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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans at the Start of the Bye Week


NASHVILLE – Welcome to the Titans bye week.

Five games into the season, the Titans are 3-2 and sitting atop the AFC South.

There's plenty of work to be done, but things look a lot more promising than they did that Monday night in Buffalo, huh?

Let's get into the Tuesday mailbag and talk about it…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Charles Johns from Hermitage, Tennessee
Thanks for keeping us all up to date on the Titans Jim. What a scrappy win with so many players out because of injuries. Unbelievable stand by the defense at the end of the game. Maybe if we get some players back after the bye week I won't need a pacemaker for the last five minutes of these games. Gotta get that secondary to stop getting beat deep. Is there a chance we have Elijah Molden, Nate Davis, Bud Dupree and others back after the bye?

Jim: I hear ya, Charles. I think that's the hope on the three you mentioned. I watched Davis in pregame on Sunday and he just wasn't able to go. Dupree will benefit from the time off, and the fact he's not on Injured Reserve tells me the team thinks he'll be available soon. As for Molden, I know he's working hard. I saw him a couple of times last week and I know he's making progress. A lot of other guys who've been out could be closer to returning as well, from Amani Hooker to Ola Adeniyi to Zach Cunningham. The bye week will certainly help.

Robert Conlon from Baltimore, Maryland
With Treylon Burks on IR during the bye week, does he have to miss at least 4 weeks or 4 games?

Jim: Four games. First game he could come back would be November 13 vs Denver.

Todd Cross from Lebanon, Tennessee
Considering the start to the season and how bad the first 2 weeks were Jim, I'll proudly take 3-2 into the bye week. Lot of adversity for this team early into the season, proud of how they fight. I just want to give my guy Tart some love and how he represents the two-tone on Sundays. As a fan of the OG's that wore the uniform he's been one of my favorites to watch. DLJ got the int to steal the game, but Jim did you see Tart drop into coverage on the second and goal play before? Got him a pass breakup, my only question is what's his 40 time? Can he play corner? As always Jim, I enjoy your take some time off.

Jim: Hey Todd. Tart definitely deserves some praise. He's a hard-working guy who has been showing up a lot more of late. Have you heard he leads the defense in pass breakups? He's very proud of his athleticism. 😊

Ronnie Chunn from Lewisburg, Tennessee
Is Treylon Burks out for the season now? Eddie George had a turf toe once and the team had a deal made for his shoe so he could play in a playoff game (Ravens) I think it. was. Could they do the same for Treylon?

Jim: Hey Ronnie. No, Treylon is not out for the season. Again, he's out at least four games. Eddie George and Steve McNair both dealt with turf toe during their respective careers. It's no joke. Hopefully the time off will help.

Leon McCray, Jr. from Plainview, Texas
Hello Jim. Isn't it time right about time to go ahead and cut Caleb Farley? He has been given plenty of time to right the ship. Man he looks slow and awful. I was really praying for him but that's all I can take. GO TITANS

Jim: Hey Leon. I can promise you the team won't be cutting Caleb Farley any time soon. Does he need to get better? Yes. Has he been great so far? No. But keep in mind he hasn't played a lot of football in the past few years. I can promise you he's working, and that the team isn't going to give up on him.

Hunter Knopp from Tennessee
With some of the injuries on the front seven this season would it make sense to consider the defense as a 4-3 because they use Rashad Weaver and Denico Autry and jumbo edge rushers?

Jim: Hey Hunter. I was chatting with someone about this last week. In some ways, it's already happening

Pamela Saldana from Nashville, Tennessee
Fantastic win, Jim! I love it! It doesn't have to be pretty for me. It can be smashmouth. And it can come down to the wire against a team the Titans should beat on paper.
I don't expect the Titans to win every game--even every game they should win--but I do expect them to keep my attention with competent play. Kudos to the Titans for having the will, the stamina and the moxie to fight Washington (the Raiders and the Colts too) for every blade of grass both offensively and defensively. And the fortitude to never give up. Titan Up!!

Jim: Hi Pamela. Thanks for taking the time. The team definitely needs to get better, but winning games is most important. Have a good week!

