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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans After Rookie Minicamp


NASHVILLE – Rookie minicamp is now in the books for the Tennessee Titans.

On Monday, the rookies joined the veterans on the field for the first time in the offseason program.

OTAs begin next week.

The latest Titans mailbag begins now…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee
Hey Jim! As you can imagine, you know I'm pretty excited about the additions of Peter Skoronski and Jaelyn Duncan. It's got me thinking about who might suit up this season on our offensive line. As of now, I'd think i'd guess the favorite to start would be some combination of Dillard, Skoronski, Brewer, Brunskill, and NPF.
Who else do you see having a shot to lineup on gamedays? I'd like to think Levin would have the first shot at being an interior reserve, but it's a little cloudy after that. I'm interested to see how the recovery process is going for Dillon Radunz, and if Duncan can come along fast enough to contribute right away. I also really liked what I saw in limited action from Jordan Roos at guard. Always appreciate your time!

Jim: I know you love the o-linemen, Joe. And, I think you just named the starting five, but we'll see. As for the depth, this will all be sorted out in competition – and I'm not ruling out more additions to the room. But I'd list Corey Levin, Jordan Roos, Jamarco Jones, Jaelyn Duncan and Dillon Radunz as legit candidates, and the team obviously likes Andrew Rupcich as well since he's stuck around.

Rick Davidson from Paducah, Kentucky
We've just had the schedule release and it seems the powers that be have already written off the Titans this season. I believe we are going to be better than most people think. Granted, our draft was questionable in some aspects, the wide receiver position being the most glaring issue. But our offensive line looks to be much improved. With opposing defenses concentrating on Henry it should give what receivers we do have a chance to shine. Do you think the GM and coaching staff are going to make any moves at acquiring a deep threat receiver? Are there any out there available? I look forward to the Titans proving the talking heads wrong. Titan up!

Jim: Hey Rick. I've said this before: I suspect the team will add more receivers, it's just a matter of who and when. Not a lot of guys are out there right now, but more will be available at a later date after cuts around the league. Stay tuned.

Johnson Turner from Livingston, Montana
Howdy from Montana, Jim, appreciate you taking the time to answer all the questions from us fans. I'll keep away from the whole armchair-GM thing and keep this brief. Are there any particular second-year players or FA signings you see making a big impact this season? Maybe some guys who aren't as obvious as making a big jump in production, like Burks and Chig? As always, staying healthy is paramount, but I'm really optimistic about some lesser names making a splash in two-tone blue. Like Big Jeff said after his extension, still so much to do! Thanks again Jim!

Jim: Treylon Burks and Chig Okonkwo are the two I'd pick on offense, and I think Roger McCreary is going to make more game-changing plays on defense.

Lee Wilds from Portland, Tennessee
Will the Titans use Malik Willis similarly to the Saints and Taysom Hill as a multi-position offensive asset?

Jim: Malik has to make the team first.

Mike Knecht from Wappingers Falls, New York
Hi Jim. Thank you for always keeping Titans fans in the know. I have noticed a lot of game scenerios for the upcoming season featuring our rookies. Do you know if Tannehill is being released? I think that would be a mistake, but I have a feeling it is coming. Again I hope not. Thank you again Jim.

Jim: I watched yesterday's workout, and No.17 was out there.

Patrick Meadows from Giddings, Texas
Looking forward to the Oiler uni's this season. I have a question for you Jim. Players usually come back from concussions, especially after an offseason. Look at Tua. Was Ben Jones concussions career ending? I don't want to believe the Titans gave up on Ben, especially when you think about the video last year of Coach Vrabel shedding tears, telling Ben how incredible he was and overcame injuries to dominate.

Jim: Hey Patrick. I talked to Ben Jones at the Pro Bowl, and he was feeling better from the concussions. He wouldn't have been able to take part in the festivities if he hadn't been cleared. But I know he was dealing with some other ailments at the end of last season as well. I'm curious myself to see if Ben ends up playing again.

Tobe Wolfe from Johnson City, Tennessee
Thanks so much for all you do to make Titans news so accessable!
You may remember me...the Titan fan that was so excited for her first game on that super cold Christmas Eve, even though we lost. I was so proud to be part of the Titans fan base that day. Despite the disappointment of the loss, no one was being hateful to players or pointing fingers.
I am saddened and appalled by behavior of some so-called Titans "fans" on social media. I'm the first to admit that Will Levis was not on my mock draft, BUT I'm not the GM so my mock draft doesn't matter. Clearly Carthon and Vrabel saw something and did what they needed to do to get him. And let's face it, what was traded to get him at 33, he was a steal. He could have cost us so much more that a few trading away a favorite current player.
Some of the things I've seen on social media range from childish (setting Titans jerseys on fire), to mean (comments like "Go home" or "We don't want you here"), to downright disgusting (wishing injury). All of this vitriol and the man hasn't even donned a jersey yet. What's next? Throwing snowballs at Santa?
To Will Levis: Welcome to Tennessee. Real Titans fans are amazing. I'm rooting for you. Those trolls on social media are just posing.
To those trolls: grow up but more importantly TITAN UP!
Jim, thanks for letting me rant.

