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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now a week away from players reporting for the start of Titans training camp.

Obviously, there's been a big development since the last mailbag on Saturday – the reported contract agreement between the team and receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

While the team still hasn't made the news "official" – be patient, it sounds like it's coming soon – I've heard from many fans expressing their feelings on the move.

Safe to say it's been well received.

Let's dive right in and take a look …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Mike Temple from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hello Jim. It's a great day to be alive and be a Tennessee Titans fan! The expected signing of DeAndre Hopkins is big news. It perfectly caps off an eventful offseason - GM and coaching changes, player releases, surprising draft picks, concerning trade rumors, and now an important free agent signing. You have certainly earned your salary this year keeping us well informed 😀. I'm writing to congratulate new GM Ran Carthon on a great start to his tenure. As a PSL and season ticket holder, we never want to hear that the team is in full rebuild mode (i.e., giving up on the upcoming season). Instead, it feels like Titans leadership has threaded the needle here - adding young talent to the roster for the future while keeping a veteran core in place (King Henry, Byard, Tannehill) to effectively take one more run at the big prize. We're grateful and excited for the upcoming season. Well done Ran and the entire Titans leadership team! Titan-up, Mike

Jim: Big news indeed, Mike. I liked the thought of this pairing from the get-go.

Jesse Cano from Corpus Christi, Texas
Chuy here Mr. Jim from South Texas. Saw that Hopkins is gonna sign with Titans......Wow!!! I'm glad he chose us....I remember when he was with the Texans he would be a problem for our guys 2 cover....guy looks like he's catching nerf balls out there..haha. Hope he can stay healthy and b a great asset and free up the line for that big 22 to get rolling!!! I always thought he was a great wr....still have 2 give him that respect when the season starts and guys r trying 2 cover him. Now Tanny has a great veteran WR and I see our chances r even better to win the division and then some! I saw that Dan Orlovsky from espn put out a video talking about Hopkins signing with Titans....thought he was gonna say some encouraging things abt the siging...but no...all he says is they have a better chance of winning the division.....then goes on to talk more abt the patriots missing a big opportunity and so wth?!.....short little analysis and no real in-depth of what Hopkins can bring to the table for our team....always like that with our recognition......but we've always been the team to prove people and doubters wrong. Hope our chances r better now Mr. Jim....I like Hopkins....can't wait to see him suited up and playing for my team!!!! Titan up everyone!!!

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Jesse. It should be fun watching Hopkins in two-tone blue.

Chris Spaulding from Denver, Colorado
Die hard Titan fan in the heart of Broncos country. Oh the football gods just gave us a gift. I was so fired up when I heard the news! The NFL has just put on Notice with the 2 Kings Henry and Hop! Titan up baby

Jim: Seems like a lot of folks fired up about this, Chris. It's a tough day for the "Titans are blowing it up" crowd.

Anthony Hall from Memphis, Tennessee
Hi Jim, I'm happy for the news of signing Hopkins. I hope it turns out to be one of the best signings of the Carthon era. With that being said, do you think Tim Kelly's (new) offense will be as dynamic as some of the elite offenses of past years? Considering we have the weapons now at key positions. A solidified receiving core, awesome RB's, and TE. A revamped O Line (Still needs a little patchwork in my opinion) and a capable QB. Can you see us Titan Up in the top 5 offenses in the league this season or am I over-hyping us this year? Either Way I'll still ride with the Two Tone Blue Crew till the wheels fall off!!!

Jim: Hopkins will definitely help. I'm not going to make any bold predictions before camp starts, though. The offensive line needs to come together and the entire offense needs to get on the same page.

Carlos Perez from Columbus, Indiana
Hi Jim. Hope all is going well! I haven't written since the end of last season, at the time I said the Titans were an average O-line and a WR away from being a contender… guess what? We are a contender! Can't wait for the season to start! Titan Up!

Jim: It'll be here soon, Carlos. Don't be a stranger.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Hey Jim, Well Christmas came early!! D-Hop is a Titan!! With that deal now done, there is no way Vrabel and Kelly can be a run first offense... right?? To put that much into into two years and for D-Hop to want to come Nashville is has to be to catch a lot of footballs. I know the WR group will be so much better but to say the Titans will be a run first offense has got to be a thing of the past right??? I am excited for the season to start to see what this team will, it's a great day to be a Titans Fan. Have a great week Jim and as always TITAN UP!!!!

Jim: The Titans are still going to have a run/pass balance, but they definitely now have another big reason to sling it….

Troy Patterson from Iowa City, Iowa
: Hi Jim, I'm excited but cautiously optimistic about the signing of DHop. This should definitely should give the offense a boost. I'm a little concerned like most Titan fans about signing a veteran receiver that has been injured and has not worked out. Time will tell. I think I am more concerned about how the OL is going to do this year to give Tannehill the time to throw to his receivers. I did have a couple of questions.
1.Do you think management will stay in house to find a replacement for NFP or look to sign a free agent? What are your thoughts in George Fant?
2. With the Titans having 9 million in cap space, how do you think management will be able to structure DHop's contract? I'm not sure if I completely understand how Tannehill's contract works but couldn't they rework his deal?

Jim: Hey Troy.
1. Some potential right tackle candidates are in-house, and I've talked about them in the past few mailbags. But I know outside options are also available. I've also mentioned this in here before – Any vested veteran who is on the roster for Week One will have his salary guaranteed for the entire year, so that has to be taken into consideration when considering a potential six-game replacement. Does it make sense to pay a guy "starting money" if he's starting six games?
2. Some options are available to create more cap space, and I've heard rumblings that I can't speculate about in here.

Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo from Durago, Mexico
Excelente el contrato a D-Hop, Jim me gusto el monto y los incentivos. Estando en el campo le va quitar la doble cobertura a Treylon Burks y/o Chigoziem Okonkwo. Se vuelve una ofensiva más balanceada ya con Hopkins, Burks Philips, Moore, NWI, Dowell y McMath se ve mejor el cuerpo de Receptores. Espero que el plan de juego de Tim Kelly resulte excelente. Va ser interesante ver si se utiliza el uniforme retro de los Oilers contra los Texans.
Mi pregunta Jim, con la suspension de Nicholas Petit-Frere crees que exista una posibilidad de que busquen a George Fant o crees que Jamarco Jones o Jaelyn Duncan sean titulares.
Gracias y saludos a todos los aficionados de los Titans desde Mexico.

Jim: Hola Alberto. El cuerpo receptor definitivamente se ve mejor después de esto. Cuando sea oficial, la adición ayudará a todos, desde Ryan Tannehill hasta Derrick Henry, Treylon Burks y más. … He hablado mucho sobre los uniformes de los Oilers aquí, y cuando sospecho que se usarán. Todos podrán verlos por primera vez el domingo por la noche. … Todavía no he oído nada sobre posibles linieros agentes libres.

Laurence Nakasone from Aiea, Hawaii
Howzit, Jim. Aloha from Hawaii.
Just heard that the Titans will be signing a veteran receiver, DeAndre Somebody-or-other. What do you know about him? He any good? Is he physical? How are his hands? Can he make contested catches? And most importantly, can he block? Anyway...Lets Gooo!!!!

Jim: Aloha, Laurence. Google De'Andre Hopkins and let me know what you think. He's pretty good…

Jonathan Humphrey from Rumsey, Kentucky
WOW!!! D Hopkins = Win!!!! So glad we got him. On a scale 1-10 how do think our pair with offense and d line in off season would you scale this next chapter in Titans football?!?! I would say the rest of the NFL will be looking at us as a force to be reckoned with wouldn't you? I'm so freaking excited!!!!! As always love ya and can't wait to see to see them at pre-season!!!! Titan Up!!!!!!

Jim: I need to watch training camp first, but I'm not sure you'll see a lot of the big stars in the preseason games.

Michael Miles Sr. from LaVergne, Tennessee
Hey Jim how are you doing? Sorry to hear the titans are going to have a bad season this year. Guess we should go get another QB. I mean we have got a new WR D HOP and more on the o line to look at but they won't add up to much. If you don't believe me read the Titan fans on FB they will let you know how bad we are and will ALWAYS be. Until we get rid of our QB we have no chance of a winning season much less going to the superbowl. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GIVE US A CHANCE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. SHUT UP WITH THE BULL CRAP OF KNOWING IT ALL. I hope we win all the games and go to the big bowl then all of our crows in town will be gone because a lot of people will be eating crow for dinner. Wait until the end of the season before you roast someone don't do it before the grill is even turned on. TITAN UP FANS AND WAIT TO SEE HOW IT WORKS OUT. Thanks Jim

Jim: Oh man, Michael, you're worked up on all this and training camp hasn't even started yet… I'd quit reading the Facebook comments.

William Young from Las Vegas, Nevada
Hi Jim. I am an Impatient Jerk! I responded rudely and wrongly to the Titans not drafting a WR early in the draft. I admit I have a problem and it only hurts me and others as you know! I Apologize to you Jim and the Titans Organization for my wrongs! I will no longer doubt Amy, Ran, Mike V. and the rest of the organization after they got DHop! The Titans are going in right direction! Very Excited for the upcoming season! Also, seriously please pray that I stop being that guy and learn patience!

Jim: I remember those post-draft emails, William. All is forgiven. 😊 You by chance been in the Facebook comments Michael was talking about?

Randy Phillips from Mount Vernon, Illinois
Really excited about D Hop signing with the Titans! If teams still want to consistently stack the box against D Henry I believe Tannehill will be able to return to form and pick apart opposing D's. Speaking of Tannehill is there any possibility of an extension for him. Just because either Levis or Willis is in waiting doesn't mean it has to be this season or even next. Tanney could slow the replacement train in its tracks. Would love to see a D Henry extension of 2 years as well it was hard enough to see Eddie put on another teams uniform and I would prefer Henry retire playing only for the Titans!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Randy. Thanks for chiming in. See ya at Steak n Shake.

Stephen Snyder from Houston, Texas
With the Titans going with the Oilers throwback this season what is the chance it will be against the Texans here in Houston? Titan Up

Jim: Hey Stephen. The team is not going to wear the Oilers throwbacks in Houston, at least not this year. And, after previously thinking the Titans could wear them once on the road this year, I'm not expecting that any longer. It doesn't sound like that's going to work out as initially hoped.

Fred Trotman from Saint Louis, Missouri
Quick question although I already kinda know the answer. But what are your thoughts on the Titans bringing back either Rashaan Evans or Jayon Brown back? I know we got some new linebackers but I think just one of them would add a tremendous boost to our inside linebackers group. We made a HUGE mistake with Cunninghamc(WE SPOKE ON THIS LAST YEAR SORT OF). Just want us to get a reliable piece on the inside if possible. I know, more than a quick question my bad. Hope all is well.

Jim: Hey Fred. I haven't asked anyone about this, but I think I'd be surprised if either of them came back.

Jim Bryant from Franklin, Tennessee
After multiple washouts of old wide receivers, what's the chance of DeAndre Hopkins working out?

Jim: What happened in Tennessee with Randy Moss or Andre Johnson or Julio Jones has nothing to do with DeAndre Hopkins. Time will tell…

Have a great week everyone!

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