Titans-Texans Postgame Quotes



(on how it feels to end the season with a win)

I just said this earlier to somebody in the locker room, winning is hard to do in this league and, obviously, a really good feeling. But still disappointed that we are not playing. Feel a little bit empty here that we don't have a chance to keep going after today. That's just a lesson learned, but very proud of these guys, the way they came out here and competed for four quarters. That's what they've done all year for us.

(on if the players needed to be pushed by the coaches to compete well this week)

No, this is the same group that, I've said it many a time, (is) very resilient. They've always responded to something that they had to and they did it themselves. I told you during the week we had a great week of practice--Friday maybe one of our best practices. So no, it wasn't a lot of prodding, but they understood the circumstances.

(on what he is most proud of about this season)

How our guys competed in this last game when there wasn't anything at stake. There's a lot of accomplishments that I know took place, but it was more about winning, starting 2017 in the right frame of mind, going into the offseason with a good feel about yourself. That was important--winning the game--not about what came with it.

(on if he is satisfied with the team's improvement at home)

It's a good start. Again, we haven't had a lot of success here my first two years. We won one game each year, so it's a good start. To finish up today, that was important to have a winning record at home. We wanted to bring ours fans back here. They have come back. They're part of why we've had success here, and hopefully, they see there's a good future and continue to fill the seats.

(on Matt Cassel's performance)

I thought, for not playing all year except for last week when Marcus (Mariota) got hurt, again, I think he made a lot of good decisions. It's been a while since he's played a full game like that, but he made some good decisions for us. When we needed some throws, he made the throws.

(on what it means to beat the Texans and improve the team's record within the division)

It's a start. We haven't beaten them since I've been here, so that was important that we did that so we know we can. But that's part of it. They're the division champs because they have more wins in the division than we do, but nobody has a better record than we do in our division.

(on Derrick Henry's performance in the final minutes of the game)

I'd like him to (not) get out of bounds. I love his physical … I love everything about him, but that could have cost us. That could have cost us.

(on what it feels like to beat the division champions)

It's a playoff team. I know they're trying to win for a number of reasons. I know it's important to that side. Anytime you play a division opponent, especially these two teams, which were physical games, it was an important win for us.

(on how much the team prepared to face Brock Osweiler verses Tom Savage)

It wasn't really anything different for either or. The plan was against the offensive scheme and really more their other personnel than the quarterback position because there's not a lot of difference in the two as far as you have to sometimes worry about an athletic quarterback, containing the pocket, all those things. We felt like we were prepared for both.

(on when the feeling of accomplishment of this team's turnaround will settle in)

It won't be until after the Super Bowl because I know, since I've been in this business and I'm not in the playoffs, I've not enjoyed watching the playoffs. It's not been fun, and that's what pushes you. Hopefully, it pushes these guys but pushes me. I want to be there. I want to be that team. When it's over, then I'll get back ready to go again.

(on when he thought this team could win nine games)

When we finished training camp, I thought we could. I did. I just watched how they grew together through the offseason. We spent a lot of time together since April 23 through the OTAs, and training camp is a grind. It's not an easy training camp. It's a very difficult one, but we came together as a team. I thought early on, we'd be better than starting 1-3. I really did. That's how I felt, right or wrong, but I felt like we could win some games this year. I really did.

(on the defense creating fumbles late in the season)

They did, and no bigger one than today. I mean, we haven't scored on special teams and/or defense. As you've seen, we have losses because of that, so that played a huge factor in the outcome of the game, that first touchdown.

(on how much DeMarco Murray leading the AFC in rushing is a team accomplishment)

I think he would tell you himself that it's a group effort. He's made a lot of yards on his own, but also our guys up front, tight ends--when we lost Craig Stevens, for (Anthony) Fasano and (Phillip) Supernaw to step in there and block like they've blocked, give us a chance to be a good rushing team, you've got to give those guys credit, too.

(on Jurrell Casey's play despite being banged up)

That's who he is. That's who our team is. The effort was outstanding. I mean, you saw it. I mean, it was relentless to the finish. If we play like that, we have a chance to win, regardless of when and where.

(on if some of the players let out frustrations Sunday due to last week's loss to Jacksonville)

It wouldn't surprise me if they did. I'm sure there's a lot of that going on. That may be some of the older guys.

