Titans-Seahawks Postgame Quotes



(Opening…) At the end of day, around 8:00 or 9:00 o'clock, there will be 12 teams that are moving on, and there's 20 teams that are going on. There are probably 16 or 18 teams today that didn't have much to play for other than a win, and maybe the future. One exception with that was our football team, that had a lot to play for today. I can't tell you how proud I am of them. It was a very unselfish commitment to one, winning the football game and two, to reaching some milestones that were very, very important to the entire football team, including the defense and the special teams. No one would have thought when we started the season that we would be done, but that was our own doing early; but I'm very, very proud of this football team and what they were able to accomplish the last 10 weeks, and specifically finishing with this win tonight, and the things that we've accomplished with our young running back.

(On the disappointment of Chris Johnson not breaking Dickerson's record… )We had thought all week and had anticipated that we would get a tremendous defensive effort out of their defense, and we did. They dug in and tried to stop the run, and I thought they did a nice job. I was disappointed that we had the long one called back; I haven't seen it, I'll look at it. A lot of people today got to see what our offense and CJ is all about, even though it was called back. They can see what he's done for us all year.

(On how hard it was to keep the offense balanced, and prevent them from loading the box on Johnson…) Well, they loaded it every play; that's what you have to do. Vince made some plays and kept us in the ball game with some great throws. We converted a lot of third downs, and with the last drive, we got the go-ahead touchdown, and hung on. This was a team effort.

(On the season as a whole…) Let me try to give you this analogy. Two weeks ago, I called upstairs to see what CJ had, at the end of the third quarter or start of the fourth, and I expected to hear 65 or 70 yards, and they said he had 120 or 130. It just happens like that. I think there is a lot more ahead for him. We will keep this offense intact, and it just shows you what he is capable of doing. Those are hard yards today, and I think you have to compliment him, because throughout the season, throughout the difficult start, but even down the stretch, I think he maybe took two practices off. He practiced every single day, and that's an amazing feat.

(On whether they had prepared with a number of carries for Johnson…) No, you can't, because he has shown that he can go from any place. I talked to the team last night about difference scenarios that may came up, and that we may have to some things that might be slightly unusual to try to achieve these goals, and they were good about it. But, this couldn't have worked out better for us. To win the game and also to accomplish what we did.

(On coaching to win the game and also getting the 2000 yards…) Once I got word that he had hit the 2000 mark, I wanted to win the football game.

(On the administrative discussion near the end of the first half…) My time clock didn't expire on the first field goal; it happened too quick, and I was just talking about some administrative things with that. That was done correctly; I chose to use the 10 second runoff, rather than give up the timeout, because the clock was still running after the last play; I didn't need to stop the clock. That's an option that you have.

(On how important it was for Gerald McGrath to make a big play…) It's just a great play. We had a number of opportunities in that last drive; we had him nearly on the ground, we had some opportunities there, and we didn't take advantage of it. Matt is a good quarterback; it's unfortunate for him to have the season end on an interception, but he's a good quarterback, and we knew that he was going to bounce back after the last couple of weeks.

(On how he feels finishing 8-8 after an 0-6 season…) It's probably one of the more gratifying years that I've had, just because of the way they hung together and what they did. I don't know that I've had many teams that would have been able to overcome that; the uniqueness of the guys in the locker room; they're special.


(On whether he knew when he went over 2,000 yards… ) I knew when we got the long run that I was over 2000, but I think it was the next series, I can't remember which play it was.

(On what it means to get 2,000 yards…) It means a lot for me to get to 2,000 yards; only the sixth player ever to do it, and especially that we got the win today, and we finished up 8-8, and hopefully we get some momentum going into next year.

(On whether he is tired after 36 carries…) I'm not really tired, I'm just happy about getting 2,000 yards and the victory. It's not weighing down on me or anything like that. I'm not paying too much attention to that.

