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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Heading Into Thursday's Game vs the Packers


NASHVILLE – Another win, and another game coming up soon.

The Titans found a way to get it done on Sunday against the Broncos.

Now, the Packers are up next – in just two days, on Thursday Night Football.

It's going to be a hectic week.

Let's dive into another mailbag before things get cranked up.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

See ya at Lambeau Field!

Will Barge from Nashville, Tennessee
Jim! What a W. Lot of guys played well, but what an all around effort from our reserve D line and edge rushers. Walker, Jones, Edwards Jr, Weaver had Wilson scrambling for his life(as well as regulars like Autry and Tart). What a testament to Vrabel and the staff to have multiple starters down on the D line (heck, and elsewhere on D), and these guys come up huge. Pretty impressive to hold Any NFL offense to 10 points, especially when you are missing so many starters. So impressed with that group and their next man up mentality.
Also, my friends and I are making the trek to Lambeau this Thursday. Are there any planned Titans events or tailgate up in Lambeau? Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Will. The play of the defense was incredible really. Six sacks, 18 QB hits and 25 pressures – without Jeffery Simmons and Bud Dupree. See below for info on a Titans Tailgate Party in Green Bay. Have fun and wear layers! It's going to be a cold one!

Dominick Prill from Wisconsin
Hey Jim first time writer, been a Titans fan since 2015. I'm going to my first game on Thursday night against Green Bay was wondering about any tailgates. And how likely it would be to get anything signed by the players? Thanks for everything you do Titan up⚔️

Jim: Hey Dominick. Good to hear from you. There is a tailgate planned, hosted by Two Tone Blue Nation. It's at the Badger State Brewing Company at 990 Tony Canadeo Run in Green Bay, starting at 2:30 on Thursday. As for autographs, your best bet is to get to the game early and head down to the first row near the tunnel – maybe you'll get lucky and have some guys stop to sign autographs. Some do, others don't.

Joe Pinzur from Hartsville, Tennessee
Jim. I certainly hate to be a downer after a good team win; but seriously, does anybody within the Titans organization actually believe Todd Downing's play calling can get us anywhere near a Super Bowl? I'm not saying that I could personally do any better, but surely there are at least a few other options floating around the league that could. Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Joe. Well, I think we all agree Mike Vrabel has proven to be a pretty good football coach. Vrabel hired Todd Downing, and he has the authority to make a change if he thinks he's not getting the job done, or if he thinks he's the reason for the team's struggles on offense. I think we'd all have to also agree Mike Vrabel is competitive, and he wants to win. He sure as hell isn't coaching for the free Titans gear. He wants to win a Super Bowl, something he did three times as a player. So, you asked me: Does anybody within the Titans organization actually believe Todd Downing's play calling can get us anywhere near a Super Bowl? I present to you Mike Vrabel, the same coach who decided to keep DC Shane Bowen when everyone in here was demanding for him to be fired a few years ago. And I can promise you Mike Vrabel is more invested and has more on the line than anybody out there complaining about his OC.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. Exciting win over Denver but bad for my blood pressure. For the defense to accomplish what it did with so many starters out really reflects well on the depth of the team and Shane Bowen and assistants' coaching. Todd Downing called a good game. When the offensive line couldn't get a push to spring Derrick Henry, he shifted to more passing and eventually it all clicked. Glad Ryan Tannehill was in there to make it all work. Big kudos to Nick W-I on his breakout game. Chig is quietly making himself a big part of this offense. And Austin Hooper seems to be making a bigger contribution each week. Now for my question: if Randy Bullock can't go on Thursday, do the Titans have another kicker waiting to be signed? Is Sam Ficken available? Thanks, Jim.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Jim. Well, the team signed kicker Josh Lambo to the practice squad on Tuesday. Caleb Shudak is on the Reserve/PUP list, but he hasn't been activated to practice. He's the former Iowa kicker signed by the team after the NFL Draft. I was impressed with him during the offseason. .

Pat Spray Mason, Tennessee
Love the mailbag. Especially all the "fans" that vent erroneous frustrations. Come on guys lay off the team. My question Jim is playoff scenario, could Harold possibly make it post season?

Jim: Appreciate it, Pat. But hey, I admit, some of the frustrations are valid. Unfortunately, we won't see Harold on the field again until 2023.

Carol Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee
I thought I would throw some humor in here with the lyrics from one of my favorite songs before all the critics are turned loose: We don't always win as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey, and our plays aren't as sweet as Strawberry wine, but on a cold day like today against Denver our win is as warm as a glass of brandy and our DEFENSE keeps us from the bottom. 😊😊 Love my team!! TitanUp

Jim: Well done, Carol!

Joe Balnites from Canton, Ohio
My best friend was diagnosed with ALS and three months later died from a heart attack. Houston and Tennessee have always been his favorite. His best friend (dog) Titan is named after the Team and the cat is named Tennessee. Long story short, the family split the ashes. I, Joe, his best friend, at his request would like to set the small urn of ashes in the stadium. Is there any possible way this can be done, to put my part of his life to rest?

