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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's game week – finally.

The Titans head to Philadelphia on Thursday for the preseason opener against the Eagles. The game will provide a chance to see some of the veterans in action, along with plenty of youngsters.

But first, let's knock out another round of questions in this Tuesday's mailbag…

Erik Davis from Zichron Yaakov, Israel
Hi Jim. Long-time reader. I am hearing very little about how Ryan Tannehill is doing in practice? I read your practice observations and it seems like the few Ryan T. mentions are usually negative. Almost zero positive. Logan on the other hand seems to get regular positive mentions. Is Ryan having a good camp? It feels almost like Ryan's camp is being censored a bit. Great work you do! Thanks.

Jim: Hey Erik. Hope all is well. Ryan is having a good camp. On Monday, he actually took the reps with the first team as Marcus Mariota pretty much got a day off. I went back and looked at some of my observations in camp, and not sure what you're referring to as far as negative comments regarding Ryan. When he's made good throws, I've relayed them in the observations, as well as when he's made bad ones. Same with Mariota and No.3 QB Logan Woodside. I promise you no one is censoring or trying to paint a different picture of what's been going on with Ryan or any player for that matter.

Micah Layne from Coalmont, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Hope you are ready for another great and playoff bound 🤞🏻Season. Just wanted to say thanks to the Titans organization for the kickoff party. My family and I had a great time despite the lightning and rain. I was wondering what the attendance numbers was? It seemed to be a pretty good turnout to me especially with the weather we had. Thanks and TITAN UP!!!

Jim: Hey Micah. It was a fun night. The team never released an attendance number because it was really hard to tell since fans were coming and going through the gates with the storms in the area. When things got going, fans were scattered throughout the stadium. I thought it was a pretty nice crowd - probably in the 10,000 range - considering the weather delays and the bridge closures, which made it more difficult to get there. And most of the feedback I've heard has been really positive. Glad to hear you have a good time.

Danny R from Puryear, Tennessee
With Channel 2 no longer available through DirecTV now, how would I watch the preseason games?

Jim: Hi Danny. Well, folks have a few options. In market, fans can stream the games online at Titans Online, or on the official Titans app. Out of market fans will have to subscribe to the league's Game Pass. Info on that:_CLICK HERE. Another option is to go to an electronics store and purchase an over-air antenna to try and pick up Channel 2.

Damian Burgess from Northern Virginia
How do you feel about a trade for Trent Williams? In my opinion you trade Dennis Kelly to give him the opportunity to start somewhere else I believe he deserves that. You bring in Trent at left tackle for 4 games, then boom you put him at right guard which if I'm not mistaken was his original position in college. Now that is a starting 5 to be scared of Lewan, Saffold, Jones, Williams, Conklin!!!!!! Thank you even if you don't answer this I appreciate you covering the Titans I've been a fan since I was 11 (30 now) and you help see what's going on.

Jim: Hey Damian. I can appreciate you thinking about the box. But there's no way I'm trading Dennis Kelly. He's been a valuable asset for the Titans, and it looks like he'll be the starter on opening day at left tackle. Also, the team has some other options at guard moving forward.

Robbert van Giffen from Boise, Idaho
Hi Jim, hope all is well. I'm loving the start of camp and I really love the Cameron Wake addition. He seems like such a genuine and awesome person. In all his interviews he seems to really enjoy teaching the younger guys and passing knowledge on. I know it's a ways off but my question is, does he have any interest in coaching after his playing career? Thanks Jim!

Jim: Hey Robbert. It's an interesting question, and believe me, I think Cameron would be great in that role. I haven't asked him about this but I suspect after a long career in the NFL, he might want to escape from the grind when he eventually retires. An NFL assistant coach works a ton of hours. But some guys love to be around it. During camp, for instance, former Titans defensive lineman Kevin Vickerson has been helping out as an intern as he aims to enter the coaching world (he's headed back to Michigan State soon), and I know a lot of former players who have entered the coaching ranks as well. I guess that's a decision Cam will have to make when he hangs it up, which could still be a while…

Will Morris from Edmond, Oklahoma
Hey Jim! I hope you are having a GREAT day. My question today is regarding Marcus Mariota. I was just wondering how he is playing this training camp. Is he throwing well/making good decisions? Thanks so much! Keep up the good work.

Jim: Hey Will. Marcus has looked good to me. He's been mostly accurate, and guys have made plays for him. Sure, he's had some off days – on Saturday night, I thought the defense gave him fits in the second half of the scrimmage. We'll begin to get a better of idea of progress on Thursday night in Philly, but I'm betting the starters won't play much. When the Patriots come to town for practices next week, that's really when we'll get an extended look.

David Rader from Lexington, Kentucky
Hey Jim. Any idea of potential positions the team would try to upgrade/add depth through trading before the season starts? I know that's hard to determine before all the teams release players, but I'm curious if you have any theories.

Jim: Hey David. Good question, but keep in mind, it's early. I think preseason games and a few more weeks of practice could provide more clues. At this stage, I can't help but wonder if there's another veteran safety who could be added to the mix, or help on the defensive line. And as you said, a lot depends on which players are released around the NFL. If someone is cut from another team that the GM thinks could be an upgrade over someone currently on the roster, well, we could have action.

Lucas Bolinger from Gallatin, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I know I always ask pretty obscure questions, and I got another. I went to practice Wednesday and noticed, even though it was about 94 degrees, a lot of players still wore long pants and hoodies. Do you know why they do this?

Jim: Hey Lucas. Seems crazy, huh? Guys think it helps them work up a better sweat, and allows them to stay loose. Some do it to lose weight. Many wear sleeves to protect their skin from the sun.

Anthony Nieves from Fernadina Beach, Florida
Hey Jim. Thank you for all you do to keep us all informed I feel like I am a lot more knowledgeable and up to date in recent years, your hard work shows. I'm not gonna ask about Mariota development, Henry Injury, Lewan or O-line depth. all of that will work out. it might be paranoia but I do feel like the Titans are disrespected often. you have explained before that its sometimes a good thing to be slept on or the underdogs but I think it might be going a little farther than that. Kevin Byard's contract was defiantly a no brainer he has earned that, but continues to be disrespected by Deion sanders, the top 100 and other media outlets. you would have to be blind not to see that he is an elite talent or purposely killing positive headlines for the Titans. that was my rant LOL. now for a Question I have field access tickets for the Thursday night matchup in Jacksonville I'm torn between going full super fan or keeping it basic. It may be my opportunity to meet coaches and players but want to be approachable are players thrown off by super fans? thanks again looking forward to the next mailbag TITAN UP!!!

Jim: Hey Anthony. Appreciate your feedback, and comments. As for your wardrobe for Thursday night in Jacksonville, well, I say go big or go home!

Have a great week everyone!

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