(on the impact Rishard Matthews had on the team this year)

Big at critical times. I told him that throw, we called a go route on third-and-felt-like-a-gazillion, we called a go route and you're hoping for pass interference, you're hoping for a catch, obviously, you're hoping to catch them off-guard that you're going to throw a go on third-and-17. Matt (Cassel) gave him a chance. I thought that was a huge play, but he's made the plays when his number's come up this year for us.

(on if the team's turnaround this season makes the franchise a more attractive option for free agents)

You know, I hope so. If you talk to the players, I think they enjoy coming--I've said that--I think they enjoy coming to work. We do work hard, but we do have fun at the same time. I think you can win that way. So I don't know. I feel good about it. I think they look at what we've done this year and accomplished other than not making the playoffs, I think it'd be attractive.

(on who he is most happy for with the team's turnaround)

The players that have been here with me the last two years when we've had the worst record--those players that have stuck with us and believed in us and done everything we've asked them to do, coaches included. I'm very proud of them.

(on how this season helps change the mindset and confidence of the team moving forward)

I'm hoping it changed. I think people saw. It was the way the players competed. I hope it's changed a lot of things, but they don't have to come in here next April and wonder what it's going to all be about. They already know. That's going to give us an advantage in itself. This is what it's about. This is what it's going to take to win.



(on getting the victory today, in the Titans last game of the season)

This was a good win, but I'll put this season behind me, and focus on 2017.  We know we've got a good team in this locker room, and now it's just time to build on the minimum mistakes that we did make, and capitalize on the opportunities we do get, and make sure we put ourselves in the playoffs. I'm happy with the strides.  In the past years, you wouldn't have given us the benefit to go out here, and put up this many wins in a season.
We came out determined to prove people wrong, and prove that we were making progress in this organization and I think that everybody in this locker room understands we should have been in the playoffs. Just minimal mistakes that we made. We have to fix those, and clean them up, and we'll be good.

(on beating the AFC South leader today)

It's always good to beat a conference opponent. At the end of the day, we are going to face those the majority of the year. So to get wins in your conference and your division, is what it all takes to get to the playoffs. It's going to start with this win and get us ready for 2017, and make sure we sweep our division. This is the start of trying to win our division and trying to take over. To go out there and perform the way we did today, just put us in the right direction. With a couple of tweaks here and there in the offseason, it will put us right where we need to be for this division.

(on getting sacks today versus the Texans)

I'm not going to lie, getting prepared for today's game as pretty tough this week. Trying to get up for a game that didn't really mean too much. But once I stepped on that field, I made sure I had fun with it. And that was the whole goal going out on that field. To make sure we come out of the game with a win, and make sure we have fun going out there on the field. It's been a long time since I've gotten a sack, so every time they step in front of me, my eyes got big. And it was time to turn it up and have fun. And that's what I wanted to do, once I got to them.



(on how it feels at this point in his career to notch this win)

You know, every win is sweet in the NFL. The competition's so tough, week in and week out. To get an opportunity, you know I've been blessed to play this game for 12 years but to have another opportunity to start, you know, it's always unfortunate under these circumstances that it happened but at the same time, to step in and contribute and be able to get that ninth win of the season and finish on a good note and start this next year with 2017 on a good note, it felt great. It's about the guys next to you. The guys all rallied today and everybody stepped up. It was a great, complete game by all phases and a great win for us.

(on the game starting slowly and if there was a play that got him going)

You know, I think the plan was to go in and try establish the run a little bit. We converted that first third down but like you said, they are a good defense. We knew that it was going to be a defense that you're going to have to grind it out and take your shots and I think we did. We converted some third-and-longs that put us in position to score on both of those drives. Like I said, they are a great defense. They won the division this year and they're going to the playoffs, but at the same time we knew they would come in here and do everything that they can to beat us.

(on if the defensive touchdown alleviated any pressure)

I love that. Anytime the defense scores I'm big on that, it excites everybody and shifts the momentum and everything like that. It was a big, big turnover for us and even more so that we put points on the board with it.

(on Rishard Matthews becoming a playmaker)

He's worked hard throughout the entire year. I think that we always recognize that he had a skill set. Now, how high that could go or what level that would get to, we all didn't know or maybe anticipate at the beginning but at the same time, he's stepped up, week in and week out. He's playing with confidence. Obviously, we have confidence in him and he continues to make plays. He's had a great year and we are really happy to have him on our team.

