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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The Titans made a round of roster cuts on Sunday, and then a handful more on Monday.

On Tuesday, there will be many more as the team makes its cuts down to 53 players by the NFL deadline.

Let's discuss what's on your mind as we wait for the moves…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Hi Jim. One thing I dont think the front office gets enough credit for is how well they've done at finding day 3/UDFA gems and getting production out of them. For one, Caleb Murphy's competition just got much harder transitioning from D2 college to the NFL and he still can't stop getting to the quarterback. Even guys like Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, Jack Gibbens, Teair Tart, and even Amani Hooker were all either day 3 draft picks or UDFAs who eventually found a role on this team.
I think this team has a chance to go far this year, but I just wanted to give the front office their well-deserved credit for how well they've done at finding all these steals.

Jim: I agree, Evan. And let's not forget about undrafted free agents like Ryan Stonehouse, Aaron Brewer, Julius Chestnut, Naquan Jones, Jayden Peevy, Tre Avery, Sam Okuayinonu and Jordan Roos. And don't be surprised when several UDFAs end up making the 53-man today as well. Others will be on the practice squad, which will be filled out tomorrow. The competition on the roster will make some of these decisions especially tough.

Steve Furry from Cape Canaveral, Florida
: Hi Jim. Love your mailbag twice a week. Keep up the great work that you do for us Titans fans. Really am looking forward to this new year. I really believe this team will surprise a lot of doubters out there. Got a question from Sherry my wife. I really could not answer it hopefully you can give us an answer. I know part of the question but not all of it. After the 53 players are picked and after they pick the practice squad, the Players let go are out of a job. Does their pay stop immediately, or do they have some sort of severance pay?

Jim: Thanks for reading, Steve. Unless players get an injury settlement, in most cases the guys who are cut do not get paid. Keep in mind some of these guys got a signing bonus when they signed their deals, so that helps. If a vested veteran is on the roster for Week 1 and he's cut, that player, however, is entitled to termination pay for the rest of the season.

Peter Sloan from The Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
It's hard for me to be upset any more in the Lake of the Ozarks, but I am though. I was enjoying watching the Patriots and Titans game and all of the sudden the screen divided into two pictures one was the Titans game and the other was the Chargers and 49ers game. From that point on the Titans game was interrupted and eventually cut off and switched to the Chargers, 49ers game. I think that is so unprofessional and a complete slap in the face to our Titans. How disrespectful. I'm hoping that somehow this can be turned into a motivating moment. The NFL once again snubbed the Titans. We sure don't get any respect. Maybe the coaches can use this. What do you think Jim?
I would also like to express my condolences to Caleb and the whole Farley family. They are in all of the Titans fan's prayers, God bless them. Ok boys let's earn some respect this year. TITAN UP Thanks Jim, you da man.

Jim: I hear ya, Peter. But it would be a stretch, I think, to get too fired up about this perceived slight. But I appreciate your enthusiasm. Folks in here know my take on the whole disrespect thing – I'm just not into making a big deal out of it. Teams have to go out and earn it. … Appreciate the thoughts on Caleb. This young man has been through a whole lot.

Harry Prentiss from Sunbury, Pennsylvania
I'm as the time for kickoff nears for this season who do you see as the player most likely to blossom into a big contributor this year? I believe if healthy Kyle Phillips will be a big part of any success the Titans have. But you seeing the players more frequently than we fans have a better perspective than us and I'm interested in your opinion. By the way way thank you so much for what you do to keep us so well informed. Luv Ya Blue!!!

Jim: Hey Harry. Kyle Philips needs to get healthy first. I'm expecting this new guy by the name of DeAndre Hopkins to be pretty good...

Jeff Dobbins from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Something I have been wanting to ask this for awhile. What happened to the Fullback position in the NFL? Seems like very few teams use them even though some of the great running backs in history contribute much of their success to a good fullback blocking for them. Yes, I'm old school and talking about players like Lorenzo Neal. Eddie was great when he was here and went downhill after he left. He went to SD and LT had a HOF career behind him. I know this position doesn't fit every team but it seems like it would be a big benefit to our O-line for run blocking because he can see the defense better from his rearward position. Why don't run first teams like us value them anymore?

Jim: It's a different game now, Jeff. You watch college football, I'm sure. Well, it's a wide open, spread 'em out game for the most part, so few teams use the fullback. As a result, the NFL doesn't have true fullbacks to choose from, and the NFL game is different today compared to the days of Lorenzo Neal, Ahmard Hall or Greg Comella. Yes, the Titans run the football, and you might still see a fullback/H-back type in the backfield in certain personnel packages. But fullbacks are a dying breed for sure.

Don Sherrill Jr. from Oakland, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I question releasing Josh Dobbs and wasting a draft pick on questionable a injury prone, head space prone Levis. Dobbs has proven he can learn and adapt to any offense and deliver production. I know he has shown the ability to lead and carry a team if needed. I just don't understand that choice unless it came down to team cap. Please help us understand this apparent bone head move by the manager.

Jim: Will Levis is widely considered to be a better NFL prospect than Josh Dobbs, and personally, I like Josh Dobbs. I understand some folks in this state would never admit this.

Kintae Harris from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hello Jim, I love reading your mailbox, it is always informative. My question is: Have you spoken with the staff about the Ryan Tannehill experience in the final preseason game. It was baffling to see him come in and just hand the ball off 3 times.

Jim: Appreciate it, Kintae. Yes, I actually asked Mike Vrabel about it. Vrabel said he was OK with Tannehill getting just three snaps. I'll be honest: I wouldn't have played him at all.

Curtis Johnson from Cadiz, Kentucky
Not a question but I am excited for this season. I've missed cheering for my Titans all off-season. I think we will be competitive and physical no matter what.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Curtis.

John Krokowski from Plymouth, Pennsylvania
Hey Jim, Love reading your mailbag. What is going on with these kickers we bring in? With the release of Badgley I would love the team to bring back Ryan Succop.

Jim: Appreciate it, John. The team is going to trade for, sign, or claim, a kicker soon, I promise. It's just matter of who, and exactly when. Stay tuned.

Have a great week everyone!

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