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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans at the Super Bowl


PHOENIX – Senior Bowl. ✅

Pro Bowl. ✅

Now, it's Super Bowl week.

It's been a busy and productive stretch over the last eight days, tracking Titans stories along the way.

I must say I think I've already had the highlight of my trip: After the Pro Bowl on Sunday, I happened to cross paths with Snoop Dogg as he was a passenger on a slow-moving golf cart. We made eye contact, and I said: "What's up, Snoop?" He actually replied: "Hey, my man."

It was a definite win for me at the Pro Bowl, and I'm not sure what can top it this week. I'll let you know if anything trumps the Snoop Dogg encounter.

Meanwhile, thanks for keeping the questions coming. I banged out a mailbag real quick …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Fred Trotman from St. Louis, Tennessee
Just a few questions Jim. Who do you think will remain at our MLB spot over the offseason? I hope we can keep Long Jr. Cunningham in my opinion has to go. I wish we could've kept Brown or Evans but that ship already has sailed. Do you think this year we'll also chase some good players in FA at the cornerback position? I felt we left a lot of quality free agents go to the competition last season on both sides of the ball. Lastly, do you think Tannehill will take a pay cut if we decide to keep him? I mean this would help the team keep Big Jeff and add more quality players to the team. If we chase the big name QBs out on the market they'll come in to an offense that has no real talent other than the King and Okonkwo. Hope all is well with you Jim. I'm hoping for a bounce back and healthier season for my Titans in 2023-2024.

Jim: Hard to say right now, Fred. I haven't talked to Mike Vrabel or Ran Carthon about any of this, and I doubt they've had time to discuss much with agents for players under consideration. This is just me: Looking at Zach Cunningham's contract, and his limited availability this past season, I'm skeptical about his chances of being back. I really like David Long Jr., but I don't know what his expectations are regarding a new contract, and I don't know what other teams might offer. So, we'll have to wait and see on that. Monty Rice will be in the mix, competing for a starting spot. Chance Campbell will be in camp, healthy and competing. Others could be targeted in free agency and/or the draft. We're going to have to let some things play out here.

Terry Anderson from Glasgow, Kentucky
Jim hope you are well. Now the season is over and the Super Bowl is around the corner, I can't help but hope AJ and the Eagles fly and win the game. We don't get a Titans news, which is good. I like the tight ship. I'm sure the Aaron Rodgers questions will be answered soon. Derek Carr is available. We have Tannehill. I have read a story on outlining how a trade for Aaron could look. Of course they are just guessing and it's fun to think about. So let's think about it. Jim, Aaron and Eric Bieniemy to the Titans. Don't that sound pretty cool?

Jim: So now that Tom Brady has retired, we're going back to the Aaron Rodgers rumors? Apparently so.

Bob Wise from Smyrna, Tennessee
I know the question of rework, rebuild, blow it up has been talked about for a while during the 7-game losing streak. I hate to say this, but it is already blown up!!! JROB put the team in real salary cap hole with the ridiculous hiring of Beasley, Clowney, Jones, Dupree, etc. Then due to the money frittered away he couldn't keep gifted players like Saffold, Conklin, etc. Don't ask about drafting (Panda, Farley). We complained about Downing, but I don't think Bill Walsh could win with this team. Vrabel is working miracles. I don't think Tannehill is a problem. With a good line and the King running behind a good OL, he does a good job.
Anyway, down to my question: How many players of our 1st 22 could start for either Super Bowl team?
I think the following:
Offense Derrick Henry
Defense Big Jeff, Harold Landry, Kevin Byard
It's hard to win with 4 against 22.
Anyway, keep writing the good answers.

Jim: It's not fair to mention Conklin here. The Titans made him a nice offer, but he got more from the Browns. So, he left on his own. But you're right on some of those other bad decisions, and deals. … As far as how many could start on either Super Bowl team, I'm not going down the road of disrespecting so many players like that.

Daniel Farris from Columbus, Ohio
Hi Jim, is there any way a portion of the grass at Nissan Stadium can be kept somewhere, maybe in a display at the new stadium or at the TN Sports Hall of Fame? One spot of the grass is especially memorable because former Titans WR Kevin Dyson caught the ball on that stadium grass during the Music City Miracle play back in the 1999 NFL Playoffs. I've stood on that spot before and I think they should keep that part of the grass somewhere when it's all gone and replaced with turf this upcoming season.

