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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The NFL Draft begins in just nine days.

Questions and opinions continue to vary on what the Titans should do at No. 26 and beyond.

It's going to be interesting.

We'll keep talking about it in here…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Brent Sloan from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Jim, I'm gonna make you work for this one brotha! We've been hearing a lot on our WRs, LBs & CBs, but what about the 3 spots in the back? The KING himself? We only got to see him once since his injury & obviously he had some rust.. Come Week 1, do we "workhorse" him, or keep a backup handy? & who might that be with Foreman gone to Carolina & FB Blasingame gone to Chicago, we're not as stout as we were this past year… & finally, Tannehill.. With all the news articles he's been in lately (SARCASM), dang near thought he retired lol.. What's up with that guy?? After having a mediocre season & his worst since he's been a Titan, where does stand in terms of confidence and skill? Does he still got it?
I love my team & everybody on it, but basing him off this past year, I don't think he can do it without AJ.. Thanks big dog!!

Jim: Hey Brent. Well, I still like Derrick as the workhorse back. And, I think Derrick likes himself as the workhorse back. It's going to be tough to keep him off the field. But let's face it, the team needs a No.2, and that guy needs to be contributor. Darrynton Evans was supposed to be that guy, but he couldn't stay healthy. D'Onta Foreman was solid when Derrick was out last year, and as you mentioned, he's now in Carolina. Dontrell Hilliard and Jordan Wilkins will be in the mix behind Derrick, but I'm expecting another guy to be added. As for Tannehill, he has something to prove in 2022 for sure. And he for sure needs A.J.

Michael Cooke from Oliver Springs, Tennessee
Yes how do y'all feel about Velus Jones from Vols that 40 was nice and think he might be good slot for y'all do y'all have any interest in him in draft possibly?

Jim: Hey Michael. I really like Velus Jones. I liked him at USC, and he was a dynamic player at UT. But I also think a lot of other teams do as well.

Roy White from Smyrna, Tennessee
Lots of questions about the new Titans stadium. Which I have an Idea I would like to see but dont know who to tell. It might have already be suggested but im not sure havent heard anyone say anything about it. Here it goes: Nashville has always been Known as the Athens of the south. The first centennial of the state the Parthenon was built along with a pyramid . But besides country music when most come to Nashville the Parthenon is a must see .. I believe since we are The Titans the new stadium should have a coliseum look or maybe a Parthenon look then Nashville could get the recognized as the Athens of the South . Any way just thought I would say something to you because the first artist's rendering I wasn't impressed with > I wonder what u think and I also think Amy would love that idea.

Jim: I like your thinking, Roy. The rendering you saw last week isn't what the new stadium would look like. Let's keep our fingers crossed that everything comes together, and we'll go from there.

Buck Amodei from Penn Valley, California
It's been a few years since I chimed in, but I feel the need to lobby the powers that be for us to finally address the TE position. I see we've been pouring over the prospects at TE and I'm glad. I would argue that this position was really our achilles. Swaim is a good blocker, but not a weapon in the passing game. Firkser used to be a good receiving TE, but even that was iffy last year... and his blocking has always been dreadful. We desperately need to add at least one TE who is versatile. I think Hooper will be something similar to Jonnu. I'd love to draft a complimentary TE here who gives us a little bit of everything, and you've probably guessed that Trey McBride is high on that list. However, #26 is way too rich and #90 is no way in hell. Therefore, it would probably be trade back or trade up to get near the void of the pick we gave up for Julio. Of course, there are other options here, so I hope we at least take some action.
Here's my pitch though for adding a versatile TE2... and give it some thought. I'm pretty darn sure the Titans run 2 TE '12' sets more often than most any other team in the NFL. Sometimes, we've even used 3 TEs. That 2nd TE is going to play more snaps than NWI (our WR3 now). There are tons of good WRs in this draft and I'd love us to draft one, but AJ Brown is a stud and we aren't paying Woods to be our 3rd best WR, all while we go dumpster diving for another one dimensional TE who will scare exactly zero defensive coordinators around the league when we try to rely on play-action passing. In 2021, 40% of our eligible receivers with '12' personnel are TEs... and we didn't get much out of them. If people are wondering why Tannehill was trying to force the ball into crowded spaces, look no further than this position and the paltry production we got out of it.
There are plenty of really good prospects out there that would likely be a no brainer to select if they fell to us at #26. None of them play TE. Hopefully we can find a trade partner and move back some with that first pick, while gaining draft capital to move up from #90 with our 2nd pick. I've seen a few mock drafts where Kenyon Green isn't taken till around pick 40, and I know we did our homework on him. I know we are interested a bit in Penning as a RT prospect too, but I bet he's long gone before #26. Anyway, it'd be great to draft one plug and play starter for the OL, one deep threat speed receiver and one highly versatile TE2. I think with those and the few moves we made in free agency, we would be set on offense. What are your thoughts on the TE position and the draft value/production we get from it?

Jim: Good detail with lots of thoughts here, Buck. I think TE is an area of need. I like the addition of Hooper, and bringing Swaim back was a positive. Tommy Hudson, Briley Moore, Austin Fort and Ryan Izzo will compete as well. But I also feel like more help is needed. Personally, I'd rather see the team take a receiver with the first pick, but I do feel like the team needs to continue getting better at tight end.

