Titans-Texans Postgame Quotes



(on if the fumble on the first drive affected the game's momentum)

I would say we did not recover, because we never really did, at least it didn't feel like it. I thought that was a huge play. A turnover for a touchdown is going to kill you in this league. You can't spot anybody in this league points like we did, but two carries and Antonio Andrews' early in the game to do that, it is hard to overcome. So it changes some things, and it did. We just never overcame it and you just can't start off a game that way. No matter how much you talk about it, no matter how much you say you can't do it, it happens and at some point they have to figure it out.

(on if the game was a matter of lack of enthusiasm or concentration)

No, I don't think it was a lack of that, I thought they were prepared and ready to play. I mean we had a very good week, a very good Friday. I liked what I saw in the locker room prior. Again, I think some things happened in that game that can change your mindset early, turnovers were big, you can't let it. The good teams don't let things like that affect them and they come back. We have come back, but today we were a little short-handed and tough to get things going offensively. You know we just really never put anything together until the end with our two-minute drill.

(on the combination of Zach Mettenberger's low numbers and lack of open targets)

That's part of it, yeah. Again I'll look at the tape, again, and give you more of that tomorrow. I saw some of that, not a lot of guys open, but also we had to keep more in to protect us so you're not getting as many guys out. We are protected but then you don't have as many targets to throw it to now, but you've got to get open because we are having a little more time. I thought protection-wise, scheme-wise, we were better than the last time we played these guys.

(on if seeing less of Antonio Andrews was him sending a message)

No, he's made a couple of mistakes that have been critical. One thing is, is he's our third-down back, so I took him off first and second downs. I'd seen enough. I need to see the other guys, see how they perform. Those are two big of mistakes, especially to start the game off that way. Instead of sending a message, it's doing the right thing and put somebody in there that is not going to do that. We kept him in there on third down, and on that third down play he got the strip and then I took him out of that as well.

(on the cornerbacks not having success against Deandre Hopkins)

No, he gave them chances. A lot of times they were right there and then that's kind of been the year if you look at our year we've got a lot of guys right there and they have a lot of guys that just make the plays over our guys. They are in position, it's just a matter of making the play when you are in position.

(on the importance of preventing a shutout)

I think they just wanted to keep competing. It was just about competing trying to get points, just like it is the first drive, the last drive, we're just trying to score points and it's not about, I didn't hear one thing about knocking the shutout. I mean we could have kicked the field goal and done that at any point there in the fourth quarter. It was just about competing until the end, which I thought they did.

(on what happened during the early field goal chance)

We had an injury with Taylor Lewan and Joe Looney just felt like, he thought Taylor was on that team and stayed out there. It was not a huddle, we do not huddle and he stayed out there too long, that was the problem. When everybody got over the ball, that was the foul. Joe Looney was just trying to make up for, we had just lost Taylor Lewan a couple of plays before and he just thought we need to have that and that was not for him. We would have told him to stay in there.

(on the field goal range today)

It varied from 32 to 35. It varied based on the wind.

(on if this is a fragile football team)

Not a lick, no, not a bit. I could tell you if I felt that at all, but I say no. I watch them on the sideline and there is no quit in those guys, not a one. I look for it and I didn't see it, I didn't think I'd see it and I don't think I'll see it from this point on.

(on if it is a matter of skill level)

I'm not going to get into that. Again, I look at tape, because before I get into answering questions like that I always like to confirm what happened today, because there are some things different that I thought happened are different when I review them one more and sometimes more than that.

(on what he said to the team in the locker room)

I said a lot of things that happened today are what we talked about. It was really what I thought was going to be the difference in the game and when those things happen I take a lot of responsibility in that, that I am not getting the message clearly across of what has to happen for us to win the game. What you saw early, and often, with the turnovers and some of the mistakes we made, I'm not getting that message across, obviously clear enough. That's my job. To start the first drive that way is where we've got to make changes with those guys and I did. I changed Antonio Andrews right away.