Jim: Hey Daniel. The grass from last season is long gone. It was dug up weeks ago. The grass from the Music City Miracle? It was gone over 20 years ago. You know they've been resodding the field year after year after year, right?

Richard Joseph Robles from Springfield, Tennessee
Hi Jim, 1st Question: Which Wide Receiver will be drafted to the Titans in 2023 NFL Draft? Statement: Ryan Tannehill will be on practice squad. 2nd Question: Who will be the Tight End to be drafted? Last Question: What's the key for success in 2023 season, Opposite Runs or Defense?

Jim: Oh man, Richard, you're all over the place in here. I can't tell you what the draft is going to look like 10-12 weeks out. No one can… Put some respect on Tannehill's name – practice squad player? Give me a break. … As for the tight end question, a lot depends on what happens with Austin Hooper, who has an expiring contract. … The key to success in 2023 is to get better all over the roster, and play better.

James Rowland from Clarksville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, hope all is well. I follow this team every single day but I still get hit with things I don't know. I just read your article on Kyle Phillips and I have to say I'm really excited to see him play next year. This year was tough for him but I really feel he is a talented player and will be a large contributor. You mentioned him working on the JUGS machine. What is that? I honestly could look it up in Google, but I won't. I'm going to let you earn your paycheck. Haha. Just kidding.

Jim: Hey James. The JUGS machine is a device that spits out football for players to catch. It has a motor with a wheel on it, and it can fire footballs out in a hurry at a short distance, or at a lesser speed. It can also send the footballs flying, where guys can practice catching punts. The Titans have several of them, and they get used every day during the offseason, and during the season.

Donzala Greer from Nashville, Tennessee
Good afternoon Jim. This will be my second time of writing to you. I need to know if you all are working on a deal for Jeffrey Simmons? We have a good defensive squad, but for some reason, we always seem to make unnecessary changes that comes back to bite us in our bottom. There's nothing wrong with Ryan finish out his contact. We have given up some great players. The ones we have kept are injured prong. I just do not understand why were majority of the players were drafted in the first round. Congratulations on hiring GM Ran great move. What's next for the Titans? I have been a fan since Warren Moon was quarterback for the Oilers. We should take care of our faithful players first and then venture out. What's your take on the issue. We need a remake of the offense side of the ball, if you have time to scan the field your passing rate should improve.

Jim: Hello Donzala. I talked to Jeffery Simmons at the Pro Bowl, and he told me he'd met with Titans GM Ran Carthon. Jeffery was happy with how the conversation went, and he said he's optimistic about things moving forward. Let's not forget Jeffery is under contract for 2023, and that's the most important thing. Yes, getting a long-term deal done with him is a priority, but it's going to take some work. Here's the story I referred to, by the way: CLICK HERE.

Mike Knecht from Wappingers Falls, New York
Hey Jim. Hope you are doing well. I hear a lot of people talking about cutting Tannehill, Lewan, and Henry. How's this for an idea: 1st keep Henry. 2nd restructure Tannehill's contract, and maybe Lewan's also. Would this help the salary cap situation, or too much over to do that? Thanks.

Jim: I kind of think two of these three are in play …

Donald Wilkerson from Monroe, Virginia
According to the experts, all receivers will be on the board for 11th pick. Perfect time to fill a need with a rookie contract. Use later picks and free agency for line upgrade. Think this might be possible? Thanks for all you do to keep everyone informed.

Jim: Yes, it's a possibility. But let's keep it real Donald: A lot of possibilities exist at No.11.

Buzz Jacoway from Nashville, Tennessee
What about taking Hendon Hooker in the draft? A lot of the "experts" are saying he's a 3rd day pick. I know he had knee surgery but with Ryan coming back this year it will give Hooker an extra year to rehab and learn.

Jim: Hendon Hooker is going to get drafted, but where he ends up is up in the air. Based on this mailbag, a lot of folks want the team to sign Josh Dobbs and Hendon Hooker for some reason. Any other former UT QBs I'm missing? Should I check with Peyton?

Have a great week everyone!

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