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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now into April, and the conversation about the NFL Draft is heating up.

Getting more and more opinions in here, and I'm all for it.

Let's keep the conversation going in the latest Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

David Stowe from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hey Jim, hope all is well with you and the family. I've got a few quick comments I like to make. First of all, I'm happy we brought Corey Levin back hopefully at Center because he did a good job at the position. Now I'm hoping we nail this draft and get high impact and very decent valuable pieces, but let's get a burner at wide receiver who knows how to run those killer routes and a decent edge rusher. I'll be satisfied with quality over quantity any day 💯. Well I'm out take care and enjoy your day. Titanthafup

Jim: Appreciate you chiming in, David. I think it was smart to re-sign Levin as well. He's a solid player who offers versatility inside. He'll compete. And, you're on the right track with the remaining needs. The Titans need help at those two spots, and more.

Jamie Holladay from Guyton, Georgia
Hey Jim and the Tn mailbag fans!
It's always more than one way to view things right jim?
I had noticed even going back to last preseason that it might be a chance with how constructed the contracts and roster was that they could possibly get off the expensive free agency tap and create a better future chance of resigning their own drafted players that has appeared to be problematic at times for them. Aka Conklin, Corey, aj etc etc etc.
In defense of JROB he had to use that free agency cycle to get them off their backs & on track. over last years even with the tough misses in really bad timing he still corrected that by setting up this opportunity for this future chance to resign more of there own players but remaining highly competitive while doing so .
Looking back, What do you think of that overall outlook?
If you agree, how do you think ran has done picking up where jrob left off?
Personally I think he stayed the course and has been very transparent about it. Seem to be very disciplined with a overall plan in place .
That said I can't remember a draft path that is so narrow that it will really define how much they are trying to win now as this one. I hope they take the here and now path and give it a real push but time will tell. Good day Jim & mailbag.

Jim: Hey Jamie. Jon Robinson did some good things as GM, no doubt about it. He also made some bad decisions on free agents, and some of his early round picks haven't panned out. And, it's part of the reason the Titans are in the spot they're currently in. I think Ran has done a solid job with some of the team's acquisitions, but hey, time will tell. It's not fair to judge him yet in any way. He's been on the job just a few months and hasn't had his first draft as a GM.

Jason L from Knoxville, Tennessee
Hi Jim, my question is about open practices during training camp. For years, attending training camp was one of the highlights of the football season. It was our first chance to see the rookies and new free agents in action up close, and to get autographs from our favorite players. My question is - will the practices be open to ALL fans this year like it traditionally had been, or will it be like last year and only a handful of season ticket holders get to attend? I have to say, it was hard not to be envious of other teams last year who had multiple open practices for any of their fans who wanted to attend. I understand there's been construction at the Titans facility, but I hope they can come up with a plan to have camp open to all of this year, not just season ticket holders. Titan up!

Jim: Hi Jason. There's nothing official on this, but here's what I suspect: There will be fan involvement, but attendance will once again be limited. The reason for this is because the space, and parking, is much more limited than in the past because of the renovations to the facility. There's now a huge building located where a lot of the stands used to be. Plus, the parking that was available in MetroCenter in the past is no longer available for use. Hopefully there will be an open practice at Nissan Stadium, but not even sure about that yet. The team is also expected to have joint practices with another team at some point as well. Hit me back closer to the summer and may know more, but just bracing you for what to expect. And, by the way, the practices weren't just limited to season ticket members last year. The team hosted a lot of different groups.

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
I'm not really convinced or sold on the moves made so far by RC. It is still only March correct? Hopefully they pay off and luckily they are minimal investments outside of Dillard. Which is one heck of a head scratcher to me. Why in the world would they make a move on him? Taylor Lewan on a torn ACL or coming off tearing his other one is better than Dillard. That isn't even close to being an overstatement. Lewan was NEVER benched and he was a first round LT as well. Dillard was benched and replaced effectively. Why would we want that? I mean hasn't Tanny taken enough punishment? Hasn't King Henry played hard enough to deserve some damn lineman? The team can't mess this up, we as fans know better and deserve better. So here's the key to the Titans season right here. Mind you I am a huge Tannehill fan.
1.)Titans trade Tannehill and Malik Willis along with our 2nd round pick this season and a conditional 1st or 2nd in 2024's draft and 2024's 4th rounder to Baltimore for Lamar Jackson and the Ravens 5th round pick in 2023. There should be some cash in there to offset the cap but I don't know the rules on that.
2.) Titans draft JSN out of OSU
3.) Give Lewan a physical and resign him. He will take a lower deal he has said it himself and I have good word he only wants to play for Nashville if he is to play again.
4.) Resign Corey Levin and make him the damn Center.
5.) Sign OBJ for the veteran minimum.
6.) Change the offense to a triple read option hybrid spread offense. This way all the players can use their talent. I hate seeing what these guys are good at not being utilized on the field.
I do believe Tim Kelly can get this thing going. It is imperative that our skill players utilize the 1 on 1 match ups Lamar and Henry create. OBJ, JSN and Burks should have no problem with that, and if they do We have seen Chig prove he has no problem with winning his. Over all I have deep anxiety about this off season and usually it has been that fun anxiety, kinda like "how many games do we win the AFC South by or how many games over .500 will we be?". This season its, man I hope we win some games. But either way I'm hooked, I'm a Titan for life!