(on if it is hard to win with three of your four first-round picks on the sidelines)

I think where we are is where we are. You've got to play and hopefully guys are coming in there and can compete at a level that will at least give us a chance and you know there are a lot of teams like we are right now so I'm not going to make any excuses. We've got to play guys, this is who we have and it's tougher when you get those guys up front knocked down, that's tough, some things change when you start calling plays when you lose your left tackle against that front.

(on if he told Tre McBride not to bring the ball out anymore)

Yes, yes I did. If he had to back up at all from where he was I asked him not to take it out. I'm basing it on the year that we have had with that return unit. We have had more inside the 20 tackles than we need to have, so 20 was a good starting (point) for us at the end if he had to back up at all.

(on if Harry Douglas should have let the punt go)

At the six-yard line, yes, we don't want him fielding that punt at the six. Harry Douglas has been in the league long enough to know that.

(on if today's game was a surprise)

I would say disappointed. I really thought we were prepared. I thought we had a good plan and felt good about it, I mean I really felt good about it. All the guys, I would be surprised if they said anything different. If felt like, honestly, it was going to be a really close game. A touchdown and a field goal and really the first half, it was, other than us giving them 10 points. Just thought it was going to be a close game and come down to the wire, not this type of game.

(on with Taylor Lewan out, what is the mindset of the offensive line)

Who they are blocking, that is a front that is pretty stout and we were giving help as much as we could on the edges, as much as the game plan allowed. It's just again, when they come up the middle, which they had their schemes, we had some one on one's.  For the most part I think we handled it really well, but we also pulled back a little bit some of the calls based on who was in there at the time.

(on Zach Mettenberger's confidence)

You'd have to ask Zach I think. He's such a competitor, I think very prideful, spends a lot of time preparing. You'll have to ask him about that, but at least on the sideline I felt that he was ready to go back in, which he did. It was nice to see him drive us down the field and took the check-downs to Bishop Sankey. It was nice to see Bishop Sankey make some plays, wasn't trying to force anything, I think he did some things in the pocket, you know with ball security. That one sack-fumble, I'll put that on me, because Jason made a call, ball should have been out quicker with the throw, but again, we protected the right side pretty much the entire game. No call goes by me that is not OK, so that is on me, that sack. It was really one of the only times we had an open edge and they took advantage of it.

(on an injury update)

I don't know right now.

(on the process from the Saints game until now)

Just trying to see if we can continue to improve and progress in a lot of areas and today kind of took a step back, obviously the last two weeks we've finished halves pretty well against pretty good football teams. Today we did not do that. I thought we headed in the right direction, doing a lot of things good, doing a lot of things people don't even see, but they are competing and this is where we are. That is what you have to have every Sunday and believe that you have a chance to have and that is what those guys have. Whether that is the result or not, they believe it.


(on being a frustrating afternoon)

Yeah, it was tough to say the least. We couldn't really get anything going and that's tough when you have a defense as good as they have, but we have to keep our heads up and go into Indy next week and work to get a win.

(on the impact of the fumble returned for a touchdown)

The biggest thing we talked about coming into the game was no turnovers, no sacks and that's tough to go out there on the first drive and have a turnover. But at the same time you know the game's not over then. We have got to be able to overcome that and go down and respond and unfortunately we weren't able to do that.

(on if receivers were getting separation)

You know, it was tough but at the same time we have got to work what we are given and be able to make contested throws and contested catches. And again, we weren't able to do that today.

(on impact of losing receiver Kendall Wright early in the game)

Yeah it's tough. We were looking forward to have him back all week and he is definitely a spark plug of our offense and guys who can make plays and for him to get hurt early on kind of altered our game plan a little bit for what we had planned with him. At the same time, it has got to be next man up. The next guy has to be ready to roll and execute.

(on the ruling on the  interception)

That was a situation where we got to want the ball more than the other guy. They did a good job of covering it downfield and that's the guy that's going to make the play. We just didn't make that play right there.

