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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans After Win Over Jaguars


NASHVILLE – The Titans got it done on Sunday.

After the bye, the Titans said goodbye to their two-game losing streak while getting back on track against the Jaguars.

It wasn't a perfect performance, but it was a W. And the shutout by the defense was impressive.

Now, it's on to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers.

Let's hear what's on your mind in the latest edition of the mailbag.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
Happy Shut Out Sunday Jim! I gotta say how happy I am two have Rashaan Evans and Jayon Brown back in the lineup together. Seems like it's been forever doesn't it? Fulton is a legitimate Corner. Our defensive line was outstanding and together our defense win us another game. Shane Bowen and crew deserve gameballs. Our offense is flat out bad though. Our offensive line is really bad. Tannehill had people all over and around him all day. I'm not a fan of this tiny back by committee to replace Henry thing is going. What are the chances this off season we really upgrade the RB room and have another big guy like Henry around? Julio is probably more useless on our team than Randy Moss was. Can you help us out and explain to us again why Robinson made such a bad trade? Thanks again Jim, here's to 9-4!

Jim: Hey Eli. The Titans are coming your way this weekend! Hey, the offense wasn't real exciting on Sunday, I admit. But it played well enough to win. Personally, I never felt like the Jaguars were in it, and I think the coaching staff felt that way, too, which probably helps explain the conservative game plan. The Titans controlled the ball, played good defense, and didn't make mistakes. Will it need to do more moving forward? Yes. But let's not forget some key pieces are still missing. I do agree protection needs to be better – Tannehill got hit way too much on Sunday, and he's been sacked too many times this season (37 times). But C'Mon Eli, Julio is not more useless than Randy Moss, who caught just six passes for 80 yards in eight games. Julio has 25 catches for 369 yards in seven games.

Matthew Mayfield from Dover, Delaware
Hi Jim. I was wondering when Bud Dupree is eligible to return and if you have any info on him, thank you.

Jim: Hey Matthew. Bud went on IR on November 20, the day before the Texans game. He's now sat out three games, so he's eligible to come back this week. But the team has to first move him to the 'Designated for Return from IR' list, and that hasn't happened yet. On Monday, Titans head coach Mike Vrabel said Dupree is progressing, and that the team will make a decision on him this week. I'm sure Bud would love to play against his former team, but the most important thing is to make sure he's available for the stretch run, and playoffs.

Derrick Boutin from Goffstown, New Hampshire
20 years as a fan from the Northeast, first time writing you. Unpopular question but with how Hilliard and Foreman are running, will Henry coming back actually make that much of an impact? Or is the real issue just hidden by Henry's absence?

Jim: Hey Derrick. For starters, there's no timetable for Henry's return. Like you, I've seen all the speculation, but there's nothing concrete yet. But if you're asking me if the NFL's leading rusher the past two seasons, and the NFL's Offensive Player of the Year in 2020 who ran for over 2K last year will make a difference if/when he comes back, the answer is yes.

Heather Schwarz from Oceanport, New Jersey
Hi Jim. My husband and I are taking my son, Finn, to his first NFL game on Sunday in Pittsburgh. He is 8 years old and a diehard Titans fan!! Do you if there are any meet and greets or ways we might catch a glimpse of a player or two while staying the weekend in Pittsburgh. PS... We are going with my brother who is a diehard Steelers fan!! Any information you might have is greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jim: Hi Heather. Hope you guys have a great time. The team won't be having any kind of meet and greet in Pittsburgh, unfortunately. Your best bet is to get in the lower portion of the stadium – near the tunnel where guys come and go – in pregame. The gates should open at Heinz Field a few hours before the game, and during warmups I've regularly seen guys sign autographs or take pictures with fans in the first row. Not every guys does this – you'll just have to get lucky. And tell your brother to wait in the upper deck! 😊

Paul Tozzi from Manalapan, New Jersey
Hi Jim. Love the question and answers you go over each week. I can't figure out why it's taken so long to realize Firkser is probably the best third down option The Titans have. Why do they seem to only use it in the hurry up offense? The defense knows it's coming and can't stop it. Use it all four quarters.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Paul. Anthony did a nice job against the Jaguars, and what you saw Sunday could be a sign of things to come. He made some big third down catches for sure.

Jerry Moon from Ashland City, Tennessee
Hey Jim hope all is well. Jim our offensive line has to do a better job if we want to go deeper in the playoffs our OB needs to stay upright don't you think?

Jim: Hey Jerry. I agree. Tannehill is getting hit too often, and sacked too often. It's impacting not only his health, but plays that can be executed.

