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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Welcome to June.

And welcome to another edition of the Titans mailbag.

Another week, another big batch of questions, many about a certain receiver who goes by the name Julio.

Many of the questions are really comments, and opinions, and that's OK by me. I appreciate the feedback.

Let's dive in once again…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

William Young from Las Vegas, Nevada
Hi Jim. I believe Julio Jones is the missing piece for the Titans to win a Super Bowl and a 1st round pick is worth it! Julio with help the other Titan WR's to grow more quickly and be better players for the future. If another team trades for Julio Jones with a 1st round pick and wins the Super Bowl, then Titans 1st round pick in 2022 will never live up to a Super Bowl ring!

Jim: Hey William. Good to hear from you. From the sound of things, we could see how all of this plays out pretty soon one way or the other …

Aaron Garfrerick from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim, hope you're well my friend.
Has Radunz been working as RT strictly, or has he been moved around to other spots on the line?
Similarly, is Dez Fitzpatrick a slot guy, or have they been practicing him at all WR positions?
In my opinion maximizing the versatility of these picks is crucial for plug and play scenarios, depth, etc.
Finally, how has Darrynton Evans looked to you at WR so far?

Jim: Hey Aaron. Radunz has looked good. Same for Fitzpatrick. I can't tell you specifically where guys are lining up, though, because it's against the rules at the open practices. But I've been impressed with Radunz and Fitzpatrick, and they're only going to get more comfortable. As for Darrynton, yes, he did work with the receivers in individual drills – I am able to talk about this because it was during the open period of practice, and because Mike Vrabel mentioned it. But I don't suspect this is part of a position change. I suspect it's more of an effort to make him more comfortable as a threat out of backfield in empty sets, and improving his skills as a receiver. He's still a running back.

Paul Dykstra from Richland, Michigan
I have two questions about Julio Jones because I am kind of split in whether the Titans should get him or should not. My first is: Are Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel content with the current WR core? My other is: Are we making getting Julio our #1 priority? I am sure you are tired of hearing about Julio, but have a great day!!

Jim: Well Paul, I think whatever happens with Julio will answer questions No.1 and 2 for you …

Aaron Judge from Perth, Western Australia
Hi Jim. Draft picks can really only be assessed in hindsight. Plenty of wins and losses by every team so the criticism early is a bit unfounded. My question is about us moving forward and how do we ensure there is enough assistance for Henry in offence. If A.J is the other outlet what happens if either is seriously injured. Our defence has probably not been entirely fixed yet so the onus is on offence to score more than the opposition each week. Jones reeks of another Clowney, so what else is out there for us to strengthen the unit? Look forward to your thoughts, Titan up and still no way of getting merchandise to Australia.

Jim: Hey Aaron. Criticizing – and celebrating – draft classes right after the draft is silly. We're not going to be able to judge these draft classes until a few years from now. We'll have an idea on some of the players earlier than others, of course, but these guys have a chance to write their own stories of success, or failure. As for what else is could be added on offense, I'm still of the opinion more help is coming at receiver and tight end, with the names TBD.

David Graham from McMinnville, Tennessee
Julio, Julio.... last year people were wanting... defensive ends that most people have forgotten... two of them. Free agents. Lot of not much happened. I like Julio and think he's good, but ...seriously. Like some people have said...too many seriously injured players getting signed...including a draft choice last year that was obviously not ready. Not sure what kind of injury or immaturity he had...and to be honest... no need to throw any of those guys under the bus. I say make wise and informed choices and work it it.

Jim: Appreciate you chiming in, David.

Denver Dan Keen from Franklin, Tennessee
Hello Jim, hope you enjoyed the Holiday!
I grew up in Denver and my family had Broncos season tickets from Day One (1962 i think). By birthplace i have Broncos blood. It was orange but now it's Broncos dark blue beeeecause.... I've lived in Nashville since 1976 and am a Titans Founding PSL owner. Blue blood for sure!
My Colorado buddies say I'm a ho for loving 2 teams, the Broncos and the Titans. I say football team love is not like loving a woman; it's OK to love 2 teams!!! There's enough love in this big ol heart for both teams! I say I'm a Football Mormon! Sister teams Jim, Sister teams! What do you think?

Jim: Well Denver Dan, this sounds a little complicated. But no judging here!

Dan Huston from Aromas, California
Hi Jim. I'm a ASU alumni and sort of been following Tommy Hudson's progression. He is a legit 6'5" 255 powerful strong young man with great hands. His former position coach now head coach of the Falcons said that he thought Tommy could be a star in the league. What do you think? Maybe he could be a big part of the offense.

Jim: From Denver Dan to California Dan. I've been impressed with Tommy during this offseason's OTAs. He's big and athletic. He's gotten my attention with some nice grabs. But I'm not going to put any extra pressure on him, or put a 'potential star' label on him. The reality is he's trying to make the team first. That's priority No.1, and at the start of June, it's hardly a given.

Jefferey Fradsham from Crewe, Virginia
Jim, I just read your article about Monty Rice, what a great fairy tale like story of his life to this point. growing up going to Titans games, then to be drafted by his childhood team must be like a dream to him. way to go, Monty, John, and Mike. I look forward to watching his dream unfold before my eyes. I would like to go out on a limb and project him to be Titan among Titans. Thanks for bring the human side of football players to us merely human fans.

Jim: Thanks for reading, Jefferey. Here's the story on Monty, for those who missed it: CLICK HERE.

Have a great week everyone!

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