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Tuesday Mailbag: Fans Share Their Thoughts on the Titans Draft Class


NASHVILLE – The NFL Draft is now in the rear-view mirror.

The Titans added six new players as part of the 2023 class, and they'll be on the field for a rookie minicamp at the end of next week.

In the meantime, let's see what everyone things about the team's draft class…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Harlan Limburg from Cleveland, Tennessee
Could you give any insight into what The Titans see in Will Levis? Being an SEC and Tennessee fan I have watched several of the Kentucky games and he is not that good. I have been a Titans fan but I am done with this team. We will see this play out after this year.

Jim: Hey Harlan. I am not going to sit here and say I was a big fan of Will Levis based on his Kentucky tape from last year. I watched the same games you did. I'm also not going to sit here and say I know more about football than Ran Carthon, Mike Vrabel and others on the scouting staff. Those guys didn't pick him just for the hell of it, and obviously if it doesn't work out, it will reflect poorly on them. Like you said, we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Jim, great day to be a Titan!! I think the Titans did a hell of a job in the draft. Got a couple of promising interior lineman, grab a QB at a great rookie price and added a speedy receiver. Ran's first draft has a lot of promise and I for one am excited to see these kids start that development. I would give a Draft Grade of a B. The RB pick i thought could have been a WR earlier and the TE was a bit early to me as well. How did you see it? Thanks Jim and as always TITAN UP!!

Jim: Hey Jeremy. The tight end pick (Josh Whyle) was actually one of my favorite picks. Google him and watch his YouTube highlights. Pretty impressive. As for running back Tyjae Spears, he was higher rated than the WRs on their board at the time of the pick. The team went for value over position need.

Jared Mixon from Valdez, Alaska
I'm a huge fan of that 1st pick. Football is won in the trenches and I think we got a guy who can win at the line. However, trading up to draft another developmental back-up QB was dumb. We still don't have anyone who can step in and finish out a game if Tannehill gets hurt! And then, a backup RB?! Our receiver corps and secondary were awful last year and we had a chance to address that in the draft! In this league, a team must be able to throw the ball and defend against the pass. I guess it's good to know that two of the teams in our division will be starting rookie QBs, so we should be able to still get 2nd place in our division. I don't know what the organization is paying GMs these days, but I'd be more than happy to do the job for a quarter of the price.

Jim: Appreciate the feedback, Jared, but let's give the new GM a chance before throwing shade on him and his draft picks before they've even report to rookie camp.

Michael Miles Sr. from LaVerge, Tennessee
Jim hope everything is good for you and you family. The draft has come and now gone. I really like the fact that the Titans put their attention toward the offense. I know that a lot of the traditional couch coaches will not approve but I can only say give it time or give it a chance to work. We have a new GM so let's see what his actions are and give him some credit for the picks. It has got to be better than last year, can't get much worse. I will say that the Texans, Colts, and Jaguars will be a better team this coming season and we will have our work cut out for us to perform. Titan up and let's get it done.

Jim: Appreciate it, Michael.

Jay Goodman from Friendsville, Tennessee
They drafted a Kentucky quarterback over Hendon Hooker and he defeated Will Levis in a head to head game!
ALL OF Hendon stats are higher than Will Levi's!
If you can't support our Real Tennessee football then you don't need to be in Tennessee!

Jim: Appreciate the heads-up, Jay. I can't speak for others, but personally, I'm sure going to miss you. Be blessed.

Ryan Gilpatrick from Indianapolis, Indiana
Hey Jim. I for one think the Titans had a great draft. We may not have drafted a WR until late, but we got players who can step in and make big plays right away (besides Levis, who is a pick for the future).
My question is two-fold. Firstly, how do you see the team using Peter Skoronski? I had him as a left tackle in my evaluation, but he has great potential at guard and center as well.
Secondly, with the Titans grabbing two O-linemen in the draft, plus the signings of Dillard and Brunskill in the offseason, where do you think that leaves Dillon Radunz going into camp? Could he potentially be on the outside looking in for a roster spot?