Ed Lake from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
OK Jim, spare us the "win-is-a-win" pablum. This isn't 1999. Titans aren't going to the Promised Land scoring 21 points a game and making last minute (second) defensive stops. Offense is essentially awful. Is Tim Kelly still the passing game whisperer/coordinator? Not seeing the cost-benefit there.

Jim: Hey Ed. Spare me the condescending attitude. You're not breaking any new ground here with this cold take. This much we all know: The Titans started 0-2 after blowing a game vs the Giants and then looking awful in Buffalo. They've won three straight games since, twice as underdogs. No, they haven't looked like world beaters along the way. The Titans need to improve if they're going to win the division, or avoid going one-and-done if they do end up making the playoffs. But we can't ignore the fact this team has won some tough games while dealing with a lot of injuries. Again, we all know the team has to get better on both sides of the ball. You know it, I know it, Mike Vrabel knows it, Jon Robinson knows it, T-Rac knows it. But try and enjoy the wins just a little bit. Heck, the Titans have played five games this season and to hear some folks describe it you'd think the team is 0-5. Go have a cold beer during the bye weekend and relax. Go ask the Raiders how much they're enjoying losing these close, exciting games.

Jonathan Hess from Roanoke, Virginia
Hey Jim it was great to get to talk to you at the game all I can say is what a game I feel like everyone stepped up when the game was on the line I think Titan nation really showed up in Washington that was one of the most exciting games I have ever been to. My question is do you think this bye week will help us or hurt us I know it gives us time to get people back and to rest up, but I've seen a lot of teams start slow I'm just hoping this time off don't slow us down. And there any free agent wide receivers you see Tennessee going after. Thanks for all you do.

Jim: Hey Jonathan. It was great seeing you. The number of Titans fans at FexExField was impressive – one of the biggest turnouts I can remember. I don't think the bye week will hurt – it can only help in my mind. Let's be honest: This team has won three games in a row, but I don't think the Titans are "red-hot" and in danger of momentum being slowed. As for receivers, the team's best bet to get one, if the GM feels more help is needed, is probably by finding one on another team's practice squad. The team needs its own guys to get healthy, and step it up.

Garrett Bane from Cambridge, Idaho
Hi Jim. I read the highlights of Mike Vrabel and his Monday conference every week. In almost all of them, he says something along the lines of cleaning things up, with respect to the cornerback play. Serious question: What exactly do they work on as far as cleaning things up, because it looks like the same outcome every week. We are still getting burned on some big plays, and if it doesn't really get "cleaned up," we could be in some trouble. Regardless, defense kept them out of the end-zone and we got the dub!

Jim: Hey Garrett. Well, the guys playing are going to have to play better. And, one thing Vrabel mentioned that I thought was interesting on Monday was that the coaching staff would identify guys who deserve to play more, while also acknowledging some guys probably should play less. I think that applies at all positions, including in the secondary. Getting Elijah Molden back would help, too.

Matt McLean from Austin, Texas
Hi Jim, hope you are doing well. Thanks for keeping us out of town folk (previously Nashville locals) up to date with the Titans! My question is this: Do you think the Titans are capable of winning a Super Bowl with the "run heavy" offensive scheme? It is clear the coaches and administration have confidence in this approach. Just wanted to hear your thoughts as the expert!
p.s. for those hoping to stream Titans out of local CBS/Fox market, typing fn+F12 in keyboard is a great way to "spoof" your cpu location to Nashville (currently only supported for CBS). Hope to help some of the Memphis people.
Have a great day Jim!

Jim: Hey Matt. What a great tip on the fn+F12 function!
And, I do believe a team with a run-first approach can win a Super Bowl. But you'd also better make some plays in the passing game and have a good defense.

Eric Tate from Tacoma, Washington
Hey Jim, something that I've noticed is It seems like every game Henry gets a big run and/or TD called back because of a holding call. It got me wondering about what Henry stats would be if wasn't for the holding calls.
Are there any sites or sports geek that tracks that? First time Writer.

Jim: Hey Eric. Man, you're right. That's a great question. It seems like there's a web site for everything these days, but I'm not aware of one that tracks stats for plays called back for penalties.