(on the tough times in the locker room previously and now getting to nine wins)

I think it's huge to finish this year, like I said, with a winning record. Not just 8-8 but to walk out of this building after what they've been through and I've heard all the stories years prior to this about how difficult it was but to put yourself in a position with something to build on especially with what Coach Mularkey preached from early on and the type of team that he wanted and for everybody to buy into him, man, and then to come out and perform the way that they did and to beat a lot of playoff teams this year. I mean, it's a great way to end the season, like I said. Everybody going into this off season is probably excited to be back already and build for the next year.

(on Coach Mularkey saying he knew after training camp the team could reach nine wins and when he felt the same)

You know, when you're going through training camp, it's tunnel vision. You're just trying to get from one day to the next. I think when we started the season, we didn't really know what we had but as we started to go, you could easily see that there was a chemistry amongst the team. We're playing good football on both sides of the ball and then we started winning. I think with a young team, anytime you start winning, it breeds confidence throughout the team. Everybody came together and continued to play well throughout the year.

(on how frustrating it is to know you are not playing in the postseason despite the winning record)

Well there's no doubt there's frustration. I'm sure you guys were in the locker room last week and understood the feeling. Everybody's upset about letting one slip away but at the same time, you can't really look past at this point. You've got to really concentrate on the positive and what took place this year. The transformation that took place on this team and this organization with the leadership that was put in and build on that.



(on ending with a victory)

We are happy with the victory, but we were so close. We are not happy about not making it (the playoffs) because we were so close.

(on if he feels the team was best in division)

Last week really hurt us. We had the momentum going, defeating three really good teams, then falling short. I thought this was a really good start to the 2017 offseason. So that was a good start.

(on if he felt good about coaches using him to help close out the game)

Oh yeah, definitely. The O-line had confidence in me, so it felt good for me to be out there to try and close one.



(on going over 100 yards in a game for the third time)

Credit to Matt (Cassel). He did a great job of going in there and taking control, given the circumstances. Any given game, you can go out there and make plays like that. I'm just glad to go out there and actually make those plays, and the stats show.

(on 50-yard pass reception)

Just a go ball, Matt put it up there. Whenever you see one-on-one, that's what you want from your quarterback, just put the ball up there and you go make a play for him. I was just glad I could make a play for him and come down with the ball.

(on proving a point with successful season after signing as a free agent)

Definitely, I would have probably hit 1,000 if I wouldn't have had a little hiccup in the first eight games, but it is what it is. You do what you can, you control what you can control. That's what I did, I stayed positive and went out there and made plays when my number was called. I look to do more next year, so I am excited for that.


(on what was special about this season-ending victory today for the Titans)

Anytime you set foot out on the field, you want to win. No matter what the situation is. I think one thing we talked about this week was just opportunity. You never know what lies ahead for you in the future. The game today was more about one another. Going out there and representing each other, fighting for the guy to your left and to your right. And it's nice when you do that and come out with a win.

I think in year's past guys continued to fight, but we just had no idea how to execute and accomplish what we wanted to accomplish. This year's team has that fight, as in year's past, but guys know how to win. Guys know how to make the crucial plays. It just didn't happen enough for us this year, in some of those crucial games where we needed to pull through. It's a learning lesson we'll devote to next year. We know the biggest improvement we have to do, is within our division.



(on the Titans defensive effort today in the victory over the Texans)

It was huge. We definitely wanted to go out on a good note. I thought we started the game how we always envisioned throughout the season. It was definitely one of our best starts, to say the least. But the very first thing, hats off to the Texans. They kept fighting. They kept coming and they kept fighting and didn't quit. Their defense was playing well against our offense. It was a physical game, a battle. On overall effort, I thought we finished well. We got the huge sacks, and the stops at the end. And another great effort by our defense to go out there and shut a team down.

(on Titans getting a victory over the Texans for the first time in several years)

It means a lot. We haven't done that here in a while, in a long time. For us to be tied with as many wins as the division leader, is something to hang your hat on, to get ready for next year. We're going to take this game, and pick up where we left off for the following season.

(on the outlook for the Titans heading into next season)

This team is blossoming at the right time. Obviously, we are disappointed we don't have any more games and didn't make the playoffs, but I think the future is very bright for this team. A lot of guys are going to be back, and we'll have more people here and there. You know, the future is very bright, and I'm excited to be a part of it. Just to win nine games and beat the divisional champs the last game of the season, is huge for our confidence. There will be no drop off. It's going to get better. Not really, starting from scratch, because we have a foundation and we know how to win ballgames.