Jim: Hey Ryan. I'm curious about Peter myself. I think he's capable of playing either, but neither Vrabel or Carthon committed to his position. It will be sorted out in competition. As for Radunz, he just needs to get healthy first after tearing his ACL last year. With a new regime, and new players around him, he'll be fighting for not only playing time, but a roster spot.

Jan Thies from Munich, Bavaria Germany
Hi Jim. Wow, what a week… Long nights for me here in Germany! I hope you are fine?!? Always love reading your mailbag twice a week. I have a few question / comments:
1- I love the first two picks. Great value for positions, where we clearly had a need. About Will Levis, I am not sure, why there have been so many bad comments about him on social media. People always complain about Ryan Tannehill and when we draft a Top 4 QB in the draft in the 2nd round, people still complain. I don't get it. Not at all. I like Ryan and to be honest, what I have seen so far from Will looks great as well. Humble, mature, professional and dedicated guy. I loved his reaction, when he got called. I am excited about him. Let him learn behind Ryan the first year and then he might be our QB of the future – and in our new stadium!
2- Unfortunately the 3rd pick is a huge head scratcher to me. At that point they lost me. I was so excited, that Michael Wilson was still available. And later on, I would have loved to get AT Perry. WR is such a big need and addressed it so late. I don't get it. Picking guys with a serious injury history - I thought we have learned our lesson.
3- Mike Vrabel said about a WR in round three, that they "would have come far of their board" – which I simply can't understand… Two years ago, we didn't chose Amon Ra St Brown and decided to pick Dez Fitzpatrick instead (by uptrade) – I feel something similar happened here again. A trade up to 67 or 68 from 81 would have been fantastic, because at that point guys like Tank Dell, Jalin Hyatt, Cedric Tillman or Josh Downs would have been available. In my understanding that would have been "playing the board".
4- Great and surprising value with pick number six. Jaelyn Duncan was a steal! Love that one.
5- Before the draft, I was hoping that we could make a trade like the Browns did it with Elijah Moore. Great trade for the Browns. Moore and a 3rd round pick for a 2nd round pick. I would have loved that move for us. Talking about adding speed!
6- A general question about the draft. Do the GMs and the NFL do have something like an official communication system just for them? Because, once "the pick is in", the clock starts ticking for the next team, without having the pick announced yet. So do the GM know, as soon as the pick is in, what happened? Before we know officially?
Hopefully the schedule release is gonna do me a favor, because we will come to the US again in September. We will travel the East Coast. Hopefully I can see my Titans maybe in Cleveland or Pittsburgh… And I would love to meet you then there! Take care, Jim. Again, always fantastic to read your answers. All the best from Germany,

Jim: Hey Jan. Good to hear from you again. Appreciate you weighing in with these comments.
As for your question, yes, there is an official league system that's ahead of what folks see on the TV. It's probably a pick ahead of the broadcast, and that's why you sometimes see leaks on social media ahead of the official announcements. As for the NFL schedule, we should get word next week. I'm hearing the official release day will be Thursday, May 11!

Harry Lawrence from Eden Prairie, Minnesota
What are your thoughts on Malik Willis now that Will Levis has been drafted? It is my thought that moving Malik to a / position (remember Kordell Stewart?), playing Malik at WR and having a third string QB on the active roster will help the organization not only prepare Malik to be Levis backup in the future, but also give Malik an opportunity to learn more about the offense and understanding how to read defenses better.

Jim: Hey Harry. My thoughts are: Malik Willis is going to have to keep getting better – at quarterback – in order to make the team. I don't foresee the team switching him to another position.

Eric Koehler from Las Vegas, Nevada
Help me understand the upside of Will Levis? Two to one touchdown to interception ratio. Hendon Hooker 10-1. Hooker's completion percentage and total yards were considerably higher. This feels like a very bad choice. What would've been wrong with Hooker? This guy better be good because I can't keep watching this team go backwards anymore.