(On how he felt after the 62-yard run was called back because of a penalty…) It was very disappointing. It was a great play, and the line blocked the guy right, and we felt it wasn't a holding, but the refs they get paid to do their job. We knew it would get us closer to our main goal, which we were focusing on.

(On the biggest goal they had…)It was Eric Dickerson's record.

(On what some of the Seahawks said to him…) They told me that I wasn't going to get it on them, that went on the whole game. They played a tough game, a hard game, they have a very fast defense; they were running around making plays, but our offense won out in the end. Neither team had a chance of getting in the playoffs, so our goal was to come in and run the ball, and their goal was to come in and stop the run. They didn't care too much about us throwing the ball, they just wanted to stop the run.

(On whether he welcomes the opportunities to be one of the big faces in the league…) Yes, very much. That's what every guy wants who plays any sport; they want to be the next Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant or whoever you want to name. They want to be that guy, so I'm just going to continue to run hard. I didn't get the record, but that's what's next for me, that will be my goal coming into next year. That will be something that I can run hard for.

(On the disappointment of not breaking Dickerson's record…)It's a little disappointing. We still got 2,000, but that big run that called back, that hurt us a lot. It's kind of a disappointment, but it's only my second year, so I'm sure I'll have another opportunity of doing that.

(On the team's performance in 2009…) We could have easily been a playoff team, if we could have won two or three games out of the first six. We know next year we can't start off behind the 8 ball like that.

(On what happened on his fumble…) I'm not sure; I'll have to see the film. When I got in the open, I looked at the goal line; he caught me from the side, and knocked it out of my hands.

(On whether he thought it was realistic to break Dickerson's record at the start of the day…) Yeah, everybody thought it was realistic; 234, that's possible any time you're playing this game, getting 36 carries.


(On how important it was to ensure Chris Johnson got 2,000 yards…) It was very important as a team, the things C.J. did this year as well as our offensive line. Everybody put in a lot of hard work to get C.J. to where he is today. Like I said all this week, I'm just happy to be a part of it, to make history with him. He's going to be a great player. This is just his second year, that's the crazy part.

(On Seattle emphasizing run defense…) Somewhat. It was tough. The crowd was into it. Much respect to the Seahawk fans out here. What I can say is the biggest thing we had to do is just stay on the football field and convert on third downs. We kind of started off slow a little bit, but after the second half came in, coach gave us some great calls to make opportunities to make our first downs. I'm happy for C.J., definitely.

(On the importance of him bouncing back from a tough week last week…) Each week is important for me. It's a challenge for me each week to go out and accomplish the things that I want to accomplish as an individual. Things happen as a quarterback. You make mistakes and things like that. You've just got to learn from those mistakes. Everyone throws an interception. It's just how you bounce back.

(On if he saw the holding call…)No, I was just watching the screen, watching him run down the field. Every time he gets a big run or a big pass like that, as a quarterback you look around and see if there are any flags on the play. When I saw that, it kind of upset me a little bit. But at the same time we still need to score on this drive to get the victory.

(On summarizing C.J.'s season…) I know C.J., I know he's definitely happy with everything that has happened, hows things played out. They could be better. We could have made the playoffs to get him some more yards. But at the same time, as a team, you saw how our defense was getting us the ball back. They played a great, outstanding game without one of our leaders. They did a tremendous job of getting us the ball back. When he gets the ball in his hands, C.J. does it.

(On if he was surprised he threw as often as he did…)No, not really. We already knew the game plan. Coach wanted me to end the season with a 90 rating. The interception kind of brought that down. But at the same time, when I got in my rhythm to take the edge off of C.J. That was my job to do today—to keep the defense off of C.J. and complete my passes down the field.

(On settling down on third down later in the game…)That was the biggest thing we were talking about at halftime. We were making good plays but we weren't converting on third downs. When we came back in the second half that was the big thing that we wanted to do—to keep C.J. out there. Our defense did a phenomenal job of stopping those guys as well.

(On taking a knee late in the game…)I was just happy. I was having fun. I was having fun the whole game. To me, when we play loose, laughing and joking, I think we play better, when we're having fun. I'm just happy we finished the season, especially after how we started.

