Titans-Vikings Halftime Quotes


(on the offense in the first half)

We started off the way we hoped.  We ran the ball well, but we just didn't finish off the first drive.  I think we had about 17 or 18 plays on that drive.  That's the kind of team we want to be this year.  The offense did a nice job scoring all three times we had the ball.  I would have liked to see the defense get a stop on that drive before the half.  We're doing some good things at times, but the young guys have to get some more stops. 


(on if the offense accomplished what it wanted to do tonight)

It was good to get in.  We got a lot of plays and had a good drive and ate a lot of the clock.  Unfortunately we didn't get in the end zone on that one, but it was good to move the ball the way we did and get that comfortable feeling so that we're ready for next week against Pittsburgh. 

(on if the team is where it needs to be going into next week's game)

I think that's the goal of the preseason, to get comfortable and understand what you like, what works for you.  Just be ready to go when the season starts, and that's what we've done I think.


(on getting back on the field for the final preseason game after sitting out the first three games)

It felt good.  I just wanted to get out there, get my feet going and break a sweat. I wanted to see if my knee could take it.  Going against the guys in practice, I knew they were being easy on me, but these guys weren't easy on me.  The knee held up fine, and I feel great.


(on if this was a good final test before next week's opener)

We kind of started a little slow, but it was good for the first team to come out and go mano a mano with another club.  We have to put our focus now on the Steelers and get ready for this season to get started. 

(on what the outlook for the defense is)

The defense is going to be good as long as we continue to put the work into it.  It is only going to be what we make it.  We have to continue to study, continue to work hard, come to work with a great attitude, and try to be that championship defense we want to be.  It's not going to be easy, and we have to put a lot of work into it. 

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