Jim: This has – not surprisingly – been a big topic here in Tennessee, where a lot of folks would probably like to see Josh Dobbs as the starter and Hendon Hooker as the back-up. But these players aren't picked because of their stats. And while I like Hooker myself, let's not ignore the fact he's coming off an ACL, he played in a unique offense that schemed a lot of guys open, and he was throwing to guys a lot more talented than what Levis had to work with.

Ryan Elder from Augusta, Georgia
: Hey Jim, it's been a while since I've written, so I wanted to start by saying I really enjoyed meeting you in Baltimore at the first preseason game last year. You may notice that the military moved me again. I hope to see you at a game in Atlanta in the future. Thinking about storming the gates of TIAA Bank Field this year in Jacksonville.
Anyway, my comment is the Titans (fans on social media) is the trainwreck I just can't keep my eyes off. In my opinion, Peter Skoronski is an amazing pick and exactly what the Titans needed. I hope to find a positive reception, but instead I see people writing things like "Jon Robinson 2.0" and my personal favorite: "He was on the worst team in the Big Ten!" Jim, I have seen you write numerous times that you appreciate the fans' passion, but c'mon Titans fans - do your homework. Skoronski was almost universally the highest graded lineman in this draft, so the Titans got a steal getting him at 11. It should go without saying that shoring up the line is the biggest priority, so I believe this was the right call. Be patient Titans fans; playmakers are coming! Thanks again for your fantastic coverage of the team.

Jim: Great to hear from you, Ryan. And it was great to meet you as well. Continued safe travels. And, I agree with you on Skoronski. He's a really good player who is going to help. I saw a lot of that same stuff myself. I get that picking an o-lineman isn't sexy, but this mailbag was filled up with comments from fans blasting the o-line last year. It needed to be addressed, and it was, twice in the draft, first with Skoronski and later with Maryland tackle Jaelyn Duncan in the sixth round.

Nancy Powell from Whitwell, Tennessee
I'm a 73 year-old grandmother who loves football. So I would like to know what in the name of common sense you would choose the QB you did he's no good. It makes me sick. Goodbye you lost a fan.

Jim: Hope you're feeling better today, Nancy.

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
Hey Jim. I can't even imagine how long it's going to take you to get through your mailbag. OK. Completely let down with this draft. TBH, I don't like a single pick. I would understand if we were tearing the team down and accepting a losing season in 23, then you'd draft a certain way. And if you wanted to make 23 a "do or die" year to get to the Super Bowl, you'd draft a different way. But Carthon didn't draft EITHER way. If you're drafting for the FUTURE, you draft guys that could be Pro Bowlers. At 11, we didn't pull the trigger on JSN, Q Johnston, Myles Murphy, Bryan Bresee or Will McDonald. At 33, we passed up Derick Hall, Mingo, Ojulari or Cody Mauch. At 81, we skipped over Overshown, Jordan Battle or Daiyan Henley. If we came out of the draft with 1) JSN 2) Mauch and 3) Henley, I think you'd see happier Titans fans and be in a better position to take a swing at 2023 with Tannehill and DHen. BTW, look at the Chargers. Quentin Johnston, Tuli Tuipuloto and Daiyan Henley. Sorry, Jim... not thrilled.

Jim: Well Jack, I actually had folks firing off emails to my personal email account during the draft, taking shots at me. Everyone is entitled to their opinions on this, and I've seen folks from both sides in here.

David Johnson from McKenzie, Tennessee
Count me as one of those who is excited about the Titans' draft. Great job adding pieces that will help improve the offense. I predict Henry will have a 2,000 yard season and Tannehill will look like an All-Pro.

Jim: Hey David. Thanks for weighing in. A-not-so-fun fact: I got a speeding ticket the last time I drove through McKenzie, Tennessee.