(On if he wants to make any pledge for next season…)Super Bowl. Super bowl. Super Bowl. My prediction is that we are making it to the Super B owl. The fact is, I'm going to work so hard in the offseason, so I can lead my teammates better. That's what I want to leave with right there.

(On his season…)I'm pretty pleased with it. My offseason last year, all the things that happened to me and definitely things that I have learned from Kerry Collins and [offensive coordinator Mike] Heimerdinger. I'm getting to know the game a little more. I'm pretty pleased with how I finished the season. It could be better, but at the same time, starting off in the middle of the season how things progressed, that we could have made it to the playoffs and things like that, I'm pretty happy with how I finished the season. But at the same time, next year I'm planning on having an even better year.


(On the positive finish…)"That was the thing, we wanted to win the game and we knew that the yards for CJ [Chris Johnson] would come. We knew that if we just kept with the running game and worked on it that the record would come. It's a bad thing that his long run got called back but he still got 2000 yards and that's something we can hang our hat on for the season."

(On how special Chris Johnson's 2000 yards is for them…)"We knew that CJ he is always a step away from taking it all the way. He's just a breakaway guy that can take a simple stretch play eighty yards at any point. We know he's a special back and if we hold our blocks just a little bit longer he can make something happen."

(On if the rushing yards were harder to come by today…)"Their whole mentality was that they weren't going to let us get that record. It goes to show that we kept on it and kept hammering away the running game. We are just glad that we were able to do it for CJ."

(On what he's going to ask Johnson for…)"You better ask him. I am not asking for anything. I am not getting into that."

(On having a share in a 2000 yard rusher…)"It's an unbelievable feeling to know that you're a part of history. Not a lot of guys have gotten 2000 yards. It's definitely something that we can look back on and say that we were part of this."


(On the team's recovery from 0 and 6 to 8 and 8…)"People think that teams that are 0 and 6 just roll over and die and we didn't do that. We kept fighting and coming back and we were still in the playoff hunt until last week. We won't give up and we're going to keep working not matter what the situation is."

(On what Chris Johnson's 2000 yard season means…)"It's a great thing to have. There's only five other lines that can claim that. It's a heck of an accomplishment. Eleven 100 yard games in a row. That's hard to do in this league. Especially when people know that you're going to run the ball. That's what we do and we still go out and do it on them. I take pride in that and I think the other guys on this line do too."

(On Johnson's game today…)"They weren't going to give up the big play and they did a pretty good job of that. He took some shots, but he's a pretty tough back. That's what you have to do and that's why it's hard to get to 2000 because a lot of backs can't take those shots and get back the next week."


(On Chris Johnson reaching 2000 yards…)"There are a lot of great backs that have played this game that never reached that milestone. For CJ to do it at such a young age is a phenomenal performance."

(On Chris Johnson's marketability and his season…)"I certainly hope so. If you can get a Chad Johnson then you can get a Chris Johnson. Chris is such a good kid and I talk to him so much throughout the offseason about how he hasn't even reached his potential. I knew that there was so much more there. He set a goal and people kind of laughed it off. Each and every week as he got closer and closer people realized that it was attainable. I am proud of him and we were really going for the big one. I need to see the replay. I walked up to David Hawthorne and I said you're messing with history and he said it was legit."

(On the long run that got called back…)"It was an isolation. What goes on in the hole stays in the hole. I am not complaining, but Hawthorne said it was legit."

(On how the team responded to being 0 and 6…)"Everybody pegged us to lay down and we didn't. We certainly could have. How many coaches in this league can start out 0 and 6 and right the ship. During the bye week people were talking about firing Coach Fisher. I haven't heard much about that since. That's in the past as far as I am concerned."


(On Chris Johnson…)It makes you want to go on the field get a three and out just so you can give him the ball. The things he's done, I have never seen done in my life and not in my time. Just to be a part of his accomplishment is a big deal to me.