(on his confidence level)

My confidence is good. If you know me well enough that is not something that is going to change. I am very confident in my abilities to play this game, but at the same time it is definitely frustrating and it makes Mondays a lot worse to go to work and not having a win under your belt but really got to keep my head down, keep grinding for this week and get a win.

(on sense of his protection in this game compared to last meeting with Houston)

We did a lot of things that were quick stuff and chipping the edges. I really thought the one time we left (J.J.) Watt one-on-one, you know he made a play and that's the situation where we helped the guys out all day and they know when they are one-on-one they have got to make that play when we need it but I have to do a better job of holding the ball in the pocket right there.

(on his emotions)

Just frustrated. We are a better team than what we have shown a lot this year. You know, it's tough to put in the work each and every week and as hard as these guys work you know, you expect to win games and we just haven't been fortunate enough to do that.

(on if this game was especially more difficult since it was the season's final home game)

Yeah, we play for the fans, play for each other and we have kind of let everyone down in that regard. But, you know we work hard and the fans should know that, how hard we work. We want to win just as bad as they do and hopefully we can end the season on a high note and roll into the offseason with some confidence.

(on if he was surprised the way the game went)

Yeah, you know you were there, we really had a good week of practice. Energy was high, we were ready to roll. You know, I don't know what happened, but at one point it kind of seemed like everybody was just down on themselves and we couldn't get anything going to pick ourselves back up. So, we can't feel sorry for ourselves at this point. We got to show up tomorrow and get ready to work to win against the Colts.

(on if he found himself trying to lift the team up)

Yeah, I mean it's one of my jobs, but the easiest way to do that is to make plays on the field and we weren't able to make enough of those.

(on Coach Mike Mularkey taking blame for a couple of plays)

Yeah, I think that's just Coach (Mike Mularkey) jumping on a grenade for the rest of us. That's part of the job of the coach and the quarterback is to take the responsibility in all situations. That's not on Coach. We talked about that, harped on that all week. We can't give up sacks, we can't give them turnovers, really that's on the players.

(on if there was pride involved in preventing shutout)

You know all of us have to have a lot of pride and all of us weren't going to quit, especially myself. I was happy to get Tre (McBride) a touchdown today, that's big for his career. Hopefully, he can build some confidence this week to go into next week but also we know we got to play better to not be in that situation again.

(on hoping he has a chance to play in season finale)

Yeah, I believe so. I think I am definitely the guy to do that. I am looking forward to playing again next week.

(on what it take to defeat the Colts)

Yeah, it's going to be the team that makes the least amount of mistakes. Obviously we can't go in there and turn the ball over and have protection issues. We got to be able to make plays down the field. The last game we were in it. We got to avoid the situation where we let them back in the game, so we are going to work hard this week to get the fourth win of the year.


(on the Titans' loss today to the Texans)

We have to look forward to tomorrow, watch the film, see what we need to work on.  It's pathetic.  We say the same things each and every week … You've always got to look yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself 'Did you play 100 percent, did you do everything right, did you do everything correct?"  Nobody ever plays a perfect game, so I would never point a finger.  Because if you point a finger, someone can always point it back at you.

(on what he looks forward to in 2016)

Hopefully, I'll have the opportunity to continue to play. That's all I ask for. But if there is no opportunity or what not, then you've got to move on.  I mean, the world's going to continue to keep spinning.  It's never going to stop for one person.  So, at the end of the day, I want to continue to play, but that's all I ask. I want that to happen, but if that's not in God's plans, then you got to look for something else. Where one door closes, another one opens.


(on the Titans' defensive effort)

I feel like we were giving good effort, but just couldn't make plays when they mattered.  We couldn't get off the field at times.  That's what hurt the second half.  We just gave them too many big plays.  I don't feel like we did our job, because we just couldn't make the plays when it mattered.  I know myself included.  I wasn't perfect.  We just couldn't get off the field in the second half and that really hurt us.

(on what he is looking forward to in 2016)

Just looking for a better year, next year.  Just hoping that it will get better, because this record of 3-12, it's tough, you know.  There is a lot we can and will improve on, so just hoping for a better year, next year.


