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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The Super Bowl is now in the rear-view mirror.

In just two weeks, the NFL Combine will begin in Indianapolis.

Yes, all 32 teams are now on to preparation for the 2023 season.

Let's dive into another mailbag to see how everyone is feeling.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
I like the Idea of the Titans trading the Bears for the 1st overall pick. Yes I'm aware that it would take a lot to acquire that pick, but what do we really have as an option considering the horrible cap situation Jon Robinson got the team into. I love Tannehill but who's to say trading him wouldn't net us something/one of value? Which would free up a decent chunk. I like the idea of packaging our 1st, Bud Dupree, Caleb Farley, next year's 2nd and 5th and Robert Woods to the Bears. It would help the Bears more than hurt them that's for sure. Dupree has been a waste and Farley was just a bad pick. Not everyone is Jeffrey Simmons afterall. With that 1st overall pick CJ Stroud or Bryce Young would be great. They will both sell tickets for our new stadium and that needs to be a focus. If we don't sell tickets we waste Billions of dollars. And depending on who we trade Tannnehill to we may be able to get a good receiver or decent draft picks in return. There is only 1 sure fire WR in this draft and he is from OSU. So drafting one would be a bad idea In My opinion. I'd rather trade Tanny to Carolina and get DJ Moore. You think Ran Carthon would be into that?

Jim: Hey Eli. I'm not going to pretend to know what Ran Carthon is thinking. I've talked to him three times, and I've been out of town the past two weeks. I think a lot of fan bases are hoping to move up to No.1, though, so get in line. And, let's keep in real here – you think teams are lining up right now to trade for two guys with huge cap numbers (Dupree, Woods), and a guy who hasn't been able to stay healthy (Farley)? A lot of wild scenarios in here, Eli.

Michael Miles Sr from LaVerge, Tennessee
I just finished reading the mailbag from Saturday 2/11/2023. I cannot understand how we can afford to pay all the arm chair coaches and players. The 2023 season has not even started and a lot of the FANS(?) are ready to give up on the coaching staff the Titans now have. Can I say, people don't get your drawers in a wad the season ain't even here yet. I now have to say after going to almost all of the home games in the past four years I have seen and heard more opposing fans at the home of the titans than the titans had. If you folks are going to coach the team shut the crap up and go to the games and coach it. Like the man some people call the president of this country said "C'MON" give it time to start before we dump it in the trash. TITAN UP Y'ALL.

Jim: Have a big day, Michael.

Jordan Newbury from Cushing, Texas
Well Jim, we've arrived once again at the doorstep of Tennessee Titans fan chaos. I don't know if people are more angry because of who Vrabel hired as OC, or that it is one of those "I knew it" situations where fans let the vitriol build up within like steam in an old locomotive after saying "I know he's gunna hire from within, I know it, I know it, I know it". I get it…but only to a degree. After all, it's no secret that Vrabel is stubborn in his approach and, a big splash, highly coveted OC hiring would give off that feeling of hope that only the big names can….que the record player screeching and start the slide show with pictures of big names like Clowney, Julio Jones, Vic Beasley, a current EDGE (that I'm still holding out hope for) etc. I mean no disrespect to the aforementioned players, my comment was simply based on their performances as members of the Tennessee Titans. The point is that splash hirings and signings mean nothing without results. It wasn't that long ago even I was moaning and groaning about a certain TE's Coach being elevated to OC, and now he's the HC of the Atlanta Falcons. So far, ol Vrabes has missed on one Coordinator that he's elevated from a position coach. And to top it all of, Kelly has some pretty decent cred, especially with the team he had to work with in 2021 in Houston, with a rookie Davis Mills! Jim, I'm actually excited about next season! I feel like Tim Kelly can get the most out of what he has. If we can get the O Line patched up I honestly feel like we'll be competitive in Kelly's first season as OC. Next, I am one of the Titans fans that flipped when AJ was traded, but Burks is going to be a stud in the league for a long time. Don't get me started on Chig. I'll give you 4 words regarding that young man, Pro Bowl Next Season. We have the King in the backfield and last we saw of him was a 1500+ yard, 13 TD season in which he missed a game. Call me crazy, but don't sleep on Josh Dobbs, he's making the 53. We have a good defense that could be elite next season with Harold coming back and a couple resigning's, free agent additions and some hidden gems in the draft. Lastly, we have have a GM with a lot on his plate, but I very much believe Ran is more than up to the task! I'm ready for next season! Sorry for the long post, I'm just very excited about the future of Tennessee Titans football! God bless!