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Eli. I appreciate you putting some thought into this, but give Dillard a chance before siding with the "hot takes" of others on his signing. Also, face the reality Lewan isn't coming back, and OBJ sure as hell isn't signing anywhere for vet minimum.

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee
Hey Jim! Hope you're enjoying the off-season!
Kind of a quirky question for you. I might be the only one who cares, but I noticed none of our free-agent signings have been assigned numbers yet.
I'm curious to know if this is pretty standard, or if some potential sensitivity might be at play with some just released long time cornerstones in Ben Jones and Taylor Lewan. You know I pay attention to the OL more than most, and I couldn't help but notice Dillard and Brunskill had #77 and #60 with their previous employers.
I will be the first to admit it was really, really, really strange to see someone in #99 besides Jurrell Casey so soon after he was traded a few years back, but do understand the limitations of numbering in such a big roster.
Thanks for your time! Can't wait to catch up once things get rolling again.

Jim: Hey Joe. Believe me, a lot of folks are interested in this. I've been getting questions in here and on Twitter. You're right in that there aren't enough numbers to go around to save some of these. I'll say this: I've heard some internal buzz about numbers for the new guys, and I'm expecting these to be revealed in the near future….

Justin Tibbs from Dyersburg, Tennessee
First off I'd like to pay my respects to those kids and also teachers and their families who lives came crashing down due to another tragedy caused by reckless gun violence. It's really a shame this keeps happening in our country. Moving forward on a positive note it's great our Titans seem to show love every time something bad happens around the community and that's awesome. My question: Have you had a chance to talk with KB or at least caught wind of what's really going on with this so-called drama pay cut situation and will it get resolved with both parties happy. Kevin is one of my favorite Titans and a rock for our defense his leadership and play speaks for itself. Thanks for your time and insight Jim God Bless Nashville and Titan Up!

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Justin. I have not talked to Kevin in the past few weeks, but I did talk to GM Ran Carthon about the situation at the NFL owners meetings. One thing he set the record straight on: Kevin did not ask the Titans to release him. This was erroneously reported by 102.5's Jared Stillman, whose only scoops come from Baskin-Robbins.

Brody Page from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi, Jim! Is there going to be a Titans Caravan this year? Thank you!

Jim: Hey Brody. The Titans Caravan from back in the day is probably never coming back. It's my understanding that a 2023 Titans Roadshow, however, is in the works for later this month that will make stops in Cookeville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Murfreesboro and Memphis. It's going to include community involvement, but I don't think it's going to involve players. Stay tuned for more details.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Hey Jim. This question is nowhere near football related. When you responded in Spanish, is that all you or is there a helper? If that is all you, Jim what are you doing making this small money... Take you talents to the telenovelas and get some big money and maybe some steamy scenes!! Have a great week Jim, as always TITAN UP!!!

Jim: Si. 😊

Rob Andrews from Ocean City, Maryland
Hey Jim, hope all is well. Titans don't get enough credit and this is my outlook on it. Sign a few okay players cheap one-year deals and try to make a run if not get an early draft pick next year and sign better players then when the cap space is able to... do I expect the titans to do amazing this year, not at all. Can it happen?Absolutely 💯. But I'd go with tanking this year get the number one pick for next year have capital to sign whoever and make next year the year.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Rob. I'll make sure Vrabel knows the plan is to tank this year … One of my family's vacation spots as a kid was Ocean City, btw. Probably went there 3-4 times growing up.

Willie Austin from Portsmouth, Virginia
I was so upset with the titans 7-10 is not cool being on a 7 game losing streak is not cool i feel like when i hear about the moves the titans makes during the offseason i say we will be back we are out for blood then i got let down I WANT A RING.

Jim: Cool.

Mike K from Kutztown, Pennsylvania
Long time reader, and first time sending in a question. This time of year I start watching Draft Day, and think about our Titans pulling off a draft day miracle. I believe we have helped improve the O-line, and have brought in some interesting pieces on the defensive side of the ball. Now on to my question: by reading everyone else's questions about the King I know this one is going to go over like a lead balloon! What would be a fair asking price for a player of his caliber? And is there any team willing to give up a fair combination of players and/or draft picks?

Jim: Hey Mike. Kutztown, huh? That's where Bills great Andre Reed played in college (I was a Bills fan growing up). I'll be realistic about what trade compensation would look like for Derrick, and I am not endorsing this move, for the record. The compensation in the trade for running back Christian McCaffrey was a second, third, and fourth round pick in 2023 and a fifth-round pick in 2024. I've heard others suggest the compensation for Derrick wouldn't be that much. Also, keep in mind GM Ran Carthon has said the whole "Derrick being shopped" rumor was bogus to begin with.

Have a great week everyone!

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