Joe Allen from Lebanon, Tennessee
What can I say Jim, at pick #11, I was excited. The Titans are going to fulfill their needs on the OL. Now, go after a WR or TE or another OL guy. But trading up to pick #33 and picking Will Levis, who has thrown almost as many picks as TD's ,WOW! I thought they might have targeted CJ Stroud, but they would have had to trade up early in round #1 to get him and that was not going to happen . Then they go with a RB next, instead of addressing the needs of the team, which was to protect the QB! Last but not least a TE that was a pretty low grade, but has great length. Not sure about that one either. So the needs of the team have not been addressed in this draft, as far as I can determine. I hope they prove me wrong on all counts, Anyway, I look forward to hearing your comments on this Jim as well as others that comment on here! Have a great day and thanks for keeping us informed.

Jim: I'm letting folks sound off in here, Joe, because in reality no one really knows how some of these guys are going to pan out. I do know Levis didn't throw almost as many TDs as INTs – he threw 46 TDs vs 25 INTs.

Fred Trotman from St. Louis, Missouri
No question just wanna vent. It's very frustrating that we're so ready to move from Malik after a historically bad year for our O-line and WR. Ive been a fan since 2000 so I've seen the bad teams as well as good. We need to give Willis to chance to develop like we did with Mariota and we need to let Willis play his game like Hurts, Mahomes, Allen etc. Also we missed a good opportunity to get some help on the outside by getting Levis. Hope it works out 33 is my favorite number. Have a good day

Jim: Hey Fred. I watched the team practice Monday and Malik was out there. No one has moved on from him yet – he still has a chance to compete, and make it hard on the coach and GM to get rid of him. If he has a great offseason and shows strides, he'll have a chance to stick around. But let's face it - his shaky play last year kind of opened the door for this.

Cliff Stephens from Smyrna, Tennessee
I don't have a question as such but I know a lot of people are upset and not satisfied but I think we as fans need to let the coaches work with these new players and see what the new guys are capable of before we all make our judgements. The last time I looked none of these players came with a guarantee weather they were from Alabama, Ohio State or anywhere else. They are all young men and human so some will be good and others not so much. Thanks for hearing me out.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Cliff.

Randy Paltzer from Kaukauna, Wisconsin
Good day Jim. Not so much a question as a comment. Disgusted with the Titans fanbase today. (In the first three rounds) we selected one of the top OL and QB's. Then we draft a RB with a cloudy injury history. Now, I know that social media doesn't cover the entire fanbase but go back to the old comment. If you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all. As fans we need to support our players and not ridicule them. Give them a chance to prove they can or cannot play. I saw an immense amount of complaining because we didn't take every Vols player in the draft. Are you kidding me HOMER! Even Ran Carthon had to ask the media to stop with the negative comments during a press conference. Every one of these fans will cry when these players prove themselves and then prefer to leave because the received very little support from this family. So disappointed! Good job Ran, Mike, Amy and the rest of the gang. Keep up the good work and I personally want to welcome all of the rookies and wish them nothing but a bright future.

Jim: I hear ya, Randy. I don't mind fans voicing their opinions, but I admit I've seen a lot of over-the-top nonsense on Twitter myself.

Roy Jenkins from Harriman, Tennessee
Hello Jim. I'm reading a lot of negative comments on our picks. I understand Tyjae Spears has been injured but the more film I watch on him the more I like him. I think Levis going in the 2nd rd was the best thing for him and us, the guy was beat up last year and still played( you can't teach heart). He's a tough young man that has alot of upside and reminds me of a qb that played for the Packers. I'm a fan of our #1 pick and will be a huge compliment to our O-line. I understand some of the chatter but it seems a bit much since none of these players have stepped on the field yet. I've been through over 40 drafts now as a Oiler/Titans fan and if I've learned anything, it's that nobody knows how these players are going to develop. Thanks for all you do Jim. God Bless.

Jim: Appreciate it, Roy.

