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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans From the NFL Combine


INDIANAPOLIS – We've made it to the NFL Combine.

The stars of the NFL's future are here this week, along with all 32 NFL teams.

It's going to be a busy week.

Thanks for keeping the questions coming.

Let's knock out this mailbag really quick and see what you're thinking …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Eric Koehler from Las Vegas, Nevada
Hey Jim! Just a couple of questions. Is trading Derrick Henry on the table at all? I really hope not. Obviously the O-line will be the major focus this off-season and I definitely think it's possible to bring in the right guys to have them firing at all cylinders by week 6-7. With the way the Eagles offense ran with Hurts, do you think Malik Willis could be that kind of QB? Similar running ability, build and a cannon for an arm. Probably wishful thinking.

Jim: Hey Eric. I've been getting a lot of Derrick Henry questions. It's that time of year, I guess. With a new GM, I think everything is probably "on the table." There's a new sheriff in town, and we're all going to find out in time how he decides to handle things while working with Mike Vrabel. We got a taste of that last week as four players were released. With that said, he's given no indication publicly he's considering trading Derrick Henry. If he told me that privately, I wouldn't be saying it publicly. As for Malik Willis, it's no secret he has a lot of work to do. I've also heard a lot of optimistic comparisons to Jalen Hurts. I think that would have to fall into the wishful thinking category, but hey, Hurts didn't look so good early in his career either and he made great strides. I have no doubt Malik is willing to put in the work.

Bob Galasso from Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Hi Jim. Thank you for the great job you do year-round keeping us updated on everything going on as well as reminding us how lucky we are to have such an awesome team to root for each Sunday. The Titans are now re-tooling the offense and defense, sure to be adding new faces to the team while doing so, which is alot like my favorite MLB-Team - the Los Angeles Dodgers. A team I hear that you are fond of as well! I think Amy and Coach Vrabel did a great job in filling the GM position with Ran Carthon and it was great hearing several members from the 49ers players and coaching staff speak so highly of him. With all of that being said... the Team obviously has several needs it needs to address, both through free-agency and the draft... my question is do you think they will want to address the offensive line first or select a wide receiver that could make an immediate impact. I know alot of who they draft will depend on if the sign any free agents prior to the draft as well as who remains available at #11 unless they move up. What is your gut telling you? As always Jim, thank you for giving us an opportunity to discuss the Titans with you! Go Titans!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Bob. And, you're right – I am a Dodgers fan. As for what my gut is telling me about the Titans, we all know help/upgrades/depth are all needed at a lot of positions. The o-line and receiver spots are two of them, but the team needs a lot of work. It's going to happen in stages – free agency, the draft, and again in free agency after the draft. More tinkering will continue all the way up until Week 1. I won't have a feel on what could happen at 11 (if the Titans pick at 11) until closer to the draft, when some of the needs are addressed in March and early April. We're all going to get some clues, but patience will be needed.

Dave Roberts from Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
Jim, do you expect the Titans offensive to change much under our new OC? Will we pass more? Use our TE more?

Jim: This is a great question, Dave. Tim Kelly is expected to hold a media session in Indianapolis today. I'm not sure how much he'll reveal, but perhaps he'll give some clues. I definitely think Chig Okonkwo will be a bigger part of the offense this fall.

Micheal Cooperwhite from Toronto, Canada
Hello Jim! Hope all is well down there in the great state of Tennessee.
I will get right to the ask.
Do the Titans have any interest in Derek Carr? Or do these off season moves so far signal rebuild.
Thanks in advance. Keep up the great work.

Jim: Things are great in Tennessee, Michael.
The only thing I've seen solid regarding Carr is he's visited the Jets and Saints. His brother, NFL Network analyst David Carr, said it's going to be a "long process" as Carr continues to weigh his options. Then ESPN's Dianna Russini reported this morning Derek Carr is scheduled to meet with the Jets, Saints and Panthers in person here in Indy. No mention of the Titans to this point.
As for the other offseason moves, they hardly "signal rebuild" to me. Zach Cunningham and Taylor Lewan played in eight games combined last year, and it was time to move on. The player Lewan was in his prime will be missed, but let's face it, he hasn't been that guy the last few years. Cunningham was a no-factor in 2022. Robert Woods is a great guy, and he's had a great career, but he's not worth $13.7 million. The Titans can get better at these positions, and they can get better at kicker. These were smart business decisions, not moves made in desperation.

Richard Joseph Robles from Springfield, Tennessee
The thing is that we need to trade 5th Round Pick and Guard Dillon Radunz to Cleveland Browns in exchange for Tight End David Njoku and Cleveland Browns 6th Round Pick Because We need a better way. And I think we need a better draft pick than Chigoziem Okonkwo. Titan Up!

Jim: This is a head-scratcher for several reasons, Richard.

Mike Nordhoff from Franklin, Tennessee
Hello Jim. Any updates on Dillon Radunz? What is his timeline for return and is he expected to be ready for the start of training camp and preseason? I think he could, at worst, be a really good depth piece on the revamped OL or maybe even start at LT if the Titans plan to focus on interior OL in the draft and free agency. I was excited for him to finally get his shot at LT before his injury. I'm not ready to call him a bust yet but he needs to have a solid year and contribute on what will certainly be a new-look OL.

Jim: Funny you should ask, Mike. Richard has him headed to the Browns (see above). … Dillon suffered a season-ending knee injury in Week 15. He has a long recovery ahead of him. He won't be rehabbing in Cleveland.

Rick Pinkerton from Terryville, Connecticut
My take on this off season, I would retain Ryan if his contract could be restructured. It makes no sense to me to get another veteran that does not know the system. Use the draft picks to get help on the offense line and receivers along with free agent signings. I know how the salary cap can handicap Ran, but it will be interesting which way he goes. By the way when folks say Ryan has not led us to the Super Bowl, neither has JOSH ALLEN.

Jim: This is true, Rick. You can throw a lot of QBs into this mix ...

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
Hey Jim,
Like all Titans fans, I've spent quite a bit of time pondering what the Titans do next. As of today, here's where I'm at. How soon we forget that the Titans were 7-3 after ten games last season. I think 23 is the last year of a window we have to win now. So I'm thinking we bring Tannehill, DH, Simmons, Byard and crew back. Add best possible pieces in free agency at OL and WR. Win the division and you're just a couple wins from the Super Bowl. Having said that, I think the draft should be for the future of the team, not filling a 23 need. Playing with draft simulators, it looks like Anthony Richardson, Will Levis, Quentin Johnston, Bryan Bresee or Tyree Wilson might be around at 11... FA for now, draft for the future. Titan up for 23, get a ring for Miss Amy

Jim: Have a good one, Jack.

Have a great week everyone!

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