Jim: Oh man, some folks are fired up today. Have a good one, Jordan.

Rick Pinkerton from Terryville, Connecticut
Jim, Thanks for keeping us informed in this off season. With all the new things about to happen, it is more important than ever. One question: How many emails do you usually get for the mailbag each mailbag? Just curious

Jim: It really depends on the time of year, whether it's in-season, offseason, whether there's been big news, etc. Some weeks it's dozens of emails to sort through, some weeks, especially during the season (and after losses) I get hundreds. This past week it's been a little slow. I'm thinking some folks went into hibernation Super Bowl week.

Cody Red Feather from Green Bay, Wisconsin
Hey Jim, may not look like it by location but I'm from down that way. Loved watching the Titans show up and hurt these cheeseheads feelings this year. But I been with the titans since day one. I think Amy has done a superb job thus far. But as well Tannerhill is great just not a gunslinger which I feel that era is about over with anyway. We don't need receivers nor running backs or much for defense. Our problem and has been since tannehill's third season is the dang line! Mike is a defensive player and this shows with his attentions in our defense, but when will our team get some desperate help on the offensive line as well as starting to run the two Tight end schemes other teams are bringing in? This could really create havoc and open the offensive up aswell as getting Henry some room to really hammer those guys down field.

Jim: Hey Cody. You're going to see a lot of changes on the o-line for next season, I can guarantee you that.

Edward McKinney from Antioch, Tennessee
I am so excited about the hiring of Mr. Carthon as GM, and I am excited about the future hiring of offensive coaches on this team. Hopefully, we will see an adjustment in offensive philosophy. As I started reviewing draft eligible players for this upcoming 2023 draft, I was amazed by the cornerback depth and interior offensive line depth. However, we don't have a fourth-round pick, nor a 6th round pick this year. Is there any evidence from previous drafts that Mr. Carthon is a person, who would be willing to drop back in the first or second round to acquire more draft picks in later rounds because we lack depth right now, particularly when looking at the current state of our O-line, wide receivers, and middle linebacker position?

Jim: Hey Edward. You're right – the Titans currently only have six picks in the 2023 NFL Draft. But right now, Carthon doesn't have any draft tendencies we can learn from. He wasn't calling the shots at his previous stops, and he is now. He has a lot of work to do.

Adrian Lopez from Caracas, Venezuela
Hola Jim saludos de Venezuela, gran trabajo el que realizas con las actualizaciones durante esta temporada baja tan larga...mi pregunta va entorno a si los Titans no est�n dando ventajas al retrasar el nombramiento del nuevo OC, crees que est� demora es por qu� todav�a esta en carrera al SB? Personalmente creo que con las necesidades de los Titans en ese lado del football no se puede perder ni un minuto en las evaluaciones ni en la toma de decisiones... Que piensas?

Jim: Hola Adrián. Estoy seguro de que ya has visto lo nuevo: Mike Vrabel elevó a Tim Kelly al puesto de coordinador ofensivo. Entrevistó a varios otros candidatos antes de decidirse por Kelly. Veremos cómo funcionan las cosas. Qué tengas un lindo día.

Damon Deal from Ft. Dix, New Jersey
Always interesting to see how you respond to questions. I think what we forget is that Tennessee didn't have a NFL team until 1997. The team played at the Liberty bowl in Memphis their first year which was a disaster in attendance and wasn't too much better the year after until the team changed their name to better fit the city of Nashville, finished building their stadium, and going to the Titans first and only Superbowl. The Titans finally reached a point of financial stability to sustain a team in Nashville (scary moments). The reason for this brief history lesson is to remind everyone that it is as much as our responsibility as a fan base to support the Titans as it is anyone else's responsibility within the organization itself. Don't believe it, then look at the financial ratings of the NFL teams and do a comparison and analysis of the richest teams success as compared to the teams who are in a lower financial bracket. Until we become a stronger financial Titan nation, we will continuously have to play harder, strategically think better, and pray harder! Good job to everyone from the 2017 season to present. Keep pushing forward so past Titan history doesn't repeat itself and let's keep Ryan!

Jim: Appreciate you reading, Damon.

Have a great week everyone!

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