Franky Markle from Dyersburg, Tennessee
Now that we have a week to rest and get HEALTHY, what are your thoughts Jim? I like how we played the last few weeks. Obviously we can do more, but I have to think we are still the best team in the South. Do you see any holes that need to be addressed before the trade deadline? I think our team is one that will get better as the year goes. I think I was like most fans, I thought our D would easily be top 5 after last year. Do you think we can get back to that level? Thanks

Jim: Hey Franky. Heck, I'd love to see more help at a number of spots. Whether anything transpires or not remains to be seen, however. The defense needs to get healthy for starters, and the unit needs to keep giving up so many deep balls.

Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo from Durango, Mexico
Saludos Jim, un buen triunfo de Titans que lo ponen en el primer lugar de la División, hay que mejorar varias cosas que desafortunadamente con tanta lesión, ha sido gran mérito lograr un 4-2 antes de la semana de descanso, es cierto los 3 triunfos a lo Titan un Thriller nuestros juegos.
Los problemas principales contra Commanders fueron la falta de presión a Wentz y pues sabemos que falta Landry fuera todo el año, Dupree y Adeniyi. Los profundos con inconsistencias pues faltan Hooker, Molden, Amadi, Lonnie con problemas de lesiones está semana de descanso nos cae de perlas.
A la Ofensiva Tannehill y Henry con muy buen trabajo, NWY y Bobby Trees también, se notó la falta de Lewan pues Daley no podía con Montez Sweat pero termino mejorando, se extraño a Nate Davis.
A la defensiva David Long Jr ha tenido una gran temporada cada vez mejor, ni que decir de Big Jeff, Denico Autry, Teair Tart y Roger McCreary que tacleando es muy seguro. Fulton y Weaver con partidos aceptables.
Una vez más Ryan Stonehouse con un tremendo partido. Esperemos que contra los Colts ya estén de regreso una parte de los lesionados.
Felicidades a todo el equipo por el triunfo, vamos a tomar fuerza para lo que viene que es un calendario muy difícil Titan Up 24/7 365, desde Durango, México. Siempre con Titanes por cierto King Henry a un TD de alcanzar a Eddie George como máximo anotador, no siendo Pateador y a 3 por tierra de mi máximo ídolo Earl Campbell. El Rey Henry también es mi ídolo y jugador favorito en active.

Jim: Hola Alberto. Tienes razón, fue una gran victoria, pero el equipo tiene muchas áreas que necesita mejorar. Agradezco todos los comentarios positivos, y por el apoyo. ¡Que tengas una excelente semana y gracias de nuevo!

Jonathan Humphrey from Rumsey, Kentucky
HEY THERE JIM-BO SLICE!!!!!! LOL No offense in the name just thought it was fun. How bout DEM TITANS!?!!? Got it done in Washington and 3 straight wins feels SOOOOOOO good! Although it was a struggle and a dog fight the whole way, I was very proud our boys came away with the win. Quick question about the refs: Did you agree that Simmons really was roughing the passer when his arm glanced off Wentz??? I mean my question is and has been for a long time...Does the league hold these refs accountable after the games when they have made such bonehead calls that even a 4 year old could have called better? Another bad call was taking that TD away when it was clearly a TD. I mean even though we still had to work and get another TD after the fact they took the first one away, they took points off the board when it was a clear touchdown and Vrabel didnt challenge. I saw a foot and a knee down then the hand touched the line. Your thoughts on that bad call (if it was)? Thanks again Jim for all that you do. GO TITANS!!!!!

Jim: There were some questionable calls in that game for sure. It seems like there are questionable calls every game. I'm sure you saw last night's Chiefs-Raiders game

Carol Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee
CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am proud of our Defense!!! I have the same criticism I had last year of our O line and that is simply they are going to have to do a better job of protecting Tannehill or he is going to get hurt out there. Otherwise, it was a good game. I had to watch the replay of the last play of the game because I had my eyes closed thinking the Commanders were going to score. Fortunately, once again our Defense stepped up to the plate. At least no one can complain that we didn't score in the second half. That's progress!!

Jim: I hear ya, Carol. It was good to win, but protection definitely has to better. Plenty of room for improvement heading into the bye weekend.

Have a great week everyone!

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