Paul Spaan from Fremont, California
Hi Jim. I have been a Houston Oiler, Tennessee Oiler, Tennessee Titan fan since Bum drafted Earl Campbell and disrupted the league and put the fear of God (Rams) in defenses. Exception Mean Joe Green and Steel Curtain. Green had Earl's number when no one else could stop him. Nothing like LuvYaBlue singing song every time we scored. I really miss that.. And the short stint of Dan Pastorini and the exiting days of Billy White Shoes. The high flying offense of Warren Moon was fun to watch, but he just didn't have the entire supporting staff to take it all the way. I think Steve McNair and Eddie George were already playing for Fisher when they moved and became the Tennessee Oilers. Whaaat, oil in Tennessee? That's funny ;). Anyway, Fisher did a masterful job of building the Titans and dealing with the Buddy and his killer defense but sucky attitude. Glad he went to the Eagles afterwards. Can't have that kind of friction amongst coaches. Steve McNair and Eddie George were a joy to watch, especially that final drive that unfortunately left us 1 yard short to put into overtime. What a drive, what a game!!f. And two years ago when they had a great playoff run as the underdog and kicked ass the likes of the Ravens, and handed Brady a loss for his last game with the Patriots. Love it. This brings us current. I see King Henry as a cross between Earl and his strength and speed, and Eddie with his height and speed. What a combo!! Hope he comes back even strong like AP did after major surgery. What a feat that was.
My question after all that :) is: Why did Vrabel not keep AP even though he wasn't the awesome player of yesteryear? He could have helped Henry with his rehab and encouraged him to build a stronger Henry. Eddie George lit a fire under Henry several years back so AP could have done the same. That to me is more valuable than how many yards he could still run. Seahawks are happy to have him since he delivered a key touchdown for them. To me, that was a stupid move. Also, why did our offensive coordinator put the entire load on Tannehill resulting in so many interceptions? There were several instances that they could have surprised the Texan defense with a run while they still had AP. I think the OC lost that game.
Lastly, I'm a bit of a loaner as an Oiler/Titan fan out here in 49er land. Saw Oilers once in the Coliseum against the Raiders, but unfortunately they lost. The good news is, I was in Nashville enjoying great music and my first home game against The Saints in Nov. Great game although it got a little close at the end. Ok…thanks for hearing me out. I will get off my soapbox now. :). Hoping Vrabel will have the team ready the rest of the season. If he and the team wants respect then they better show up like they capable of.
Titan Up & LoveYaBlue….. Let's sing….Houston Oilers…..Houston Oilers…..da da da da dee dee dee do…. Titans need a song and bring that back that spirit and be unique again. :). My two cents….

Jim: Hey Paul. Good lead-in on your background. Hey, I enjoyed being around A.P. and I was really impressed with how he handled himself in his short stint with the team. The guy is a class act. With that said, it was clear he lacked the explosiveness and burst that Foreman and Hilliard and Jeremy McNichols have. And, not sure if you noticed, he was among Seattle's inactives on Sunday because of an injured back. And, not trying to be a smart aleck here, but Henry doesn't need anyone to push him. The guy is plenty motivated. … Forget the Texans loss – that's old news. … I like your rendition of the Houston Oilers song!!! I can hear it now. Have a great week!

Dontavious Bagwell from Paducah, Kentucky
Hey Jim This Is My First Time Writing You I'm A Really BIG Fan But Do You Think The Titans Will Eventually Activate Golden Tate Off The Practice Squad And Let Him Get Some Playing Time?

Jim: We'll see, Dontavious. I've read a lot of criticism/complaints about Golden, folks questioning if he's out of shape or others offering opinions that he was a bad addition since he's not playing. Golden has done a solid job on the practice squad, and he's getting in better shape each week. Right now, he's a nice insurance policy to have. Will we see him on Sundays in the future? We'll see….

Larry Goad from Madison, Tennessee
Golden Tate?

Jim: Larry, are you trying to Goad me?

Marc Cannon from Highlands, North Carolina
Jim my wife and I are coming to the Titans home game vs the Dolphins. Can you please tell me what the stadium virus protocol is for fans attending the game? Thanks

Jim: Hi Marc. You will not need to show proof of vaccination, or a negative test. Safe travels!

Michael Schlitz from Columbus, Georgia
What a great Titan Win Sunday, Jim. I can tell everyone is pumped up from the articles I've read. I'm excited for the rest of December football especially as we continue to give Healthy players back on the field.
I like that currently the Titans have the number 2 seed, but would love to see them in 1st. So here's my question. This week do we root for the Colts to beat the Pats to move us up or the Pats to help us pretty much take the division? I personally want to see the Patriots go down, and I believe the Titans can take the division even if the Colts win. As always, thank you Jim for your continuous efforts to keep us updated. Have a great week.

Jim: Hey Michael. This is a great question, and I'm not sure of the right answer. If the Colts lose on Saturday night to the Patriots, and the Titans win on Sunday in Pittsburgh, the Titans win the AFC South. If the Colts beat the Patriots and the Titans beat the Steelers, then the Titans move into the No.1 seed and the magic number to win the division would be just 1. I personally feel like the Titans are going to win the AFC South no matter what the Colts do the rest of the way, because I think this team will win at least two of the next four games. But there are no guarantees, so root at your own risk...

Have a great week everyone!

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