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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Who's ready for some OTAs?

That's the next step in the offseason program for the Titans, and we'll keep you updated on those here at

The team will be on the field for OTAs this week, and one of the sessions will be open.

In the meantime, let's open up another Titans mailbag.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
: Hey Jim, not gonna lie, watching these rookies has me pretty excited about the Titan's future! Levis seems to have some of that "Arm Swagger". I know he is not throwing against top NFL DBs, but.... where he is placing the ball and the accuracy, I am not sure if the top DBs could defend that. I cannot wait to see how Willis and Levis compete. Skoronski footwork and power seem to be a legit! He has been pushing guys around and quickly moving that big frame. I am true believer Iron sharpens Iron, and these rookies are looking sharp! How do you think the rookies are looking and what is the feel around the building on sample size of what Levis has? Have a great week Jim, as always beer is cold and the grill is hot!! TITAN UP!!!

Jim: Hey Jeremy. Across the board, the rookies made a good first impression last weekend. But things get even more serious now. All the rookies joined the veterans this past week on the field during the offseason program, and as I mentioned previously, OTAs start this week. We'll find out a lot more.

Ronald Mitchell from Pine Bluff, Arkansas
I think the team signed and drafted players because of previous free agent signings and horrible evaluation of talent that didn't help or benefit the team. The offensive should have been solid by now with a first round pick of Isaiah Wilson and a second round pick of Dillon Radunz. So with neither one of the two working out we had to draft an offensive lineman this year. We still have the best running back in the league on our team. I understand the signing of Andre Dillard and Daniel Brunskill. We got to have guys up front that pave the way for Derrick to run the ball. I believe Treylon Burks, Kyle Philips, Reggie Roberson, and Racey McMath will be our top 4 receivers when the season starts. They are young should have something to prove with all the noise surrounding the group about being the worst group of receivers in the league. The passing defense will be much better this year with a healthy Kristian Fulton, Elijah Molden, Amani Hooker, and the experience Roger McCreary got last year the passing defense should be much better. I think Caleb Farley should switch positions to free safety learn from an all pro Kevin Byard be the future and redeem himself from being or becoming another bust.

Jim: Appreciate you chiming in, Ronald. I haven't heard anything about Farley changing positions, however. His focus now is on getting healthy.

Kenston Farmer from Memphis, Tennessee
Hey Jim! How are reps and the depth chart kind of set this time of year? Heck even when training camp comes around, how do the coaches determine reps at the beginning?

Jim: Hey Kenston. We won't see a depth chart until August, leading up to preseason game No.1. As for who gets reps in offseason work, it most cases the veterans get the edge, but that's not also true. Vrabel would be ticked if I said who's working where, and which guys are working at the front of the pack right now...

Joe Tanaka from Aiea, Hawaii
I'm another 'kanka' Titan fan from Hawaii. I think the better judge of what Will Levis can potentially bring to the Titans is his 2021 season before the team lost of its offensive edge due to graduation. I will say this kid is mobile, strong, and has a cannon of an arm. He was hovering within the top 4 when I watched the combine. Of the three that went before him I would say he had the weakest supporting cast in college. Saying that you need protection and targets. I'm also very curious about Kyle Phillips and how he's doing after sitting out almost all of last season. Could we possibly see him in the slot and receiving punts again? He was one of my favorites.... How do you see his chances to get quality time this coming season??

Jim: Hey Joe. Kyle Philips is back and competing in the offseason work. Looks to be like he's put on a little extra size. Injuries derailed what could have been a solid rookie season for him – he looked good in the preseason, and in Week One against the Giants before the shoulder injury. And I think he'll get another chance to work in the return game, although he's going to have to gain some trust there after some mishandled punts last year.

Damian Lee from Mesa, Arizona
Hey Jim. What would be your grade for the Titans in this year's draft?

Jim: Incomplete. (Draft grades right after the draft are pretty worthless, imo)

Jason Vesely from Mosinee, Wisconsin
I believe that if the Titans can stay healthy for most of the season, if not all of it, unfortunately injuries hit, but if they do stay healthy they'll be tough, could take the division this year.

Jim: We'll see, Jason.

Robert Andrews from Ocean City, Maryland
Hey Jim, hope all is well. I had a question with all the coaching changes and a little rant.
With all the coaching changes why didn't we bring on Eddie George? He would have been a great mentor and coach I believe. Also Sean Murphy-Bunting made a statement that he wants to help the guys and mentor them which I found amazing. Tannehill on the other hand made a statement saying he's not there to mentor anyone it's every man for themselves for the QB slot. I get it he's fighting for his job like he's a decent QB got us to playoffs but he's not a playoff QB he proved it time after time. But making that statement is what got me not liking him. I doubted a few changes then saw the changes and draft I'm happy I just hope Levis gets the QB job I'm even happy we got Colton and hope he makes starter him and Burks should have great years. Thank you for taking the time out to hear us all rant. And if you ever vacation to Ocean City let me know lunch on me. Take care.

Jim: Hey Robert. I'm sure you saw where Eddie is doing the Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship with the Bears for a few weeks. I'll be honest, I don't know the specifics on why he's doing it with the Bears and not in Tennessee, so I'm not going to speculate.
As for the Tannehill mentoring stuff, I've said this before and I'll say this again: Ryan Tannehill's comments on that last year were way overblown and exaggerated. Personally, I didn't have a problem with anything he said and thought it was ridiculous how so many people sounded off on him because of it. In fact, I've heard others say the same thing in the past (Matt Hasselbeck told me last week he said the same thing when asked about Jake Locker when he was here; CLICK HERE for that story ), and it hardly created a ripple. Ryan Tannehill's job is to get himself ready, and to win games. It's not to hold someone else's hand. … As for a potential Ocean City lunch one day, I usually travel in a pack of five for vacations now, so you good with that? 😊

Zeek Aspen from Willacoochee, Georgia
Hey Jim! What do you think of Racey McMath? Didn't he have a good camp last year? Could he big an X factor?

Jim: Hey Zeek. Racey has flashed in past training camps, but he has to stay healthy and in the competition. He missed most of last season. I like Racey, but I'm not going to make any bold predictions on him yet.

Doug Curtiss from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I'm an avid reader of all of your stuff and love it. Can you give us health updates of Farley and Molden going into the summers team activities? Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Doug. I think Molden is good to go, and Farley is still on the mend.

Rick Smith from Union, Kentucky
Hey Jim, Hope you and your family are doing well, I wanted to give a little time to let all of the draft chatter settle down before writing in. I have never been a big fan of the draft, so many #1s have been a bust and so many unheard of players have become stars. I will say my family and I did come down to the draft in 2019 in Nashville mainly just for the excitement but just a quick reminder, Jeffery Simmons was not even invited to the draft, and most people had never heard of Kevin Byard from MTSU in 2016. What Titan fan would trade them now? Even Steve McNair did not have a very warm welcome and did not start off well. Kyler Murray was drafted 1st in 2019 and he has done what? very little. My point is hold judgement Titan fans, let it play out, you may be very surprised or very embarrassed by some of the aggressive negative comments that have been made. Tom Brady was drafted 199 overall in the 6th round, who could have called his career back in 2000? I will finish by saying, outside of Jeffery Simmons and Derek Henry as my favorites, Colton Dowell is my favorite rookie. That kid has the heart and a great attitude, I truly believe he is going to be an incredible player, I refer back to Kevin Byard. Have a great rest of your week Jim and Titan fans let it play out were only 188 days away. Titan Up!

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Rick.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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