(on how he felt the Titans' defense played today)

I don't know.  We didn't play good, overall.  Everybody.

(on the Titans improving in 2016)

We're definitely going through growing pains, but we've definitely got the team to get better.  We're going to reload, put this behind us and look forward to the future.  We definitely have a bright future ahead of us.  Get guys back healthy, kind of reload in the offseason, and give it a better shot next year.  So that's the main point of us finishing strong, to finish this Colts' game strong.  Hopefully, we'll get the 'W', and that will kind of feed us into the offseason.


(On today's result)

They were just better than us today. They came out and played very well, very physical and fast. It helps when you give them 10 points, that's hard to come back from.

(on whether the result is shocking)

I would say it's shocking. Everyone looked excited and ready to go out and play. They had more             energy than us today.

(on turnovers and penalties)

(Having) a turnover and a penalty in the same play hurt, gave them seven points.  That really doesn't help us out at all.

(on if this is a wasted season)

I don't see it as a wasted season. I look at it as whatever happens the team can look at positions and see what changes need to be made.

(on what the message is this week)

The message is to finish strong; we got to go out with a win. We wanted it today and it didn't happen, we got one more game to get that win going up to Indianapolis. I think it will be a great opportunity for us to go and get that win, especially in Indianapolis.


(If the knee was twisted or hit)

I can't put a finger on it, I don't even know. I'll see tomorrow when I watch the replay on the film.

(On what he found out when he tested the knee)

That my knee wasn't stable enough, to go out there, I wanted to go out there but the doctors didn't think it was ok for me to go out there. The doctors thought that I could hurt it worse. I didn't want to take chances so I didn't go out there.

(On if it was the same injury as before)



(on if they did anything they weren't expecting)

Not really, they stepped up their game plan and executed it better than we did. They made the plays they were supposed to make. We put ourselves in a bad situation starting out the game getting down. They were able to control the ball better than we were able to control it.

(on what he wants from the team this week before Indianapolis)

Same thing they have given me all year, hard work. Things just haven't fallen out into place. As long as they keep working hard I'm proud of them.


(opening statement)

Good game, good team win. Guys played physical, started fast, especially the defensive play there, and that was good to see, and I thought Brandon (Weeden) came out in second half and we played well offensively, so it was a good team win.

(on adjustments made in the third quarter)

You know we just came in at halftime and we felt like there were some things that we hadn't called yet and we felt good about those plays based on what Tennessee had been doing the first half, and if they stuck to their game plan maybe these things would work, and that's what we decided to do.

(on how important it was to get this win)

It's important, I think any time you come on the road in the division and you get a win like this where you're really… you play a really good game, you know, where you dominate defensively, and offensively you're playing with a new quarterback basically and you come in here and special teams was better today, which was important for us, and so I just give a lot of credit to our players. They prepared and they were ready to go this game.

(on what recent performances say about Brandon Weeden's future)

Look, he's a professional football player. He comes in every day to work from the day he got here. He puts in extra time. He's a really good passer of the football, he throws a really nice ball, he works extra with the receivers and the tight ends and the backs to get the timing down, and he did a nice job for us today.

(on what it would mean to make the playoffs this year after starting 2-5)

I think it's a long season. I really think it's a long season, and I know that it didn't start out the way any of us wanted it to, but I think that the guys in that locker room…give credit to the players in that locker room, they stuck together, they kept working, they are a very hard working football team. At the end of the day, the only thing we need to concern ourselves with is what we do, how we practice, how we prepare, how we get ready for the Jacksonville Jaguars. We've got to turn the page here. This game's over, we'll review the film a little bit, but we've got to move on to Jacksonville, who's a much improved football team since the last time we played them, so it's a big game for us and we're glad it's at home.

(on what he would like his impact to be on the team)

Just try to coach the team, try to do the best I can to coach the team every day, every week.

