Tre McBride Visits with Families, Students at Fort Campbell


By Brittany Selbert

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Titans wide receiver Tre McBride made a special visit to Fort Campbell on Tuesday, meeting with local civilians and talking to students about his time as a military child and his path to the NFL.

McBride was raised in a military family and is quite familiar with the Army way of life. With a father that still currently serves in the Army, McBride often moved, including seven times before even entering the fifth grade.

Titans WR Tre McBride visits Fort Campbell, telling civilians and students about his time as a military child and path to the NFL. (Photos: Brittany Selbert)

Visiting the Main Exchange (PX) at Fort Campbell brought back sweet memories for McBride. He met with active members of the army and signed copies of Military Kids Life magazine. At one point, he found himself reminiscing about his childhood and sharing stories with fans.

"Our community of military kids has heroes around every day, but for military kids to see someone who used to live just like them and who worked hard to achieve his goals, is really quite special," said Amy Crispino, Co-Owner of Chameleon Kids. "Tre embodies the resiliency and determination we as military parents hope our own children will demonstrate someday."

Following the PX visit, McBride greeted and participated in an interview session with young students in grades K-5.

The students welcomed McBride with screams of joy and displayed a "Welcome Tre" banner as he entered the room. They asked McBride lots of questions mainly about his football career and his childhood in the military.

"They were fired up," said McBride. "I was not expecting the energy that I witnessed when I first walked through those doors."

McBride continued, "It means a lot. Those kids are special and they live a unique life with the traveling, the change of pace and everything that happens in their life. It is a lot to adapt to and I can say, as someone who went through it, it is a lot to be proud of."

McBride applies many of the same principles he learned as a child to his life now. His father was very strict on time management.

"That is the one thing I remember my dad always talking about – time management and getting your priorities in check – I think that really helped me develop into who I am today."

Titans Online looks at the collegiate career of William & Mary WR Tre McBride. (AP Photos)

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