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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The Combine is now behind us, and free agency is next.

The NFL calendar has few open dates.

Meanwhile, your questions keep rolling in, and I appreciate it.

Let's jump right into the latest batch…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Lee Van Dyke from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I love this deep, speedy WR class in this year's draft. Do you think it's possible for the Titans to draft multiple receivers in this year's draft? Also, which receivers do you personally like?

Jim: Hey Lee. Well, a lot depends on free agency. If the Titans make a move or two there, it would decrease their chances of picking a few in the draft. The team is going to need some help there, no doubt. Which ones do I like? Well, I'd take Garrett Wilson in a heartbeat. Same with Drake London. I like Jahan Dotson and Chris Olave. I also understand most of those guys, if not all of them, won't be there at 26. I like both the Alabama receivers – Jameson Williams and John Metchie – although I'd be lying if I didn't have some concerns about waiting on them to get 100 percent healthy. I like the looks of Velus Jones, and think he'd be a nice fit. I'm thinking the Titans end up picking one receiver in the draft, but again, free agency will give us some clues.

Ryan Clark from Houston, Texas
Long time reader, first time asker. I had a couple questions for you, first and foremost: Is Vrabel really comfortable with the idea of Logan Woodside handling the offense in the event that something were to happen to Tannehill? Wouldn't it make sense to go out and sign a veteran backup that can push Tannehill or possibly even overtake the job eventually in the case that Tannehill underperforms, similar to what happened in 2019 when Tannehill replaced Mariota? I know it's a fairly weak QB class, but could the Titans make a push to bring in a QB to groom through the draft?

Jim: Well Ryan, up until this point the answer has been yes. The team rolled with Logan last year, and across the board coaches – and the GM – have expressed confidence in him. I myself have wondered if this might be the year the team picks a QB, and starts grooming him as the back-up, or eventually as the starter. I can't say with 100 percent certainty what is going to happen here, because those decisions are made above my pay grade and I'm not privy to a lot of those discussions/thoughts. But it's a fair question for you to ask.

Jason Orr from Grand Rivers, Kentucky
Jim! Can you help break something down for me? How are the Titans seemingly in a perpetual battle with the salary cap? We aren't overpaying (comparatively) for a qb, most of our contracts land outside the top 5 highest paid per position, and we are doing a pretty good job of getting star production out of rookie contract guys, yet we still stare down the barrel of the salary cap. I just don't know if the salary cap increases enough each year. There seems to be an imbalance between those "next man up" rookie contract guys whose contracts are getting inflated vs the seasoned vets whose contracts become casualties. We have Harold, and then AJ, and Big Jeff who are next man up and the market for those guys right now are going to send our seasoned contributors packing.

Jim: Hey Jason. The Titans have been up against it, but of course that speaks to the spending the team has done. It's going to be interesting to see how it impacts looming decisions, because I think you're going to see a combination of cuts and restructures to give the team some breathing room to work.

Edward McKinney from Antioch, Tennessee
I believe it is essential for the Titans to draft a QB with huge upside in the latter rounds of this draft (round 4 or 5). I personally want the Titans to consider Aqeel Glass, the QB from small Alabama A&M. I saw him play in many SWAC games and the 2020 SWAC championship, and he is the real deal.

Jim: Appreciate you weighing in, Edward.

Paul Gutierrez from San Antonio, Texas
Hello Jim. My name is Paul Gutierrez from San Antonio, TX, where there is a large TITANS/OILERS fan base. My question was, were the rumors true, that next season the TITANS, were going to be wearing their Houston OILERS uniforms several games?

Jim: Hello Paul. The earliest you'll see the Oilers throwbacks will be 2023.

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee
Hey Jim! You know I'm always writing in about the offensive line as it I believe it all happens in the trenches, especially for our team. That being said, I can't imagine any other position group is as big of a question mark in terms of continuity for 2022. There isn't much in terms of guaranteed money due to Lewan and Saffold, and Jones and Quessenberry are both scheduled to become free agents. If you were a betting man and the line were set at 3.5---would you take the over or under on 2021 Offensive line starters to return?
Personally, I'd love them all to return but can't imagine the cap situation will be an easy one to manuever for JRob and all of these guys are over 30. Thanks for your time!

Jim: Hmmm. I think I'd take the under

Rodolfo Vazquez from Mexico City, Mexico
Hola Jim un poco tarde, pero mis mas sinceras condolencias por la perdida de tu mami, Dios la tenga en su santa gloria y qie descanse en paz, para ti y tu familia resignacion, es doloros pero a seguir para adelante
Mi pregunta es sobre el Qb Tanehill
Creo que no es un mal QB pero si creo que nunca ganara el juego grande, digamos el SB, y lo creo porque en los ultimos tres años en la post temporada hemos perdido por errores de el muy puntuales, Kansas City, Baltimore y este año Cincinatti y siempre se comentta tuvo un mal dia, creo el tipo no aguanta la presion de un juego importante y en estos tres ultimos años hemos tenido mejor equipo que cualquiera con el que perdimos
Obvio Titan por siempre

Jim: Hola Rodolfo. Gracias. Aprecio tus pensamientos. No eres el único que siente lo que siente por Ryan; parece que muchos fanáticos de los Titans sienten lo mismo que tú. También he oído de otros que creen en él. Las únicas opiniones que realmente importan, por supuesto, pertenecen al propietario, al gerente general y al entrenador en jefe. Así que tendrás que confiar en que tomarán la decisión correcta aquí. Gracias de nuevo por tus condolencias.

John Werther from Nashville, Tennessee
Jim: Love your column. You do a great job week in and week out. As I was coming into St Thomas Midtown hospital this morning, a homeless woman exiting in a wheelchair asked me if I had an umbrella. This morning (Monday, March 7th) it was pouring. Then it will get colder. Sadly, I did not have an umbrella. Last time I went to a Titans game, we were forced to surrender them before the game. Couldn't even hide them in the bushes. Understandable safety issue. My reason to write: Could you see if perhaps the Titans might allow those umbrellas to be donated to Room in the Inn, Mission, other aid groups, etc so they could be used by people who REALLY need them. Not tossed into a landfill. Being wet and cold is miserable and potentially life threatening. The Titans do so much for the community. This would be something for those unable to attend a live game. Thanks Jim. Please keep your excellent work!!

Jim: Thanks, John. This is a good suggestion.

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennslvania
Hi Jim. I hope you've had adequate time to grieve and put your mother to rest. I lost my dad in December and it is still numb feeling. The Combine was pretty interesting. Lost of speed. But after looking at a lot of these fast guys, they really didn't play anyone exceptional. Outside of the usual SEC and BIG10 players everyone else is just a freak athlete. I like Olave to be the best WR in the draft. I would love him as a Titan. We really need lineman more than anything. Our WRs aren't bad. I wanna see NWI as the starter opposite Brown and have Olave as a slot guy. But how awesome would one of those Georgia lineman look next to Simmons and Autry.....OMG! Are there any prospects that you really liked and could see in 2Tone Blue?

Jim: Thank you, Eli. And sorry to hear about your father. I'll be honest: I saw a lot of prospects I'd like to see with the Titans next year. The big question is who will be there at No.26, and at other spots?

Have a great week everyone!

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