Underwood Addresses NFL Ruling




(opening statements)

Good afternoon.  As you know, yesterday afternoon, late, the district court in Minnesota issued a 90-page ruling considering some of the litigation that has been filed, and as a result of some parts of that order, we had so far today seven players who have been here in the building.  We welcome them.  It's been a long time since we've had players in the building.  We were glad to have them here.  I sat down and visited with each of the players personally.  Some of them wanted to go to their locker, some of them wanted to sort of understand what was going on.  As you know, both the union and the league have sought additional clarification from the district court in connection with the order that was issued yesterday, including filing a request for a stay of the injunction, which was part of the order.  Up to now, nothing has happened.  We're still seeking additional clarification of what the various rights of the parties are under those papers.  The players are, of course, welcome to come to the facility.  We really don't have much for them to do.  We're focused on the draft, and the reason, I think, that I'm beginning here is so that we can free up having to worry about additional questions related to the players being at the building as we talk about the draft, which is the single-most important thing that our club is focused on.  Anyway, we now have our head coach (Mike Munchak), our general manager (Mike Reinfeldt) and (Vice President of Player Personnel) Ruston Webster.

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