Titans select cornerback Williams with final draft pick




(on where he thought he would be drafted)

It is just an unbelievable experience. Just being associated with the NFL is an opportunity of a lifetime and I knew it was a possibility that I might not even be drafted because of the small school status and things like that. After KU's Pro Day, I basically opened up some eyes and I kind of came to the realization that I may even get drafted. Some of the teams even talked to me about that possibility. I had it in my mind that I may get drafted, but as the draft went on and it was going into the seventh round and things like that, I said it was a possibility that I might not even get drafted.

(on what happened at KU's Pro Day)

That was definitely my chance, my opportunity, to put on a show for however many scouts were there. I knew that Aqib Talib was one of the best cornerbacks in the nation and he would be considered as a first round guy. If I could even match what he did or even do a little bit better, I would open some eyes and give myself a good opportunity to get drafted this year.

(on whether he matched Talib or did better)

I matched him. I think I did with the 40 and all that. It depends on who you talk to. They say I ran the fastest 40, some teams said it. I think I matched him on the 40. As far as DB drills, I think I was fluid coming out of my back peddle and exploding toward the ball and catching the ball away from my body. So I think I did a pretty good job.

(on how he kept motivated and working hard with the thought that someone would eventually find him)

I knew that I had been through a lot. I'm a firm believer that God does things for a reason. I have been through a whole bunch and he brought me out. I knew that if I continued to trust in him, that I knew God was going to set me up somewhere and it didn't even matter where I was going to go. I knew I was going to be a part of the NFL.

(on whether the Titans showed any interest)

The area scout was there. He showed great interest and he liked me. We talked for maybe 20 or 30 minutes after the Pro Day was over. We hit it off real well. I haven't heard from him since. For me to get that phone call from Tennessee it was a huge surprise, but a blessing at the same time.

(on what other teams showed interest)

Indianapolis, Green Bay, the Ravens, Cleveland, Atlanta, Oakland, the Texans, the Panthers, Seattle. Kansas City at one point. There were a whole bunch of teams. I spoke to every team basically within these last couple weeks leading up to the draft, so I figured I was going to get drafted.

(on what happened to cause him to leave Fordham)

Basically I was young and immature. I said some things to the coaches that I regretted. I actually went off on them and said some things that weren't right. I was being a young, immature guy who wasn't seeing the field and I felt like I should have been playing. I didn't know how to handle it then. It was a life learning experience and we just moved on from there and came to Washburn and it has been the best decision of my life.

(on why he picked Washburn)

Really they were the only team that was really interested. After some teams heard back from Fordham and they told them the situation many teams backed off and they didn't want me anymore. Basically, I went ahead and called Coach [Craig] Schurig thanks to Coach Milloy who was one of the coaches who was there at Fordham. He called Coach Schurig up and Coach Schurig said he would like to have me. We have been here ever since.

(on what he would have done if Washburn hadn't showed interest)

I don't know. I had a phone call from Bethune-Cookman. I probably would have gone to Bethune-Cookman because I was highly recruited by them out of high school. I probably would have went there too. I had to actually turn that organization down because I had already committed to Washburn.

(on whether he was aware of the Titans success with seventh round picks in the past)

No sir. I was not aware of anything that was going on with the Tennessee Titans at the time. I'm still unaware of it now. I really don't know too much about the Tennessee Titans. I wasn't brought up on a visit or anything like that. That is the funny thing about the draft, you can be picked up by a team that you really haven't really had any contact with just because they maybe like you from what they see on the field and what they heard from the area scout.

(on the scouting report that said he shied away from contact)

I don't know if I shy away from contact. I feel like I'm a smart tackler. I don't go up high because I weigh at the time maybe 175. I knew that I was undersized and things like that. I kind of did things to avoid too much contact because I knew with my frame unless I put on a lot of muscle that I was not going to be able to take the pounding every week, plus I was doing special teams and all that type of stuff. I thought I would keep myself healthy through the season because there were a lot of demands on me. I feel like I'm willing to hit anybody. It doesn't matter. I will come up and make tackles. I'm not going to wow you with my tackling skills. I'm not going to come up and make a big huge hit, but I know how to get somebody down. I think the league is built around that. It is tackling. You don't have to hit hard or make a lot of noise, you just have to get the guy down.

(on how much he weighs now)

I'm about 187 or 185, somewhere around there.

(on what cornerback in the league he compares himself to)

Honestly, I don't know. I try to emulate Champ Bailey's style with how he kind of stays at a slanted position with the quarterback. I try to emulate that into my game. I would have to say him. He is the only guy that I really looked at, at the time.

(on if he has something to prove as a seventh rounder from a small school)

Yes. I feel like I have plenty of things to prove. I'm out here to let everyone know that it doesn't matter what school you go to, as long as you can play football. Me being a small school guy doesn't mean I don't have big play potential. That is just how I feel.

(on if he had to look Washburn up on the map when he decided to go there)

Actually, I didn't know where Washburn was. I don't know. I didn't look it up on a map. I just really wanted to play football. It didn't matter where it was at. It could have been in Alaska. I would have gone out there and played football. I just wanted to continue to play the game because I knew I had messed up at Fordham. I just wanted to get back right.

(on his role on special teams)

Special teams I think is a vital part of the game. At Washburn that is what we were taught. Special teams is about field position in the NFL and it is about field position at the college level too. If you can dominate those things with special teams, you give your team a better chance to win. I feel like I can play well wherever they put me at. I can return kicks. I can block kicks. I can be a jammer or I can be a gunner or even I could return punts. I feel like I'm very versatile on the special teams level. I can play anywhere the coaches want me or need me to be.

(on whether Washburn has ever had a player drafted)

Yes. They've had several guys, I think maybe three or four. Last year, Trey Lewis went to Atlanta in the sixth round. He was our defensive tackle.

(on whether he has been watching the draft since this morning)

No I haven't. I actually went to church and wanted to get my mind right before because I knew it was going to be a stressful time. I went to church and basically came back home and just relaxed with friends and teammates and we watched the draft together.

(on what it was like when his named was on the screen)

I didn't see it until late basically because Tennessee called me and I ran out the room basically to hear what they were going to say because I didn't want to be around the noise. That is what happened.

(on what the noise was like in the other room)

It exploded because I was around teammates that I fought every down for and that I had basically lived with throughout my college life and we developed a relationship. They wanted to see me succeed and that is what I wanted to do on draft day was to come over with my teammates and enjoy that time with them.

(on if he is carrying the banner for Washburn)

I plan on doing that. It has already been on the map with Trey Lewis. He actually opened the door and I actually kind of walked through it.

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