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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're nearly halfway into April, and we're edging closer to the NFL Draft.

The questions keep rolling in, and I'm going to continue to answer them.

Here's hoping everyone has a great Tuesday.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Isaac Diffenderfer from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Hi Jim, I hope all is well. I have a question that I've been thinking about throughout the past few days, and want to know what you think.
I was wondering what the Titans are going to do with the third wide receiver (or "slot" receiver) position. I know there are a few good WRs in the draft, like Treylon Burks and Jameson Williams. But, there are also a few good WR free agents still available. I would personally LOVE singing Cole Beasley to the team, he's a great big WR that can give Tannehill even more options when throwing. However, there is also the possibility that we just role with Brown and Woods, and don't even bother with a big-name third.
So, I would like to hear from you on what you think would be the best move for the Titans regarding the slot receiver position. I know we are light on cap space, and we are probably wanting to save most of it for the draft. So, what do you think we should do?

Jim: Hey Isaac. I've been pondering this subject as well. I think a receiver is definitely in play at 26, and if not then, at some point in the draft. I also like the two receivers you mentioned, btw. But I'm not ruling out another acquisition in free agency either. I also believe the team will continue to employ versatile guys who are capable of lining up in 2 or 3 spots. The best I can say is stay tuned here, because this is a position that's still in the works.

Jordan Marbury from Birmingham, Alabama
Jim this will start some controversy in the comments I'm sure, but if Antonio Brown were to accept a "Prove It" deal with the vet minimum, on a scale of 1-10 how interested do you think Vrabel and JRob would be interested? Also I know we picked up Woods at WR, but i think aside from Brown and Westbrook there is nobody that can step in and make plays. With that being said would you say we need to draft two WRs instead of one?(i feel we do)

Jim: Hey Jordan. Like I told Isaac, I'm up for adding several more receivers, but this combination could come via the draft and free agency. Plus, there will be undrafted free agents added to the mix. By my count the Titans currently have eight receivers under contract. By the time training camp gets here I bet that number is up to 12 or 13. And, Antonio Brown won't be one of them. How many 'Prove It' deals does this guy get? My bet is the GM and HC prefer guys who keep their jerseys on.

Fred Trotman from St. Louis, Missouri
With us losing Jayon Brown (shrugs shoulders) and Evans (he was good). Do you expect us to draft an inside linebacker early? Also do you see us getting a CB out there in FA?

Jim: The team has two really good ILBs in Zach Cunningham and David Long Jr., along with depth in Monty Rice, Dylan Cole, Joe Jones, and Nate Hall. I do think another guy or two will be added to the competition here, but bank on Cunningham and Long being the starters. … I do expect the team to add another CB or two as well.

Ashvik Talluru from Suwanee, Georgia
Hey Jim! If the Titans draft a WR/OL, which ones will they draft?

Jim: Not even the GM knows this, Ashvik. A lot TBD when you're picking at 26.

James DeGrandis from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
Howdy Jim. From one Jim to another, I have a kind of personal question. You seem like a humble man the way you write, so I am not sure if you'll answer but I thought I'd give it a shot. I was at a friend's party for the NCAA Championship the other night and we started talking Titans. Another party-goer there used to work for the Titans, and mentioned you have a nickname: "The Legend." Now I don't doubt it because from reading this column -- I've learned your history goes all the way back to Year 1 of the Titans with the Nashville paper and now with the team. But I needed to ask: Is this a true story or was this person dipping too much into the adult beverages and started telling tall Titans tales? Either way, we love what you do to keep fans informed. And the season can't get here quick enough. If you and the Titans ever find their way down to Lawrence County, we can smoke you and the boys up some great brisket.

Jim: Hey James. I think this party-goer must've been talking about Mike Keith. ... But can I still get some brisket?

James James from Woodbridge, Tennessee
Please retire! Better yet I hope they fire you! You are the bottom of the barrel with a sh*tty sense of humor. I really hate you. Don't like it one bit and really honestly we should get Covid and die.

Jim: Great to hear from you, James! I liked the brisket offer from James in Lawrenceburg much better...

Aarron Greenfield from Spring Hill, Tennessee
Why hasn't A.J Brown tried recruiting D.K Metcalf instead he chose to publicly speak out for Julio Jones only to play one year I'm literally flabbergasted but honestly I don't understand it plus they even played side by side each other at ole miss……?????? If you can please send this to the upper big wig's and ask for heaven sakes let's go out here and make a cosmic statement in this year's free agent acquisitions….

Jim: The front office and the coaches love A.J., but him "recruiting" players isn't going to help. Plus, DK is wanting a new deal himself and the Titans wouldn't be able to dish out big contracts for both.

Adam Finlan from Spring Hill, Tennessee
: Hey Jim is Adam Down syndrome about Titans make a super bowl something special for my buddy T Rac underdogs with nick foles

Jim: Always good to hear from you, Adam. T-Rac said to tell you hello! Hope all is well.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. With Julio gone and none of the remaining free agent wide receivers in a big hurry to come to Nashville, how about signing Anthony Firkser to a one year deal and giving him a try at slot receiver? He's not as fast as most wideouts, but he could probably beat Cole Beasley in a 40-yard dash. His size would give him an advantage over the defender in 50-50 balls and fade patterns. Firkser knows the offense and could also play tight end or H-back when needed. His blocking was a negative as a full time tight end, but would be above average as a slot receiver. That would benefit the running game. Maybe the Titan management will consider this option before signing another free agent or drafting an unproven player out of college.

Jim: Hey Jim. I can't see this happening. If Firkser comes back, it'll be as a tight end, and at this point I'm kind of skeptical about his chances of returning in 2022 tbh.

Cameron Holt from Flossmoor, Illinois
Hey Jim, do you know if the Titans are bringing back their old jerseys from when Vince Young was the QB or something?

Jim: At this point, no plans to do so.

Marge Barrows from Paris, Tennessee
With all the chatter about a new stadium, where do current PSL holders stand as far as their investment? Will they be transferred for the new stadium in the same location, or has this subject been broached with the Titans organization? Thank you!

Jim: Hi Marge. Way too early to know any of this. It's just premature without a new stadium deal.

Kelly McDowell from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Hello Jim, I hope you and your family are having a productive spring. I was just scrolling through some articles and noticed that a lot of draft analysts have been predicting that the Titans will draft a QB in the first round. Personally I think that would be a surprising pick since Tanny has been an extremely productive QB in Tennessee, and he really just needs a strong O line to get to get them to the promise land. My question is, if you were in J-robs shoes what would you want to do with the pick? Personally I think Kenyon Green would be a great pick to help bolster that O-line.

Jim: Hi Kelly. I've seen those predictions as well. At least five analysts have the Titans taking a QB in the most recent mock draft roundup I did on Monday. CLICK HERE to read. Personally. I'd take a receiver, a tight end or an offensive lineman. But a lot depends on who is sitting there at 26.

Have a great week everyone!

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