Jim: I do remember, Tobe. 😊
Hope you had a great time. Thanks for weighing in.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. Most people are thinking this will be another down year for the Titans. But I don't see it that way at all. When they lost those seven games in a row last year, four of those losses were by five points or less. With the team a lot healthier than it has been in the past two seasons, when it led the league in players on injured reserve, the prospects look pretty good. I expect the defense to be back to its 2021 form and for Ryan Tannehill to have a really big year and be in the running for league MVP. Derrick Henry should continue to be a threat with his power running and his pass receiving will be improved also. With Spears to take some of the load off of him, King Henry will be in top form all year. Watch for Trey Wolff to win the place kicker job and provide the team with consistent kicking. 2023 should be one more year with the core players taking the Titans to the division title and a deep run in the playoffs, maybe even all the way to the Super Bowl. Am I being too optimistic, Jim?

Jim: I'm sure not going to make any predictions like that at this point. A lot TBD.

Michael Cordero from Bakersfield, California
When will the Titans reveal their throwback jerseys that they will be wearing this season?

Jim: Not sure when the throwback unis will be "revealed" but I suspect we'll have something "official" on them in July.

Mike Faulk from Los Alamos, New Mexico
Hey Jim! This Levis hate is crazy to me... it seems fans are mostly mad because we moved up to get him at 33. Seeing as how he could have easily gone to the Colts at 4 or even to us in the first I believe we got a great deal, I bet if we traded back in the first and drafted him they would be calling Ran a genius oddly enough. Regardless, he reminds me a lot of Tanny and who better to replace him than a player with similar traits! I'm excited to see him and I personally believe in him! Now three is a crowd, so what do you think the trade market would be on someone like Malik? Is there a chance to trade him to get something in return, I know you've talked previously of them keeping three or maybe cutting him and taking a chance to get him on a practice squad. But what about a trade for a late rounder or veteran WR on a team like Oakland, Denver, Miami etc? Also any word on the Radunz development... see lots of projected depth charts and hes always buried somewhere on the bench. I feel as though its his time to shine.

Jim: Hey Mike. I think some of the initial blowback on the Levis pick has calmed down. Fans need to give the kid a chance. … Can't imagine there's much of a trade market for Willis … Radunz is still recovering from his knee injury last year. I don't anticipate seeing him in the offseason work. When he gets healthy, he'll have to earn a spot on the 53-man roster.

Bob Easley from Austin, Texas
OK, fan base quit whining and Titan up.
So what if we still need one more receiver, there is time for that and everyone seems to forget how explosive Kyle Philips (JRob) looked in the pre season last year.
This is going to be a great season this year and I'll tell you why:
- Our defense is still in tact (JRob)
- our shored up OL will make Henry (JRob) king again.
- the shored up OL will make Tannehill AND our receivers better. They can't be judged by last year with all the OL injuries that killed us. Also, thank you RT for playing tough and never complaining about the OL… you are tough.
- New offensive coordinator
- Chig and Burks (JRob)
Now the draft:
- Our 1st round pick was a home run.
- Our 2nd round pick was considered a 1st rounder by many. AND the QB competition is going to help big time..possibly for many years.
- Our 3rd round pick is at least 2nd round talent (assuming he's healthy) and as a rookie, he could be better than Hilliard.
- I like the other draft picks also, they are all principled and thought out.
Oh yeah, this is "Ask Jim😀?" Jim, surely you agree, don't you?
I put (JRob) next to some guys that are here because of our former GM, who is often trashed here and I want to give some perspective. I could add a lot more positives, but remember - he picked Henry ahead of every other GM PLUS when Henry went down… D'onte Foreman (JRob) was amazing. Yes, he lost his job on the AJ Brown deal but as I recall - Jimmy Sexton was going to insist on something close to $100 Million and that was a tough, almost no win situation…
Bob Easley Oiler/Titan fan since the Oilers were born in 1960 (I was 7 back then😀)

Jim: Good to hear from you, Bob.

Have a great week everyone!

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