(on the job offensive coordinator George Godsey has done preparing the quarterbacks)

He does a good job. He spends a lot of time with them. He and those guys, I think they were in here on Christmas, you know a lot of us were in here working hard, and the quarterbacks were in here, so I think the guy puts a lot of work in. He works extremely hard and most of the time he spends with the players, with the quarterback, and I think the players respect that and he's done a good job with these guys.

(on what factors play into who may start in playoffs)

I think we have to play to win. I think the bottom line is we need to win. I don't think we can look at any scenario, this scenario, that scenario, I believe that we need to play to win. Houston Texans, every time we take the field, we need to play to win. That's what I believe.

(on the plan for B.J. Daniels)

I think you saw it. That was kind of what it was, it wasn't pretty, but he just got here a week ago. I think we need to give that one time. I really like B.J., I think he brings an element to our team that we need and it's competitiveness, it's kind of a different skill set. He can do a lot of different things. He only did one or two things today, but he does a lot of different things. He can play receiver, he can return punts, you know we didn't ask him to do all of those things today. Good guy to have on a team.

(on putting a lot of trust in Daniels for being on the team for less than a week)

He's a pro football player. When they're getting paid to do these things, that's what they get paid to do.

(on DeAndre Hopkins this season)

He's had a really good year. At times it's probably been frustrating for him because they have double teamed him and different teams and tried to take him out of the game, and he just keeps climbing. I think he works really hard, he's one of our hardest working players. He's always out at practice, so he never misses practice, hardly ever in my two years here, and that makes a difference. When you're always out there practicing, doesn't matter who the quarterback is, always working and putting the time in and it's paid off this year.

(on how essential DeAndre Hopkins has been)

He's a big part of what we do. He's an excellent football player. He can do a lot of different things at the receiver position, he can obviously jump up and catch the ball, but he's become a good route runner, he's got great hands, he's smart, he can do some things that help us in the running game. Sometimes the coverage is kicked towards him and it helps us in the running game, so he understands all of those things and he's done a good job for us.

(on DeAndre Hopkins' ability to play well with any quarterback)

I think it says something about him and the quarterbacks that he's played with that they've all adapted to him. They've been able to come in here and know that he's one of our better players and they better get to know him pretty well in the passing game, and then he's adapted to them. He talks to them, they communicate all of the time, they put in extra time watching practice film, watching game film, to make sure they are on the same page, and I think that's a credit to both groups.

(on setting the tone early in the game)

It was really important for us to come out and start fast. I think defensively to come out here and get that turnover, that takeaway for a touchdown was huge for our team. It really got us going and that's what we talked about all week, was being able to come out on the road and start fast, not dip our toe in the water and see how cold or hot it is, but to get going right off the bat, and I think that's what the guys did.


(on what today's win means to him as a starting quarterback)

It feels good. I think obviously, they gave us some opportunities on some short yard deals. I thought they played outstanding and really gave us a chance to win the field position battle overall. We had a couple of backed up drives, but we went out and started in good position. It feels good.  If you look back, I came in a couple games, we won those games. I haven't started, back-to-back-to-back games since obviously, the Dallas (Cowboys) and went 0-3. We play to wins games.

(on getting into a rhythm)

Just getting a couple of completions, easy completions. Those guys run great routes and got some separations and just try to pile those on one after another. We came out the first possession of the second half and ran the routes with six or seven yards of separation. From there, I think we just got comfortable. I've only been here for a month and so - get in a rhythm, get comfortable, start seeing things slowing things down. It starts with getting early and easy completions.

(on getting extra work with DeAndre Hopkins)

It's hard. It's week 16 and he's run a lot.  I'd rather him have fresh legs. We may get one or two in practice and a route or two after practice.  I'd rather him be fresh.  He's a playmaker. If I throw it to him one-on-one, his chances are pretty good. I don't want to wear him out, even though I may need him a lot more than he does.

