Vince Young's Conference Call to Buffalo Media





(on getting back into the flow after being inserted back as the starter)

It was kind of up and down. I feel like I had a good week of practice and preparation by staying in Coach (Mike) Heimerdinger's coat pocket and paying attention and ask questions on what I need to know and things like that. Then just go out there and play the game that I know how to play.

(on how much easier it has been for him with the way Chris Johnson has been running this year)

I wouldn't say it is easy, but at the same time I really feel like we are all just doing our job. Everybody is just doing their job as an offensive lineman, tight ends, running backs and receivers. I just feel like we are taking care of our responsibilities.

(on how a productive running game can help a quarterback in general)

To be balanced is real good. To run the ball and to get his guys to run through it and to have that type of running game and how successful it has been right now. Also when it is time for us to pass the ball, guys are making plays down the field. It is pretty good to have it both. He (Chris Johnson) is doing a phenomenal job running the ball.

(on if not playing last year allowed him to see the game differently and have more appreciation for the opportunity)

I always respected the opportunity that I had, so that has never been the case. I don't know why you say that. I really feel like it has given me some time to develop, definitely. It has done that.

(on seeing the game from the sidelines)

It really did help out the development and just paying attention. It has made me stronger and confident and things like that. I had an opportunity to watch Kerry Collins play the game with the type of talent he has and managing the game and things like that. It definitely helped me out a whole lot.

(on his thoughts of the last meeting in Buffalo)

It was a tough game just like you said. It was a tough game, a fight to the finish. They were making plays on offense and we had to continue to match what they were doing on offense. At the same time, for us to finish the game and get a chance to go to the playoffs that was real big for us, not taking anything from them. They did an awesome job that day as well.

(on whether he has more room to run when the reads aren't there)

Sometimes they have a guy spying me, and sometimes they don't. They kind of do both, but at the same time we are giving each other opportunities to run it, for C.J. (Chris Johnson) to run the ball, and the offensive line is doing a phenomenal job of giving us time to throw the ball down the field as well. Like I said earlier, I just really feel like right now we are very balanced. When it is time to pass the ball we do a great job and when it is time to hand it off to C.J., guys make key blocks for him to spring him to get himself open downfield.

(on his receivers)

I really feel like Justin Gage and Nate (Washington) are two veteran guys, pro-guys that come to work every day and prepare themselves to play each weekend. The respect that I have for those guys is big. The guys are out there making plays and catching. When the ball is not coming to them and it is time to block, they are also making key blocks down the field. That is the big thing about our whole team. Everybody right now is buying into our offense and going out and trying to execute every play that is being called by Heimerdinger.

(on the team staying together after the 0-6 start)

I really feel like Coach Fisher did a great job during our bye week of opening it up a little bit and letting us be loose at practice. Then after the practices were over with he told us to go get away and get some time alone and get some rest and spend some time with your family and things like that and when we come back have our mind ready to go and set on these last games. That is pretty much what everybody did.

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