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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now just over two weeks away from the NFL Draft.

Lots of buzz, and opinions, out there about what the Titans should do.

Appreciate everyone chiming about the draft and more right here in the Titans mailbag.

Let's dive into the latest batch…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Buzz Reisinger from Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Question: Hey Jim. Been a fan since 1975. Many ups and downs the past 50 years. I only have one question: What are your thoughts on drafting Brock Bowers at 7. I know the stuff about getting value from a TE but everything I see about Bowers says he's a generational talent. I dream about having a Gronk or Kelce to throw in the mix with what Ran's done so far in FA. AND HE CAN BLOCK! I'm having difficulty finding a negative in picking him, especially if the OT position is a deep as they say. Anxious to hear your opinion.

Jim: Hey Buzz. I've said in here before I've gotten more comments about Brock Bowers than any player in the draft. He's a popular guy in the minds of Titans fans. Hey, I wouldn't hate it if the team took Bowers – he was a stud in college, and I think he's going to be beastly in the NFL. I also like some other guys in the draft, and know the team has needs elsewhere as well. If you can guarantee me the team can find a high caliber left tackle at another point in the draft, I'd be OK with Bowers. But, again, I'd be more than OK with a few other guys as well. I like all good players. And, this much is certain: The Titans are going to get a good player early in this draft.

Ken Bonds from Madison, Alabama
Question: Hey Jim, thanks for keeping us informed on the inner workings and interesting happenings about our favorite team. Let's get to the questions. I am specifically interested in how we will approach undrafred free agents. It seems like every year there is a large group of players with fourth or fifth round grades that somehow drop through the cracks. A handful of these even go on to be great contributors for their teams in the NFL I seem to recall we were aggressive after the draft last year. They have done a good job of getting key player this off-season but I am concerned with depth and think that undrafted free agents might be a good way to get young depth for the team. Do you know if they have made plans for this and how does having late picks help or hinder going after the top prospects?

Jim: Hey Ken. The team will once again aggressively go after players following the draft, I can promise you that. I'm not in the room when the pursuit of undrafted process starts, but I've heard it's like the Wild, Wild West as scouts work the phones. I'd think the Titans, a team that's going to need depth, will be an attractive landing spot for guys looking to stick, and earn roster spots, and potentially playing time. There have been upgrades on the depth chart this offseason, but there's room for guys to earn spots on the back end of the roster.

Kevin Conklin from Providence, Rhode Island
Do you think the Titans will try and get Tee Higgins?

Jim: I don't, Kevin, especially after the team signed Calvin Ridley.

Dennis Warren from Dear Park, Texas
Question: Jim...with offensive tackle deep this year and Titans having one best line coaches, drafting Bowers...offensive tackle at 38? We are estimated a lot of cap money 2025 as well.

Jim: Again, a lot of folks seem to like this plan.

Trout Dawg from Long Beach, California
Question: Hi Jim. Sad to see D Autry get out of speed city, what kind of offer was made ? Pollard, Spears, Ridley, and Chig has to be one of the fastest TE's , Burks , I know D hop is not the fastest guy ,, but dang is he a Hall of Famer or what. I never realized how good he was until last season. NWI is resigned ,, Who else is in the mix at wide out ? Phillips, Moore still here,, what about Molden ? Landry is going to be a force again ,, Right Tackle who is that NPF ? I know I am all over the place but such a interesting offseason.. only about 35% of FA's end up working out so the draft is really the most important thing,, last year we came away with some good players. They have to take a LT ?? Right ? Duncan actually held his own for a rookie a felt ,, at times .so maybe they go another direction… what I don't want is a finesse team that loses games 35-30 ,, I always felt under Vrabs we were gonna be there in the 4 th quarter and for the most part we were ,, even last season. ,,But you have to win playoff games. So we push forward ,, Titans are a winning franchise since arriving in Nashville and I am excited to see the new regime do their thing.. Coach went to De La Salle ,,west coast power that really didn't have that many D1 guys,, but man were they well coached so if the Titans can be some form of of that structure and discipline we are going places. Titan Up !!! and Bababoooeeey to you all!!

Jim: Bababoooeeey, Trout Dawg. I know the team wanted Denico back, but I can't tell you what the highest offer was. Obviously Houston's offer was higher, and he left. … Moore is not under contract fyi … Right tackle is TBD, and NPF will be in the mix … Thanks for chiming in.

Richard Bonomini from La Mesa, California
Question: I have been a fan since Earl Campbell ran over the Dolphins on Monday night in 77-78. Lived through the repus bowl years thanks to Inside the NFL on HBO. CA native now living in San Diego and have no ties to Houston but would love to see the organization go back to the OILERS. Who cares where the team is located. The Rams left LA and became the St. Louis Rams. The Raiders have been in Oakland, LA and Las Vegas and their name is still the Raiders. The San Diego Charges became the LA Chargers. The Oiler unforms and helmet are better looking and far more marketable than the Titans. Since we are moving into a new stadium, I would love to see my beloved team go back to their roots and change the name to Tennessee Oilers or Nashville Oilers. Both work for me. Any chance my wish can come true? Also, when you see Ran Carthon tell him I think he is doing a GREAT JOB!
Go Titans, but I still bleed love ya blue on the inside

Jim: Good to hear from you, Richard. Sounds like you're a loyal fan. Hate to break it to you but can't see a name change… I'll let Ran know …

Steven Outman from Bowling Green, Kentucky
Question: Excited about you guys bringing back the draft party after all these years! Any chance you'd have a list of past/present players attending? We are looking to come from out of State and would like to buy a few jerseys to have signed ahead of time if possible. THANKS JIM!

Jim: Hey Steven. It should be a cool party. Heard a few names of guys who could be there, but nothing is set in stone. And, I don't know if we'll even release the names until right beforehand, if then. Plans change, and the team doesn't want to say a certain guy will be there, and then something happens and he can't show up. Here's the link for the party, by the way, for those interested:

Ben Mead from Cherry Valley, New York
Question: Hey Jim. I have seen a lot of people writing in speculating that the Tennessee is trying to build a winning team through free agency this year to have a competitive squad when the new stadium opens. That may very well be a factor. My question to you is, do you feel that it might have more to do with not having a 5th year option on Will Levis? Is it more of an effort to surround this young QB with the proper tools to make a fair assessment of if he is "The Guy" and pay him as such with a smaller window than teams have with first round quarterbacks? Thanks and as always TITAN UP!!!

Jim: I've seen a lot of people speculating that as well, Ben, and I shake my head to be honest. Of course the team wants to be good and competitive when the new stadium opens. But let's tell it like it is: The team wants to be good, and competitive, in 2024. And 2025. And 2026. No one is playing for the future, they're playing for now. Most of the guys on this team won't be on the team in 2027, that's just the way the NFL works. As for Levis, time will tell if he's the guy, but the team is building a roster to try and win regardless of the QB.

Todd Apple from Hill Country, Texas
Question: Jim, Been a minute since I wrote in. But I just have to say. As terrible as the past two seasons have been... Since that gut punch playoff loss to the Bengals. I've never been more optimistic about a team in my 27 years as an Oilers/ Titans fan. Ran keep cooking. Brian coach em up and Billy Jeans, it's showtime buddy. Titan tf up.

Jim: The mood has definitely changed in here in the last few months. Now, the results need to change this fall. Good to hear from you, Todd.

Have a great week everyone!

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