(on it being easy to develop chemistry with DeAndre Hopkins)

Yes, I think so.  The thing about I like about Hop (DeAndre Hopkins), he's a quiet guy. He has a great demeanor about him. He doesn't come over hooping and hollering, going crazy and telling everybody to throw him the ball.  He has patience, he understands it, so guys like that I have a lot of respect for. I told him I would be stupid to not throw him the ball, so I am going to throw you the football.  He's a heck of a football player.

(on the team's focus)

We just come to work each and every day. I think it starts with the head coach. He instills that in us. You come in each and every day and just try to get better. Great leadership.

(on the team taking Bill O'Brien's mentality)

No question. He's from the Northeast, I believe. He has that toughness about him. Be physical, do your job and play hard. (We are a) blue collar team that finding a way to get it done.

(on having fun winning as a starting quarterback with as much at stake)

That's probably the most satisfying thing. We needed this one. As a team, we needed this one. It feels good personally, (but) I'm more excited for this team.


(on quick start today)

Good. It's a great way to start the day every time our defense can score in a game, especially to start it out like that. It's huge, builds momentum for your whole team and I think it was just the catalyst to get the whole day going.

(on winning in a near shutout)

In this league it's hard enough to win, so you just do it however you can, whatever way you can. I think everybody on the team did a great job today, offensively, defensively, everybody. Everybody knows we've been in a tough situation, we're now on our fourth quarterback on the year and I think the offense came out and did a great job. Defense did their job really well and it was a great day overall.

(on defense helping out offense to give them good field position)

It's huge. It's a team game. It's the ultimate team sport, so defense needs to put the offense in good position. Offense does a great job of holding on to the ball and getting it down the field and special teams helps out in all phases. I think our team really plays well together.

(on watching Monday Night Football)

I'm sure I'll check it out here and there, but quite frankly it really doesn't matter what anybody else does. We go out there, we win next week, that's all that matters.

(on how much Head Coach Bill O'Brien has helped get the team to this point)

I think our coaching staff has done a very good job all year long. Obviously, with a tough start, coming back out in the second half of the season and really taking control of what we wanted to do. I think you've got to give a lot of credit to the guys for not giving up, for working extremely hard on fundamentals, for doing what we need to do to get in this situation, despite adversity, despite setbacks. So, I think our players deserve a lot of credit.  **

(on his strip-sack)

I think the biggest thing is we didn't want it to be in the end zone. You know our defense holding on to a shutout, playing great all day, they get the ball down there on the 10-yard line, you don't want to let them in. And that's my job, not to let people in.

(on how it would feel to get into the playoffs with this team)

I think it's a testament to the players, I think it's a testament to the coaches. When we were 2-5 the whole world basically wrote us off and rightfully so. I don't blame anybody who was trashing the team at that point, but that's why we're the team and they're not. We go out there, we fight, we find out why it's not working and we fix it. I think that's what's so impressive and that's what I'm so proud of this team is that nobody packed it in, nobody believed what everybody was saying and writing about us. All we did was go out there and work to get to where we are today and here we are. We win next week and we're in.

(on what it's like to watch WR DeAndre Hopkins make those plays)

He's a very good player and he makes some very nice plays for us and especially in big situations. It's always nice to have a guy like that you can throw the ball up to and he's dependable.


(on his touchdown)

The quarterback trusted me. Gave me a chance to make a play one-on-one coverage, what else can I ask for.

(on QB Brandon Weeden's play today)

He did a great job, coming out with a lot of confidence now and that's the way he practices. So it was no surprise that he came out and put that kind of show up.

(on his performance this season)

I feel like I could've did a lot of things better. Even though I had a Pro Bowl season, I left a lot of yards on the field, so I've got a lot of room to improve in.

(on developing chemistry with QB Brandon Weeden)

I think it was easy because he's a smart guy. He has a very high football IQ. That's a credit to our coaching staff, bringing in guys that can come in and learn this offense quick.

(on whether it was frustrating with different quarterbacks)

It's definitely not frustrating at all. I find it as a challenge and a test. That's the kind of player I am. I love things like that. I love challenges, thrown my way. That's how I've been my whole life. I think the guys that they brought in have been very IQ football guys, so it definitely has not been frustrating. They got me in the Pro Bowl, so it's definitely not frustrating at all.