Pamela Saldana from Nashville, Tennessee
Hello Jim. I love the 1st round pick. Skoronski fits the biggest need and he has pedigree talent to go along with A+ character and temperament, which tells me he won't cost us big yards on personal fouls. I would have rather traded down for Hooker than up for Levis and picked up an extra WR in the process. By taking Spears in the third, I think the Titans are signaling more of same type offense but with a gadget component--in other words, a Greg Roman offense on steroids. If they keep Willis I can envision them using him as a utility player.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Pamela.

Mark Roberts from Alvaton, Kentucky
You stupid people. Don't you know your stadium is in the state of Tennessee you bunch of dummies. Hooker was ten times better than Levis. Not even close. You just lost a ton of fans on your stupid pick. There is no way that Levis can read a defense even close to what Hendon could do. I watched them both play. Hendon was 1000 times better. You better learn your fan base or just pack up and leave town. Just leave. We want a real football team franchise in the STATE OF TENNESSEE not a stupid team ran by a quarterback from kentucky that could not even begin to compete against Hooker. What a stupid stupid stupid pick!

Jim: I'm shocked at where this email came from…

Luke Atherton from Alexandria, Pennsylvania
Hey Jim! I hope all is well. I must say, I don't understand all of the negativity around the Will Levis pick. I'm noticing Vols fans are most mad, obviously. But also if Ran and Vrabel saw something in him then I will trust them on that and I'll support him 100%! Also I love Tyjae spears and hopefully the injury reports are just vast overreactions. I hope we can get a WR in rounds 5-7 I believe Tyler Scott is still available so that would be wonderful. The press conference left much to be desired but I wasn't too caught up on that. I would love your opinion on the draft and whether or not Titans fans are overreacting with hate toward our moves!

Jim: Appreciate the comments, Luke. Of course, folks are overreacting. The reality is no one knows at this point how some of these guys are going to pan out. I've seen plenty of Titans picks fail after I thought guys were sure-things, and I've also seen guys I was skeptical about flourish. I've said this 100 times since the draft – let things play out for a little bit. Time will tell.

Jeffery Raney from Pittsburg, Texas
Hi Jim I hope all is well with you. I was wondering who is actually making the draft decisions? I thought the Titans were done with screwing up in the draft and I had high hopes after their first pick which I thought was an outstanding pick. I tuned back in on Friday with optimism only to find myself wondering what are they thinking are they accidentally picking from their list of players on the medically unable to perform. On top of that they pick a running back. Of all the needs they have why would you pick a running back? Surely there was another offensive lineman, wide receiver, tight end or corner back available but running back??? Here we go back to the same old Titan draft results.

Jim: Appreciate the feedback, Jeffery.

Willie Taylor from Booneville, Kentucky
Really not a question but me myself (been a longtime fan from day one) I think, naw I know, Will Levis is gonna be the one to get the Titans to the Superbowl and win it more than ones.

Jim: A lot of folks around here hope so. Willie.

Bear Butler from Somerville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. No questions just extreme disappointment. I give the 1st rd pick an A but after that F- ,no offense toward Levis he may turn out to be a good nfl qb but the team already has RT and Willis, If they have no faith in Willis I would rather have seen them trade away RT put Willis in at qb1 and let him sink or swim, by the end of next season you would have your guy in Willis or be picking at the top of the draft and get the best qb from next year's draft. Also, I think waiting for Levis at the 41st pick he would have still been available, Hooker wasn't picked until #68. Had they not traded up to #33 they would have had the 72 pick, Jalin Hyatt was picked at#73 and Josh Downs went to the Colts at #79,because of the trade we picked at #81 missed out on 2 of the fastest recievers in the draft, soo much for getting faster or even a reciever ,they picked a running back who has injury questions when we already have Henry and Hasskins. And they don't have a 4th round pick so to me this draft gets a Hugh F-. Good luck improving the receiving core from the 5th and later rounds. Oh yea, also there was still a good receiving TE on the board despite the trade but again they took a running back despite having Henry the best in the NFL.

Jim: Bear down, Bear.

Have a great week everyone!

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