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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – One preseason game down, three weeks of training camp down, and now a trip to Tampa for joint practices – and preseason game No. 2 – against the Buccaneers.

Yes, things are busy in Titan land.

We'll provide coverage of the joint practices right here at

Right now, let's kick off another edition of the Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Chris Botsaris from Brentwood, Tennessee
What, if anything, did this first pre-season game tell us about the 21-22 edition of the Titans?

Jim: Hey Chris. I liked the effort and the attitude the team played with in Atlanta. But frankly, it doesn't guarantee anything for the second preseason game, or the regular season. Let's keep it real: These joint practices against the defending Super Bowl champions in Tampa this week will tell us more about the team than what we saw on Friday night.

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
Jim!!!!! Football is back and you know I'll be emailing you even more lol. Weaver was a beast!!!! You covered it in your "Things that stood out" section after the game. Boy was it something. Preseason or not, effort and ability always show up on tape whether it is lack of or showcasing your game, this kid clearly has it. I'm glad Vrabel was a linebacker and was able to help this kid. I believe we got with him what we were hoping for in Kevin Dodd. Our defensive lineman all looked good, and being backup vs backup I like the depth we have for sure. My question though, you know I get excited, is this: Does Weaver playing early downs make more sense than Bud Dupree playing early downs and letting him get in rythym and maybe even keep him on the field with Dupree and Landry to maximize the rush not that we know the kid can play? Thanks a lot for all the coverage Jim.

Jim: Hey Eli. Rashad made a name for himself in your neck of the woods. But he needs to keep it going. Yes, he looked good. And yes, I like his attitude. I wrote about him again for Monday, and he talked about the need to keep improving. He knows he's still raw and learning. And, because of that, I'm respectfully not going to get into a potential role for him yet. Again, he had a great start to the preseason. But let's face it, he was going against back-ups with the Falcons. He's hardy arrived yet.

Soroush F from Sherman Oaks, California
Hey Jim, I always read these so thanks for posting them. Being a fan in CA isn't always the easiest so all your efforts are very appreciated. I got a wager concept that sounds cool to me but might be irrelevant to you. If the Titans win the AFC South, Derrick goes for 2K+ yards, Julio and AJ go 1K+ yards each, and Tannehill goes for 4K+ Yards, would you be able to send me a picture or something signed by all of them? Maybe something signed by you as well on the side! Random idea while I'm in this zoom meeting but why not shoot my shot.

Jim: I appreciate you shooting your shot, Soroush, but if you're dreaming big, how are you settling for an AFC South crown?

João Gabriel Schutze from Brazil
Oi Jim! How are you? Recently, I've reading some news on such as "Top 10 undrafted players", "6 underdogs to believe in", "Top Offensive tackles", etc...etc.. They never say anything about us or a Titans player. I think it's good, I like the idea to train and play without attracting attention. How do you see it?
By the way, did you know Tennesse Titans was the third most searched in Brazil on Google. I've been proud of our community, just seeing people helping people here. That's supporters supporting each others!
I was happy with my Titans bumper sticker on my car (maybe the only one in Brazil) but when I saw Jana's car, that is cool!!!! Schönes Auto!! Maybe Vrabel could sign the wheel hahahahaha. That's it. Thanks for all you do for us! Be safe, take care

Jim: Good to hear from you, João Gabriel! And I always say, better to get attention in January and February than in July and August.

Reuben Alvear from San Francisco, California
Is it just me, or does Logan Woodside look like Mark Wahlberg? Lol :-)

Jim: Are you saying he looked "Invincible?' against the Falcons? …

Jim Williams from Lubbock Texas
Hey Jim. The kicking competition seems to be pretty even so far. Both Ficken and McCann seem capable of handling the job. Considering the big problems the Titans had with the kicking game last year, is it possible that the loser of the kicking competition will be signed to the practice squad? It might be beneficial to have another kicker ready to go right away if the regular guy has problems from the start of the season.

Jim: Hey Jim. It is pretty even so far. Both guys did a good job in the game. So far during camp Tucker McCann is 34-of-42, while Sam Ficken is now 32-of-35 since joining the team. McCann is still sore after getting roughed in Atlanta on Friday night. But still, it's too early to say these two guys will be in the mix when it's time for the regular season – that's the hope, of course, but it's too early. They're going to have to keep putting them through the uprights. If they do, then the decision will have to be made on whether to keep an extra guy on the practice squad. Personally, because of the lingering COVID concerns every team faces, it would make sense to do that. But that's above my pay grade.

Bob Churchwell from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
What happened to Tannehill and Derrick Henry who were not seen with the Titans in the Atlanta game?

Jim: That's because they didn't make the trip. They'll be in Tampa, though.

Gabriel Olivier from Abbeville Louisiana
Can you ask Derrick Henry a question for me?

Jim: It depends on the question.

Carol Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Do you know how many of our players and coaches have been vaccinated against COVID?? In addition, what is going to be the protocol for attending the stadium games this year? I watched Lamar Jackson of the Ravens tell reporters he was not sure whether or not he was going to get vaccinated even though he has had the COVID virus twice already. That is his right to choose not to be vaccinated but I am concerned for players who come in contact with him. I hope our players and coaches are doing everything they can to protect themselves, their families and anyone else who might pose a risk from COVID. It would be a shame if we experience some of the same problems we had last year because of the COVID virus.
On a more positive note, the team performed well on Friday night. I did miss seeing some of our first team players even though they were not going to be playing. Looking forward to next week. TitanUp!!

Jim: Hi Carol. I can just tell you 90 percent of the players were vaccinated at the beginning of camp a few weeks ago, and all of the coaching staff. And, I was fully vaccinated by April, as soon as I could get the shot(s). As for Nissan Stadium protocols, the team hasn't said anything about vaccination requirements. And at the open practice Monday night, it wasn't a requirement.

Jordan Bell from Tampa, Florida
Let me start by saying Welcome back football & TITAN UP! Good win guys! Offensive coordinator called a good game. Need to be better on Maybe move around a little more on the line. Needs to keep fighting through the play & not expect to look at the QB. The rest of the line needs to get their heads out the clouds. Protect my mans. Defense gets my MVP. Are we blitzing now? I like that, great pressure! Weaver? Did we give him a Mario mushroom? Why are you bigger than everybody? I want to see a little less arm tackles & more feet moving. Like what I'm seeing out of the young man. David Long you hear my guy! Prayers to Brady Breeze. Get well soon. I'm still rooting for you but you got to take care of yourself. I'm liking McCann. Keep applying the pressure but I'm liking the leg strength. I'm loving the battle between Rogers & Batson. They will be exciting to watch all preseason. LETS GO TITANS! Let's keep competing, I smell a chip! … Too Soon!?

Jim: Good to hear from you, Jordan. We're heading your way!

Have a great week everyone!

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