Jim: Hi Joe. I'm so sorry for your loss. Not sure I can make this happen, but I appreciate your efforts for your friend. I know he's with the team in spirit.

Chris Berry from Cleveland, Tennessee
1 comment; 2 questions:
I missed part of the 3rd quarter, but even in another huge win I'm sticking to the toss Downing train. Too many drives stalling at mid-field without an opportunity to get into FG range or even a 4th and short with a decision to go or not. Same thing happened last week when we needed to find 3 pts.
It seems to me that Chig and Hooper are far more explosive and talented than Swaim at this point in his career. Do you think the coaching starts to transition more time their way?
Also, any update on if Phillips is expected to be back immediately after his 4 games on IR? We need someone to go rabbit hunting with a hammer!

Jim: You missed the best quarter if you missed the third, which featured the flea-flicker. Some of the drives stalling were because of drops (I counted three), and mistakes. No doubt on Chig and Hooper being more explosive – I'd like to see both of them utilized more. As for Philips, he went on IR back on October 25. He can't come back until the Bengals game, and there's some optimism surrounding him. But we'll have to wait and see. Hamstring injuries are tricky.

Joe Faz from San Antonio, Texas
I would love to know what Vrabel's in-game wristwatch is!

Jim: I'm thinking it's probably an Apple Watch, so he can listen to the new Taylor Swift album during timeouts.

Joe Tanaka from Aiea, Hawaii
Jim, We looked lethargic against a below average team. Granted many 1st team members were out but it revealed how vulnerable we are when our run game is shutdown. Wish we still had the likes of AJ Brown so we could be more of a passing threat. Your thoughts?

Jim: Yes, I agree. A.J. Brown would give the team more of a passing threat.

Bud Stein from Jacksonville, Florida
Top of the afternoon Sir Jim. As always thanx for your good work on all fronts. Long and short here. A win is a win but reality and honesty those wins were all teams WITH LOSING RECORDS! With Packers. Bengals, Eagles, Cowboys, Chargers on the horizon SOSOS. quick to powers to be Frank Reich for OC forth with!!! 17 19 21 points arent gonna cut it. Derrick Henry 53 yards? Injury or just defense keying as usual. Couldnt watch the game in my area . Always jags Games NG for me Take care sir.

Jim: I hear ya, Bud, but ask the Eagles how much of a pushover the Commanders are. And, keep in mind, the Colts beat the Chiefs. You can only beat the teams on your schedule, and yes, the schedule looks tougher coming up. The Titans are going to have to play better.

Lucas Vooys from Aldie, Virginia
: Hey, Jim. I've watched every single game. How will the Titans continue with this 6-3 record? Will we be ready for the Eagles? Also, tell the team great job and keep working hard. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

Jim: Ready for the Eagles? The Titans better be ready for the Packers.

Bill Holmes from Fairport, New York
So there I am, cursing at the TV like everyone else as we self-harm with neutral zone violations, dropped passes and even a deja vu experience thanks to Malik. I'm watching the punters become the stars of the game and wondering if we're going to drop this winnable game at home. But like every week, I am amazed at the ferocity and skill from our defense. And THEN I realized how many key players were out this week, and we STILL bullied the crap out of Denver's offense. The Titans are the epitome of "next guy up" - unselfish, team-oriented, goal-oriented football. Look at what Hooper and Okonkwo did this week. We have a 3+ game lead on our division so our fate is in our control. And once we get into he playoffs, hopefully healthy, this battle-tested, underrated team of brothers is going to be their opponents' worst nightmare.
Two quick Qs:
(1) Why didn't Mitchell down that game-end INT in the end zone or at least run to the 2 or 3 yard line? Taking a knee at the 1 yard line is risky - that tight crunch could have resulted in a safety or worse.
(2) NWI had a big day, but as much as I loved the flea-flicker, didn't he get that open because two Bronco defenders collided and fell? We normally don't get that much separation.

Jim: Hey Bill.Quick answers:
(1) Heat of the moment – you could also argue why he intercepted it in the first place, but football players play on instincts. Plus, Kevin Byard told him to go down, so he went down at the 1. Byard is a mayor, after all...
(2) The flea-flicker fooled the Broncos and NWI got open, no matter how it happened

Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo from Durago, Mexico
Buenas tardes Jim saludos desde Durango, M�xico, una vez m�s un partido card�aco a lo Titan para derrotar a los Broncos. Que tremenda actuaci�n de la defensiva y sin Landry, Simmons, Dupree, Cunningham, Hooker y Fulton de �ltimo momento. Vaya partidazo de DeMarcus Walker, Mario Edwards, Naquan Jones, Dylan Cole, Andrew Adams, Terrance Mitchell, Lonnie Johnson Jr que sali� lesionado, as� como de Tart, McCreary que jugadorazo, Long ni que decir, Byard, nos tienen acostumbrados a grandes partidos. A la ofensiva muy bien Austin Hooper que es clutch, me gust� lo que vi de Treylon Burks y gran partido de Nick Westbrook-Ikhine y de Tannehill. No me gusta el llamado de jugadas de Todd Downing, pone en peligro muy seguido los partidos. En los equipos especiales muy bien CJ Board, Hassan Haskins, Dylan Cole, Ryan Stonehouse y Randy Bullock. Gran coucheo de Vrabel, Bowen y Aukerman. Listos para el jueves por la noche, esperemos se recuperen Fulton, Simmons, Hooker y Dupree. Felicitarme a todo el equipo Jim y Titan Up.