Eric Linderman from Germantown, Tennessee
What about Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry? What a reunion that would be! Can we afford it?

Jim: I can't see either happening in Tennessee tbh, Eric.

Tony Johnson from Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Good Morning Jim! With all the talk of the Titans possibly being in on one of the QB's like Ridder or Corral in the 1st round, if they do select a QB is worth looking at QB on day 3, possibly Aqeel Glass of Alabama A&M? He looks like he could be a steal that late, and he wouldn't be expected to start right away.

Jim: Hey Tony. He's an interesting prospect. I won't be surprised to see the team add a QB to compete with Logan Woodside and Kevin Hogan behind Ryan Tannehill. I'm curious myself to see if it will happen.

Alberto Armando Téllez Salcedo from Durango México
Mi pregunta Jim es que eligirias primero de acuerdo a las necesidades de nuestros Titans? Línea Ofensiva o Receptor Abierto.
Este es mi Mock Draft
Round Pick Player Position College
1. 26. Zion Johnson OL BCU
3. 90. Jeremy Ruckert TE OSU
4. 131. Alontae Taylor CB Ten
4. 143. Jerome Ford. RB Cin
5. 169. Bo Melton WR Rutgers
6. 204. Velus Jones WR Ten
6. 219. Amare Barno. Edge VT
Hay velocidad, atleticismo, fuerza, en los WR hay YAC como le gustan a J Rob y al Coach Vrabel.
Por otra parte Jim quiero agradecerte públicamente por parte del grupo de Batalla de Titanes el Podcast que nos acompañaste, disipando dudas y contestando preguntas sobre nuestros amados Tennessee Titans. Esperemos tener la oportunidad de contar contigo en la semana de descanso. Titan Up, Arriba los Titanes.

Jim: Hola Alberto. Bueno, elegiría un receptor, pero así soy yo. Y disfruté estar en el Podcast de Batalla de Titanes. ¡Fue muy divertido! ¡Gracias por el simulacro!

John Clark from Chesapeake, Virginia
Hey Jim! Titan fans! This season has me worried we lost Saffold and Taylor Lewan has proven he's a liability on the offense line matter fact the whole Offense Line is pretty much a liability. My question is since the organization decided to stick with Tannehill what's the word on getting him some beef on the line and it would also benefit Henry as well. Our offense line is a big part of why Ryan Tannehill played so poorly. I see the COLTS are stacking up their roster and I'm not to worried about the Texans or Jags but you don't hear anything on ESPN, NFL on our Titans adding keys players which is sort of scary. I pray they get that offensive line together before the start of the 2022-2023 season!!!! Please!!!

Jim: Hey John. The team is going to add beef to the o-line, which is a work in progress. Starting spots are still up for grabs at left guard and right tackle, and returners and newcomers will compete. … The Titans have made some key additions, including receiver Robert Woods and tight end Austin Hooper. More help is coming in the draft, and some free agents are still out there

Rod Kilby from Dickson, Tennessee
First time writer here. Like many, I have seen some real head scratching takes from the mock draft folks. One of the strangest is the CBS insistence that we really need an inside linebacker in the first round. Personally, I don't think they realize how good both Zach Cunningham and David Long are in coverage. Neither misses many tackles either. Maybe the mock folks just don't realize how little Jayon Brown and Rashaan Evans contributed towards the end of last season. The other really strange take I often see, is the Titans jumping on North Carolina quarterback Sam Howell in the first. Tannehill is the guy for the immediate future. The Titans may, however, choose to pick a "developmental" quarterback later. So the question is this. Is Alabama A&M quarterback Aqeel Glass on their radar? This guy is good, real good. He probably won't go in the first couple of rounds due to various beliefs about small school guys, not to mention HBCU players. It also seems like if anyone should be aware how good these players can be, it would be the Titans. We did get a fairly good quarterback from Alcorn State, if memory serves. Personally, if I were Jon Robinson looking up in the fourth round and saw him available, I would pounce.

Jim: Hey Rod. This is the second question I've received another Aqeel. Yes, the team has scouted him, but I can't say what the team's opinion of him is because I honestly don't know. I think he's an interesting prospect myself, but some other QBs could be in play as well.

Julie Coyle from South Bend, Indiana
You know my comment and Question Jim- Will the Titans bring MyCole Pruitt back? He in my opinion was the best TE that I witnessed on the team last year and had he not had the horrible injury, his numbers would have proven that. Do you see a place on the roster for MyCole- because I happen to know that he is getting better every day?

Jim: Hi Julie. You are MyCole's most loyal supporter! Last I heard is he's still recovering, and rehabbing. It was a bad injury. What happens when he gets healthy is still to be determined. I know the coaching staff loves him, but he has to get healthy first.

David Holbert from Nashville, Tennessee
Hello Jim. Do you think the Titans should take a QB if one of the top 3 or 4 QB's fall to them? I also have a suggestion for the name of our defense, how about the "Bruise Brothers" could you bring that to their attention, thanks Jim love your work, keep doing what you do.

Jim: Appreciate it, David. I'm not sold on the top QBs in this class. That's why my answer is no. But these decisions will be made above my pay grade. As for the nickname, I must say someone beat you to the punch on the "Bruise Brothers." I've heard that one a few times

Have a great week everyone!

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