(on ending season on a positive note with win)

Most definitely, that's what we talked about all week, ending on a good note for 2017, so we did that. I thought everyone played well, special teams, defense, and offense as well.

(on if team's defensive score got momentum)

I think that got us going really well. Our defense did a great job of getting the sack-fumble touchdown. We struggled a little bit on offense getting some points on the board, but we did, we kept going. When they answered that, after they answered and that is all we can ask for.

(on if winning the final game makes offseason easier to take)

We would rather be in the playoffs. It's just a bad feeling to stomach after this game knowing we were probably the better team in this division. But we didn't get the job done, so we have to look forward to next year and getting to the playoffs.

(on how much finishing with a winning record means)

I think that is the biggest key, especially playing at home defeating the divisional champions at home. I think that is all we can ask for going into 2017.

(on finishing the season and looking to 2017 season)

We finished strong. We have a very good team. We played very well. We played sound football, I think that is going to be the message coming into next season, knowing that if we play our ball, we can't be stopped.


(on next week's starting quarterback)

We will talk about that as a staff. We will talk about that tomorrow and the next day.

(on if he will talk about what happened to Tom Savage)


(on what happened at halftime that changed Tom Savage's playing status)

I don't know.

(on Brock Osweiler's performance)

He did a good job. He went in there and did a nice job for us, we just couldn't pull it out.

(on putting Tom Savage back on the field for the last drive of the first half)

We sent him back out there to take a snap.

(on if playing to win became less important after Tom Savage's concussion)

It's just football. It's a contact sport so injuries occur. He's not the only one that was injured today. I don't know anything about the injuries. I just walked off the field. I don't meet with the doctors. They just tell me what it is tomorrow and that's it. Injuries happen. That's football. Moving on to figure out who we have to play and get ready for those guys tonight.

(on the message to his team after the game)

Turn the page. We will find out when we are playing, more than likely it will probably be Saturday but who knows. We will find out some times tonight and we will start getting ready for whoever that is.

(on the offensive line's pass protection early in the game)

I don't know. Give credit to the other team, they do a good job. A lot of pressure. I don't know.

(on whether QB Tom Savage would have played in the second half if not diagnosed with a concussion)


(on the toughest part of quick turnaround to play on Saturday)

Well, I mean, injuries. Getting guys healed up and make sure that guys are healthy for the game. That's probably the most difficult thing. Some guys didn't play in the game today. All of those guys, with the exception of (Brandon) Weeden, were banged up. So, hopefully they are fresh and ready to go, but there were other guys that got banged up today, obviously. So we'll have to figure out who's ready to play. We'll figure that out over the next couple of days.

(on where the team is physically)

Well, we have 14 guys on IR. I'm sure there's other teams that have just as many, if not more. We have guys injured. I don't think you're ever happy with injuries. You want a fully healthy team.

(on the strength of the team going into the playoffs)

I feel good about this team. I like this team. We just need to have a good practice week, like I said, figure out who we're playing sometime tonight probably and have a good week of practice. We're playing in front of our home crowd, so we're excited about that.

(on whether QB Tom Savage will be the starter if he's cleared)

Yeah, I think it's going to be an evaluation.

(on QB Brock Osweiler's play)

He did a good job. He competed. Guys got open for him. He threw the ball – did a nice job for us.

(on WR DeAndre Hopkin's contribution)

I thought he did a nice job. He had a bunch of nice catches, a run after catch. He's a competitive guy. Once you get him the ball, he's going to do something with the ball and it was nice to see.

(on having the chance to make up for last year by making the playoffs)

Yeah, no, we're glad to be back in the playoffs, no question about it. We've worked hard to be in this position and we're excited about being in the playoffs. It's tough, you know, you're coming off of a loss there, tough game. I'm not really jumping for joy right now. So now it's more about figuring out who we're playing and figure out our injury situation and get the team ready to play.

(on the strength of team going into the playoffs)

I don't know. Obviously, I think defense is good. I know they gave up some things today. I think our defense is good. I think our offense, passing game, at times, has looked pretty good. Not good enough, obviously. I don't know. To sit up here and evaluate strengths and weaknesses right now is—I'm just really looking forward to getting on a plane and going back, figuring out who we're playing and moving on.

(on whether RB Lamar Miller will return)

Lamar (Miller) should be ready to go for the playoff game.