Jim: ¡Fue una actuación de control de tripas seguro, Alberto! Ahora este equipo tiene que estar listo para jugar en unos días. Con suerte, los Titans recuperarán a algunos jugadores. Gracias por escribirnos. Que tengas un buen día.

Marcos Taron from Essen, Germany
Hi Jim. The Munich-Game has been epic and magical … country road 🎵…. hope these very special vibes got as well to everyone over there watching ….
One Day we'll Titan Up over here 😉
Sunday:… a win is a win …. but hard to watch first half (except last drive)…. As well lots of positive things to hold on to …
Randy is questionable for next game(s)? Are there any other news on him now ?
What about the German kicker Dominik Eberle (e G last year a game for the Texans)? He is a free agent at the moment …. 😉
By the way - Never thought of wearing a punters name on my next shirt, but Stoney is worth it ❤️ What is stronger? His hair and smile or his leg? Take care of you and let's get the next W !!!

Jim: Hallo Marcos! Germany put on a great show! ... Stoney has some hair, huh?! But his leg is even more impressive!

Will Lambert from Paducah, Kentucky
Hey Jim, I always look forward to the mail bags. Just wanted to throw some love out there. I need to get me a Ryan Stonehouse jersey! I have never seen a punter carry a team before. I'm loving this defense and the offense will come together at the right time, but I'll take some special teams play to win the day.

Jim: Hey Will. The Stonehouse fan club is growing fast! I'm sure he'd love to see you rocking his jersey!

Colton Wolfe from Nashville, Tennessee
Jim this isn't a question but more of a statement. Chig should get at least 5 touches a game if not more. Every time he gets the ball in his hands he makes plays. Please relay the message. Thanks!

Jim: I'd like to see more of him myself, Colton.

John Clark from Chesapeake, Virginia
: Grand Monday Morning Jim and fellow Titan Fans & Staff!
I have a question and a comment. First the question. What is the probability that The Titans front office look into trading Malik Willis for a solid veteran QB or maybe a 2023 draft pick? Don't get me wrong he's deadly on his feet when he gets pass the defensive line but his decision making and awareness isn't anywhere close to be in the NFL. I think he's the poster child of why a young player should stay in college and finish developing because the NFL is a fast pace game. My comment is the defense plays lights out it might take some time for the defense to come around but the have proven to be clutch when it counts but our offense all the way around really scares me from the offensive line not being talented enough to hold the blocks for King Henry or pass block I truly feel sorry for the King and for any of our Qb we put behind the center it's like throwing a rat in a snake cage they're lunch for any defense. Also the play calling is Downing getting his plays off of Madden 2022 he's so predictable and the designs are pure horse dookie I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but Vrabel should look into hiring a Frank Reich or someone else asap last comment is our WR core ugh need I say more about them just pathetic! I pray it changes before the post season! Football Gods please hear all of our requests! Signed Titans fans TITANUP thanks Jim

Jim: So, you want to trade Malik Willis for a solid veteran QB because you think he doesn't look ready? Two questions for you: Why would another team want to give up a solid veteran QB for a guy who doesn't look ready? Did you really expect Malik to start out looking like Patrick Mahomes?

Tom Meyer from San Antonio, Texas
Howdy once again, lets start with the good news, Tannehill is back, The defense without 5 starters balled out( a few miscues) but did what was needed. The offense managed to score enough to win, Now the bad , Our offensive line needs to do much better Henry never had much help all day,at least they did a good job of keeping our quarterback from being beat up. The big change is some coaches need to go not now but at the end of the season. I think our offensive line coach needs to be replaced and the OC. He gets a lot of blame but from what I see it's deserved. He is not a bad coach just makes some really dumb calls. He also doesn't seem to make adjustments after the half. True the players need to do their job but he needs to put them in a system to succeed. Every series after the half it's either the team goes backward or 3 and out. He is putting too much pressure on the defense to bail us out week after week. That being said if I knew how to coach I wouldn't be sitting here writing you. Have a great Holiday season and God Bless.

Jim: Hi Tom. I've heard the second half complaints, and on a lot of weeks, they've been valid. The Titans outscored the Broncos 10-0 on Sunday, though. I think we all agree the team is going to have to be better, especially on offense, moving forward to be a real contender.

Have a great week everyone!

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