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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now into the final week of June.

This time next month, we'll be discussing Titans training camp.

Right now, let's get into this Tuesday's Titans mailbag.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Hey Jim. When do you expect Dillon Radunz to be back practicing? I've always been a fan of him, even back after watching his North Dakota film before he was even drafted. I figured he'd be a starter by now, given that he was a 2nd round pick if my memory serves me correct. And this is more of a question just for me because I'm curious, what position do you think Mike will have him play once he gets back on the field?

Jim: Hi Evan. I've seen Dillon around the facility this offseason, but not on the field. Mike Vrabel said on June 8 that Radunz is on schedule with his recovery after knee surgery, but he doesn't anticipate him being ready for the start of training camp. When he is back and healthy, he's going to face a challenge no matter where he lines up, but I suspect it will be at guard.

Dan Baird from Nashville, Tennessee
Greetings Jim. I know the present day Titans rarely, if ever, run many plays out of a 2 back set without a fullback being involved. I'm hoping that a Henry/Spears backfield might see the light of day this year. From your reports, Spears seems like he COULD do what he does well from there. Motion out for pass plays, be a straight-ahead runner. Henry can do what he does best. Both seem capable of throwing a block for the other. Misdirection possibilities everywhere. No middle linebacker or DC would like to see that as a constant threat. Any hope for my fantasy coming true?

Jim: Hi Dan. I do think we could see the Titans take advantage of having two very talented, and different, backs. I can't reveal what kind of formations the team has been working on in practices, but I suspect the offensive coaches will get Henry and Spears on the field at the same time on occasion.

Nathan Davis from Dunlap, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I'm curious about D- Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) signing with the Titans. Will his veteran playing experience show up or will he be another Randy Moss, Andre Johnson or Julio Jones? Also, I know that you was flooded with D.Henry questions, but here is my prediction on him: The Titans are quietly shopping him, but right now, it's too early for any team to go all out on him, but if a team, let's say, like Buffalo. If they are playing like a SB team by the trade deadline, then I can see them going all out on Henry and using him as a 3rd down back until the playoffs, then moving to starter after their 1st rd bye. But, if he's still with the team after the trade deadline, then he'll be gone after this season.

Jim: Hey Nathan. Well, DeAndre has to decide where he wants to play first. But what happened with Randy Moss, Andre Johnson or Julio Jones in Tennessee means ZERO for Hopkins. They're all different players, all in different situations during their time in Tennessee. And, I think your theory on Henry is just that – one man's theory.

Kirk M from Calvert City, Kentucky
2 quick questions Jim: Any idea how much longer Ryan Tannehill wants to still play? And, do the Titans plan on signing Will Levis?

Jim: Hey Kirk. Ryan has given no indication he plans to hang it up any time soon. As for Levis, he's the only draft pick who hasn't signed his rookie deal. Yes, the Titans plan to sign him, and it will happen before training camp.

Brian Lake from Charlotte, North Carolina
The offense we're installing is notoriously difficult to learn. How are the skill position players grasping the offense thus far?

Jim: Hey Brian. Players have spoken in very positive terms this offseason about the new offense, from their ability to pick up to the offense to how it will allow them to play faster on the field. There should be benefits to the new, up-tempo plan. But it's certain to present challenges as well. We'll have to see how this plays out.

Marshall Warner from Nashville, Tennessee
Is Jeffery Simmons going to be on our team this upcoming season?

Jim: Yes, Marshall. Jeffery signed a new deal with the Titans earlier this offseason – he's now under contact through the 2027 season.

Scott Shields from Reno, Nevada
Mr. Wyatt. Okay, always read and respect your journalism. I know and know. You always get this question. Bringing my family to Nashville. We have tickets to the George Strait concert. With that said, are we in the window to see training camp? July 28th-31st.? I understand we need tickets. Any information, you may be allowed to provide ,would be a wonderful addition to our trip. Additionally, I did win the draft tracker first prize. Just letting you know. Okay Dodger fan. Titan Up. From Reno -a devoted Titan family'. Take care

Jim: Hey Scott. Appreciate you reading. I keep getting this question, and I'm going to keep including them from time to time just because I know folks are interested.
Like I've stated previously, I do expect the team to have open practices for fans again this year. But I suspect the numbers will be limited, and I suspect different groups will be attending on different days. It's not going to be a situation like years ago where the doors are opened, and everyone can come in. The landscape at Ascension Saint Thomas Sports Park has changed because of the renovated building, and a lack of parking around the facility because of added businesses, and other changes. I have heard the capacity numbers will be increased a bit, but it will still be limited capacity. Some "extra stuff" for fans is planned, I'm told. I do know practices are scheduled during your time frame, but I don't know about the ticket situation or availability yet. Stay tuned for more information. I'm thinking we'll get some more info on this next month. By the way, Scott, I've got some Ocean Front Property in Arizona ... Enjoy the concert!

Have a great week everyone!

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