, Aukerman named Kyle Philips, Mason Kinsey, Amani Hooker, and he said some other guys could enter the mix as well. At kick returner, Aukerman named Trenton Cannon, Reggie Roberson and Philips, along with Racey McMath. "We want guys that are going to catch the ball and run upfield," Aukerman said, "and the most important thing is to give the ball to our offense." I'll be keeping an eye on this in camp to see who else enters the mix.

Lucas Thomason from Moonshine Capital, Virginia
Thanks for taking time for the fans Mr. Wyatt.
I can see a plan for the Titans moving forward. They are building a defense to combat these offenses around the NFL. You'll need to keep up somehow, but this HC wants to inflict pain on both sides of the ball. Get after the QB, solid up the middle, smart/play making guys in the back end. Buy us some time for the years to come for the offense to catch up via draft. I love Burks/Haskins potential. RT isn't done, a lot left to prove
My question: I was under the impression the Julio money would sign the 22 class and extend either/both Brown and Simmons. Obviously one is gone. So what kind of timeframe will be seeing for a Simmons deal and possible offensive veteran extension? Apologize for the length. Just trying to bring some optimism. TitanUp

Jim: Hey Lucas. Good to hear from you. Not sure who left you with the impression about the Julio money. I've never heard it was earmarked for certain guys, but it definitely gives the team more flexibility, and yes, the ability to sign the draft picks, practice squad players, free agents, use it for extensions, etc. I don't know what to tell you on the Simmons front exactly, other than he's a great player the team wants to keep for a long time. But I'm also aware he's under contract for the next two years, and the team would have the option to make that four (with two years of the tag) even without giving him a new deal. Of course it would be great to lock him up on a new long-term deal, but a lot of things to consider here.

Marc Ritter from Onedia, New York
Jim. It seems like a pretty consistent theme, Titans are not predicted to be particularly good, at least when stacked up against the AFC. I do see that teams like the Colts, Dolphins, Broncos, Chargers and Raiders really made some big improvements "on paper". Buffalo should just as good, if not better with Von Miller. My question is pretty simple: How much of the "team predictions" do teams actually read? Does it really seem to motivate them to prove the naysayers wrong, or does it not affect them?
I think given the additions at TE, a healthier secondary, and improved O-Line play, I think the Titans should still be a clear cut favorite in the AFC. What do you think? Will being projected to be a middle of the pack team given the 2022-2023 squad any extra juice, or is just business as usual?

Jim: Hey Marc. Of course everyone probably hears stuff, or sees things said on social media. But I don't think it serves as a big source of motivation. Players are motivated by wanting to do well for themselves, their families, their teammates, etc. And the guys who were on last year's team will be motivated by the way last season ended in the playoffs, I can promise you that. Folks who read this mailbag regularly know I'm not big into the "no respect" thing. As for my thoughts on this year's team, I think it will contend for the AFC South title once again, with the potential to make the playoffs and give itself a chance in the postseason. But some things are going to need to come together and some guys are going to need to step up.

Adrian Lopez from Caracas, Venezuela
Hola Jim espero todo esté bien cada vez más ansioso de ver a los TITANS en el campo, mi pregunta esta semana está orientada a nuestros receptores, el año pasado teníamos nuestras esperanzas en Julio y en Dez Fitzpatrick sin embargo esto no fue por el camino correcto... Fitzpatrick ha mejorado lo suficiente como para ser considerado WR3? Crees que Kyle Phillips quien también fue reclutado en 4ta ronda resulte mejor que Dez? Dame tu opinión... Gracias por tu trabajo Let's go TITANS

Jim: Hola Adrián. Creo que Dez ha mejorado, pero todavía no ha llegado. No hay garantía de que esté en la lista cuando comience la temporada. Tendremos que ver cómo se desarrollan las cosas cuando comience la competencia. En cuanto a Philips, tiene grandes pies y manos y me ha gustado su aspecto. Pero habrá que ver cuando salen las pastillas. Manténganse al tanto.

Stephen Cross from Lebanon, Tennessee
Hey Jim. All off-season storylines aside, how does Rashad Weaver fit into the mix this year coming off an injury, was excited about seeing him last year before the injury. Any update on him?

Jim: Hey Stephen. Rashad looks great physically. He's long and strong, and very talented. He jumps out on the practice field. And last year, I liked the looks of him in camp, and in preseason games. He certainly flashed before his injury. But he suffered a pretty significant setback, and the team is being careful with him. Even though he's been practicing, I don't think he's been full-go yet, and he'll need to clean up his technique and knock the rust off more in camp. I'm looking forward to watching his progress. I think he has a chance to help.

Michael Miles. Sr. from LaVergne, Tennessee
Hi Jim, been a long off season. I know things went south of the border at the end of last year and no one saw it coming. A lot of people, myself included, made comments and put the blame for the end off the season on a few players and coaches. It was hard to take the defeat. All I can say now is that season is over and gone. I only hope we can pack the the house the way we did last year. Things can't really go down hill much more. Forget the A J Brown deal and help the team with the support they need. It is a new year folks so let's show the team we are behind them. TITAN UP TENNESSEE FANS. Thanks Jim and as always you the man for keeping us up to date.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Michael.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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