(on the quarterback switch to Brock Osweiler)

He came in and did his job. Scored a couple touchdowns, ran one in, threw one to C.J. (Fiedorowicz), so I'd say he came in and did his job.

(on motivation after last year's playoff loss)

I would say last year we really didn't go out there and execute like we wanted to. So I think that's in the back of everybody's minds – the Kansas City game. We want to go out there during a playoff game and be at our best.

(on Coach O'Brien wanting more momentum today)

We just need to correct the mistakes and get ready for whoever we need to play, that's all I would say.

(on the quarterback situation being a distraction)

No, we're going to prepare for whoever we have to play Saturday or Sunday. It doesn't matter who the quarterback is.


(on if the playoff performance last year still lingers in his mind)

That has been in our mind since last year when it happened. One thing about it, like our coaches have told us and we have put on our ourselves, is that is what was motivating us during the offseason. At the end of the day it is going to get turned up just a notch and it's going to be a good fight out there. That is what we are looking forward to. At the end of the day we know it is not going to be easy. Every game from now on is not going to be easy. We just have to learn from this, get some positives out of this and just come back next week ready to go.

(on if this loss hurts anyone's confidence heading into the playoffs)

You hate to lose at the end of the day. Just watching it just made me upset because at the end of the day we know that we should always win every game. Tennessee has a great team, but you always want to go into the playoffs with momentum. But that is not going to shake us. We know what we have to do. We know we hold our own destiny. It is one and done and we just have to keep winning. That is the plan – just to keep winning and find a way to win. That is what we have been doing all year.


(on knowing that the offensive line has to improve in the playoffs)

We have to be better. We have to run the ball better. We know teams are going to do more exotic blitzes and stuff like that based off the film studies from the last few weeks. These are things that we have struggled with. We have to correct it fast because we have to run the ball and we have to pass the ball, and in order to do that you have to protect. We have to protect early for our quarterback's confidence and be able to make plays to keep our defense off the field.

(on Brock Osweiler's performance)

I thought he did pretty good. I thought he played pretty loose. He made some big plays. He connected with Hop [DeAndre Hopkins] on some big plays. We just have to continue to be more balanced, run the ball better and protect better up front. Everything else will work itself out.


(on still having a bad taste in his mouth from last year's playoff loss)

Yeah, it was a home playoff game and we didn't play well. We got blown out to be honest with you. Whoever [we play], obviously we want to play better than we did last year.

(on how long it took to get over last year's playoff loss)

I still think about it a little bit. Whether it's Saturday or Sunday I'm sure we'll be thinking about it during the game as well. The only way to really erase that is to go out there and get a win and play way better than we did that last time.

(on if the team's confidence changes at all after Sunday's loss)

No, absolutely not. Next week is completely different. For myself, I didn't play so I can't really talk about it, but the confidence won't change at all. Next week will be a completely different game than what we played today.


(on Brock Osweiler)

He threw the ball well. He was making his reads well, he was confident and going out there and having fun.

(on his season)

I think I did well. I think I blocked well and caught the ball well. There were some drops that I had that I would like to have back and there a lot of things I can improve on.

(on the attitude of the team heading into the playoffs)

We had won three straight before today. Today was a weird day. We knew we were in the playoffs. We are going to get back into it on Tuesday and prepare for the playoffs.


(on joining Andre Johnson in the record books)

Like I said before, it really doesn't mean anything to me unless I do it for as many years as he's done it.

(on accumulating the record numbers in only four years)

It's pretty special. It's hard to downplay a future Hall-of-Famer. I have to thank my teammates and coaches for putting me in position to make those plays since I've been here. But, Andre (Johnson) has done it for so long—four years is nothing.

(on his big day and getting him the ball)

I should have had more if you ask me. I'm pretty hard on myself, some things that I could have done better. My team lost, so nothing really positive came out of today.

(on how he feels heading into the playoffs)

Wish we could have had this one, but we need to go to the drawing boards and see what we need to work on. Don't know who our opponent is going to be, but it's playoff football. We've been here before in the Wild Card and what happened last year and I'm pretty sure everybody that was here last year has that bad taste in their mouth, so we have to go to work this week.

(on switching quarterbacks mid-game)

Brock (Osweiler) has played a lot of football for us this year, so nobody panicked. You hate that Tom (Savage) went down, a guy just getting started and getting a chance in this league, but this is the NFL. Next man up.