(on team responding to adversity)

It's just a credit to a lot of guys in this locker room. Having to…they just play a lot of football and keeping us up. When I came in, I was used to winning, but a lot of guys, even though we were out the playoffs, they were still telling us to keep our heads up, we have a lot to play for in the future. So, a lot of vets like Duane Brown and Vince (Wilfork) who has played a lot of football, you got to give those guys credit.

(on emotional day for WR Nate Washington)

Nate's always emotional. That's how he plays the game. You've got to love it. More so today, being in Nashville, a team that he liked and wanted to play for, but things didn't work out the way he wanted to, but I'm happy he caught the touchdown.

(on what it would mean to be in the playoffs)

That's what you play the game for, to be in the playoffs, post-season. That's what you put the extra work in, after practice, and in the offseason. I think it would mean a lot to everybody in this locker room.

(on his scarf)

Versace. My mother gave it to me for Christmas. I told her I'd wear it today. That's new style. If you were born in 1980, you might not know about it.


(on the game as a whole)

We came out here and just made sure that we pressed on the gas pedal early defensively to get that spark going and just continuing it on.

(on nearly getting a shutout on the road)

A shutout would have been great, but we went in there, we did our job and we did what we were supposed to do. We scored points and stopped them defensively as much as we could. Of course, they got one score in, but we did what we did.

(on the defense opening up the offense)

It is huge. You keep everybody in the game and it allowed the offense to get going.


(on Brandon Weeden)

He did a great job. He came in there and ran the offense.

(on what worked offensively)

I would just say that everybody stayed in their three-foot wall and did their job. When it got tough in there they just settled down and understood that we just have to keep moving the ball. Everybody just started settling down and started moving the ball.

(on if something has clicked for him in the past few weeks)

I would just say that everybody on the offense is just clicking. Everybody is in sync right now. We are playing great as an offensive unit.

(on the attitude the team played with)

We came in with a chip on our shoulder. We had to get this one and everybody understood what was on the line. The defense came in and played good starting it off for the offense and we just complimented everybody. All three phases complimented each other.


(on Brandon Weeden's performance)

Excellent job. As much credit as I can give to Brandon Weeden for being a professional, I have to give the credit to our coaching staff. This is constant with us. It doesn't matter who goes in at that position or who goes in and fills in anywhere. They find a way to make it happen. Coach (Bill) O'Brien and [offensive coordinator] George Godsey continue to stay in that lab and pluck away at some things that we might be able to do and stay consistent with that. That is exactly what we do.

(on what it says about the team to overcome so many obstacles during the season)

I think it is just a testament to the guys in the locker room. Coach (Bill) O'Brien has spoken all week about the things that we have been through throughout the season and the work that we have put in and the brotherhood that we have grown to be. Things were kind of rocky in the beginning, but here we stand as a complete family with new additions that come into our locker room every week, but we accept them with open arms. Obviously, if they are in our locker room, our coaching staff believes in them. If our coaching staff believes in them, we definitely stand behind them. It has been going good for us. The preparations throughout the week and at the end of the day the coaches are going to put us in the right position. They are going to make sure practice goes well and the schemes are right. But these guys in this locker room, they never lay down under any circumstances. Those circumstances that we are in do not determine our outcome. We come in here every week prepared to play Texans football, and that's what we did today.

(on scoring the touchdown against the Titans)

It definitely meant a lot. It didn't end well, coaching staff wise. But this city, and those players over there, they always believed in me. The fans here, I received nothing but love when I walked out of that tunnel. Unfortunately, it just didn't go the right way with the organization, but that is the way the game goes sometimes. That is the business end of it. I wouldn't give anything else but to be a Texan. I am so happy to be here in this brotherhood and with this coaching staff. Just the enjoyment of playing this game has definitely come back to me. The passion of going out there on Sunday's and loving football again is back. I am just happy and excited to be here.


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