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Titans Season Ticket Member of the Month: Chris Degenhardt

Name: Chris Degenhardt

Member Since: Since the beginning but in my name since '07

City/State: Nolensville, TN

Where did you grow up?

Antioch, TN

Where did you go to college?

I joined the US Airforce after I graduated high school. I didn't have the opportunity to go to college until later in life and went to the University of Phoenix at night and on the weekends.

Favorite moment from the 2020 season?

There were so many it's hard to boil it down to 1. Seeing the Team come together is exciting. If I had to boil it down to one moment, it would be winning the game the second round of the playoffs. It had been so long since we had gotten to this point and it is an elite moment that not every Team gets to.

Favorite Titans Player? (past or present or both!)

Again this one is hard to put into one single player. If you force me to one, it would be Air McNair, the late but great Steve McNair. The adversity he played through. The victories he led us into, the man he was, all are very admirable. I would say close second would be Eddie George. But how can I not mention Vandenbosh, Hainsworth, and Kerse and so many more. We have one of the greatest quarterbacks in the league right now. We have unequivocally the best running back in the league right now. Maybe ever! So how do you boil it down to just one?!?! We can't forget Mr. MTSU too! Always good to have a home town guy on the field.

Favorite Nissan Stadium Moment?

The Music City Miracle for sure, but man we have had several close to that over the years.

Favorite Away Game Moment?

It's hard to boil it down to one, I will give you one we saw in person. My wife Angi and myself traveled to our playoff game in Kansas City in 2018. We were definitely the underdogs and the crowd was slinging their arms forward in our face with their KC Chants. I remember when the momentum changed and we got a first down. I gave the first down chant with my arm extended and was actually told by the fans around us we couldn't not cheer and that we were rubbing it in. We were of course thinking umm y'all have been doing that all game. Then we got another first down and another. All of that leads me to our moment. Mariota throws the pass into the end zone to Corey Davis, it's batted back by Darrelle Revis, Mariota grabs it and dives into the end zone! The fans around us literally get up, leave and never come back. By the end of the game the Titans fans who traveled to KC were the only ones left in the stadium. What a game and what an experience!

What are some of your Gameday traditions?

We have friends we tailgate with when we can. Bringing our kids and now grandkids to the game are some of our favorite times together. Win or lose it is our family time together, of course we want them to win every game! My best friend and his family enjoy going with us as well. When we don't get a chance to tailgate before the game, my tradition is to eat a Papa John's pepperoni pizza. We started 2 tickets in the nose bleeds, we moved to the Club seats a few years ago with 3 seats and ended up picking up 4 seats for this last season. So we rotate people who can go with us.

What is one item on your Titans bucket list?

See them play in the Super Bowl in person.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Pay things forward any time you can. People helped me get to where I am today and I try to help others as often as I can. 

Tell us a little about your life outside of the Titans (family, pets, hobbies, etc.)

Angi and I are newlyweds after dating 8 years, we got married in our backyard this past fall. We are blessed with 6 children and 3 grandchildren. 3 girls and 3 boys ranging from 13 to 30. We have 2 grandsons here in Nashville 7 and 5 and a 2 year old granddaughter in Birmingham. All of them are here except one. Our second oldest daughter is married to a soon to be Doctor completing his residency at UAB. We have a mini Ausidoodle puppy named Valentine. She is the sweetest and smartest puppy we have ever had. We have 2 Himalayan cats that are older and do not want anything to do with the puppy. We built a house in Nolensville and have been here about a year. We had a pool put in the back yard that was finished this past fall. Work, spending time with my new bride, kids, grandkids, and friends keep me busy. I traveled 50 weeks a year for work before Covid and we planned mini vacations around that travel. I still managed to get 52 flights in on Southwest last year, but that's still 100 less than previous years. We shall see what 2021 brings us. 

Best TV Show(s) to binge?

We recently watched the show Outlander, they released 2 seasons a few weeks apart so we were happy about that. We have binged Yellowstone and are ready for the new season and the 2 new spin offs. 

2021 Free Agency Predictions?

I sure would have like to see us end up with JJ Watt. I would like us to keep Desmond King. Jonnu Smith with a franchise tag. Corey Linsey would be a great pick up as well as Hunter Henry. 

And with the 22nd Pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans select.....

Azeez Ojulari

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