(on playing after being in the backup role)

You know, I was just trying to do my job. When you're the backup quarterback, your job is to prepare like the starter and be ready to play at all times. So, Tom (Savage) came out of the game with a concussion, had to get evaluated, I was ready to step in there. And then I was told right before we went in at halftime that coach was going to go with Tom in the second half. We came in at halftime and I was told I'm going to go in to start the third quarter. You know, that's what it's all about—being prepared and ready to step in when your team needs you.

(on if he wants to be the starter for next week's playoff game)

Absolutely. You play this game to be a starter. You play this game to contribute in a positive way to your team so I would absolutely love to start this playoff game. But at the end of the day, I don't make those decisions. My job is to prepare whether I'm the starter or I'm the backup and be ready to play, be ready to contribute to my team. I'll be prepared in whatever role coach wants me to do.

(on what it means for Coach O'Brien to say he needs to evaluate the quarterback situation)

I'm not going to concern myself with that. Coach makes the decisions on who plays around here. My job is to prepare whether it's as the starter or the backup. It's my job to get my lifts throughout the week, prepare my body, study the game plan, and it's coach's job to decide who plays.

(on how he thought he played)

Well, I didn't do good enough. We lost the football game. Any time you're out there playing, whether it's four quarters, three quarters, two quarters, whatever it is, you play to win the game. So I'm disappointed we didn't get the win today. But as always, there's nobody who will study the tape harder than myself to learn from my mistakes so I'll be better in the future.

(on if wearing his helmet on the sidelines is a way for him to mentally stay in the game)

Yeah, exactly. So, Tom (Savage) is getting the play in his helmet and I'm able to hear the play as well, and that's something that I definitely do. I try to put myself mentally through the play as though I was out there on the field. As you saw out there today, all of the sudden, after one play, you get the first down and you're in there. Whether you like it or not, you're running into that game, and so you always need to stay mentally in tune and you need to be physically ready, as well.

(on having rhythm with DeAndre Hopkins)

I think when you look at our two-minute drives all year, I think we've been fairly successful when we go into a no-huddle mode. I think that's something all of us on the offensive side are extremely comfortable with. In fact, we really enjoy playing in a no-huddle system. So just to be able to catch rhythm, I think the no-huddle tempo helped with some of that, but give credit where credit is due. You know, Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) did a tremendous job getting open just like all the receivers did today. Tight ends made plays, backs made plays and, obviously, the offensive line fought their asses off.

(on if he wants to run more no-huddle offense)

You know, I'm extremely comfortable with the no-huddle offense. It's something I've done since I was in high school. I ran a no-huddle system in college, so it's something I'm very comfortable with. But once again, I don't make those decisions. I just try to execute the play that's put into my helmet when I'm on the field.

(on the experience of being in a backup situation)

There's nothing that can replace experience and game experience. Hopefully, I don't have to experience coming in as the backup much more in my career, but I'm going to do what's best for this football team. I was fortunate that I've been in that role before.

(on getting the ball to DeAndre Hopkins more)

You know, I think it just goes back to that no-huddle system. When Tom (Savage) went in in Jacksonville, the team went right to that no-huddle system. We opened up the second half against Cincinnati last week. Today when I went in, we went to the no-huddle. Even with Tom, they were starting to get into a no-huddle type deal. I really think what it is, you are not dictating the tempo to the defense. They're not dictating anything to you. Personally, as a quarterback, it allows me to get to the line of scrimmage, run through cadence, see what the secondary is doing, see what the linebackers are doing, get us into the proper protection and really at the end of the day just go play backyard football. Say, OK, it's going to be this coverage, who's going to be open and it just so happened to be Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) today as well as those other guys.

(on his touchdown run)

I don't know if the burst was there. But, bottom line, we did what it took to score points there. It's not always going to be pretty, but I know this offense, we really don't go for flashy points. We just care about scoring points.

(on if they'll watch this afternoon for their playoff opponent)

It starts with watching this game. I need to clean up this game. I need to see some pros and cons on things that didn't go so well. I need to learn and I need to grow from this tape. And then I think the sooner you can put this tape to bed, then you're exactly right, you get started right away. I'm sure we'll know our opponent in a few hours, and then you study, study, study and get your body and your mind ready to roll.

The Tennessee Titans take on the Houston Texans in Week 17 action at Nissan Stadium. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)

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