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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans as This Week's Minicamp Begins


NASHVILLE – Who's ready for Titans minicamp?

The Titans kick off a three-day minicamp on Tuesday at Ascension Saint Thomas Sports Park.

All three sessions will be open to the media, so check back here for observations.

In the meantime, here's this Tuesday's mailbag…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Ryder Wallace from Stewart County, Tennessee
Hey Jim how is Will Levis doing and how do you think he will do? Also what do you think our record will be next year? Last but not least Titan up!!!!!!!

Jim: Hey Ryder. Well, I've watched Levis in all six OTAs, and he's made progress. But he's a rookie, so he's going to have his ups and downs. He hasn't been perfect. He also hasn't thrown an interception. I shook my head last week seeing the overreaction to a social media video about his "underwhelming day" at an OTA. Did people really expect him to show up and look like Tom Brady right out of the gate? The video – and the overreaction – reminded me of a video shot of Derrick Henry at the start of his rookie year, showing him stumbling over bags during a footwork drill. It got the predictable (and intended) reaction. Some immediately called him a bust. Well, Henry turned out to be pretty good. I'm in no way saying Levis is going to turn out to be the player Henry has turned out to be. I was admittedly skeptical about Levis myself leading up to the draft. He has a lot to learn, and to prove. But the kid deserves time, and a chance. … As for predictions, I've said in here many times I don't do them. Working for the team now, if I predicted 12-5 I'd be called a homer, and if I predicted 5-12 folks would say: Heck, this guy thinks they'll stink and he works for the team.

Will Lambert from Paducah, Kentucky
Hey Jim, Thanks for doing your thing, you're pretty dang good at it! I just gotta say, our WR room is not as bad as seemingly everybody makes it out to be. Burks will be a beast if Tanny has a little longer to throw. It's all about the Oline baby! Chig is going to make fools out of opposing linebackers without a doubt. Last year is in the rearview, it's all looking good to me. Titan up!

Jim: Thanks, Will. Time will tell. I like Treylon and Chig myself, but the Titans are going to need others to step up as well. The team is counting on guys like Chris Moore, Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, Kyle Philips, etc., and an injury could change the look of the entire group. I understand fans wanting more, and we need to see how current guys develop while also waiting to see if more help is coming at some point. We're still three months away from kicking the season off, so there's time.

Jeffery Raney from Pittsburg, Texas
Hello Jim. What are your thoughts on Aaron Brewer being our starting center? It sure appeared that he struggled at guard last season so is moving him to center the best decision?

Jim: I like Brewer, and it's his job to lose. Plus, I think he's better suited to play center than guard.

Nathan Smith from McMinnville, Tennessee
Is Dillon Radunz injured? I noticed that you had him listed as a no show at OTA's. I understand that it's not mandatory, but I would think that if he wanted to be in the mix for the starting 5…he would be there with his teammates? It sounded good that the bad taste from last year had the majority of team leaders/captains there changing things up and leading by example. A wise man told me this week…you can be the best in this county if that's as far as you want to push yourself, but if you want to be more…then you have to work harder than others. You can't just rely on being good "for a minute" as the kids say these days.

Jim: Yes, Dillon Radunz is still rehabbing and recovering from his knee injury/surgery. He's been in the building – I've seen him – but he's not healthy enough to practice.

Mike Sorey from Medical Lake, Washington
What is up Jim! Just a quick question for you. Why is it that just because we drafted a shiny new QB, it's automatically Malik that you and everyone else has as the odd man out? From what I watched last year he was put into a terrible situation and had bad outings. People should be saying Levis needs to beat out Malik to make the roster. Thanks Jim.

Jim: Hey Mike. The Titans moved up to take Levis 33rd overall. I can guarantee you he's not going anywhere when roster cuts are made. I can't make the same guarantee with Malik and the reasons are pretty obvious – he was drafted by the former GM, as you mentioned he didn't perform really well last season when he got the chance, he's still adjusting to playing in an NFL offense and needs more time, etc. I like Malik – he's a great young man and I've seen progress from him this offseason. But people aren't going to be saying "Levis needs to beat out Malik to make the roster" because of the reasons I just mentioned.

Allan Stewart from Brookings, Oregon
Just finished reading your item on Mr. Kern. What a class player, person and role model. Perhaps he will "kick the can down the road" and see where it takes him! Wish him and his family all the best.

Jim: Thanks for reading, Allan. Brett Kern had a great career, and you're right – he did it the right way. He's a class act.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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