(On blocking for Chris Johnson…) As an offensive unit in particular, the offensive line and the fullback, me being an extension of the offensive line. It is a dream come true to block for such a dynamic back. That means you are really in an elite group. It has only been done six times and this thing has been going for along time. That say's it is about his unity… He's a unique back. I think he's the best back in the league. I don't think anyone could contest with that.

(On the Seahawks defense…) Their main goal was to stop the run and we were able to break a few.

(On Chris Johnson's character…) Regardless of what he looks like with the braids and everything, a lot of people try to stereotype him. Chris is a good guy, a great guy, he does not get in trouble. He definitely should be up there with the rest of the guys in place of the league according to his accomplishments. He definitely has the personality to do it. [break the record]

(On approaching Dickerson's record…)We came so close with that run back. It is kind of mixed feelings for me. I definitely wanted CJ to go in the all-time record books as the all-time single season rusher.


(On the game…) We had a game plan to try and get CJ 2000 yards today. As a defense we started out strong. Things kind of got wobbly here towards the end. We were kind of down a little bit, missing two starting linebackers, starting defensive tackles. Jevon Kearse was not there either. We were kind of down, but I mean as a whole I think we pulled it out and ended this game off with a bang, especially Coach Fisher never beat Seattle. I think that was a positive note.

(On Chris Johnson's season…) Unbelievable, I am just glad he is on our team. Some of the runs that Forsett had today, I would hate for that to be Chris Johnson. He would have gotten around that corner and touchdown guaranteed. He ran great today and throughout the season he carried this team even when we were 0-6. He still carried this team on his back.

(On the second half of the season…)To go 8-2, that is positive. It is something to look forward to going into the off-season. Since I have been here, we have always lost the game going into the off-season with sour tastes in our mouths and losing playoff games. It is the first time with a win going into the off-season. We can look back since our bye week and go from there and see what type of team we are. To go 8-2 and see some of those games go were close loses here and there. I think right now everyone knows what we have. We are going to work towards next season.




(On the two Seahawks challenges on the Titans' final scoring drive…) They were big plays in the game at that point, and I thought I had a pretty good view of the first one, and it looked to me like his left foot was up in the air, but he got his knee down. One knee equals two feet, in the parlance of the rules. On the second one, it looked to me like he didn't get the ball over. Ed came over, and I'm not allowed to say what he said to me, but he was honest. I just felt I needed to challenge.

(On what message he gave to the team after the game… )My message will come tomorrow. The messages after games are sometimes emotional, so I think you need to sit back and really sit about what you want to say, and I haven't had a chance to do that yet. Tomorrow we will meet at 11:00, and that's when I'll send them off.

(On why he felt he needed to throw the challenge flags…) I didn't think he caught the first one, and I didn't think he was in on the second one. And if it was going to be Fourth and that much, then I'm challenging them. I'm not quitting.

(On having good things happen, but still not getting a win…) We moved the ball okay; we've struggled in the red zone, and we did again today, and that's where you have to excel. We just don't have a lot of margin for error on this football team right now. So, it's tough for us to overcome when we get those opportunities and we don't capitalize. It's difficult for us. I thought they had a good week of practice and they played hard, but once again, when we say that and they lose, it's empty.

(On stopping Chris Johnson…) What did he average per carry? About 3.7? That's pretty darn good against that guy, 3.7. Thank goodness they had a holding [penalty] on that one.

(On the last play of the game, the Fourth down…) We thought they were going to play 2-man, and we were trying to run a 2-man route, and they played Cover Two. Matt just tried to get something going there. I'm not exactly sure who he was trying to throw it to, I'll have to look at the film. My eyes are everywhere. We had our opportunities on that drive; we had the drop on second down, which hurt us. But, we still need to find a way to get it in there.

(On how he feels…) 30 seconds ago extreme disappointment, right now I'm going to stand here and tell you that I don't know what my feelings are right now. I can't answer that honestly.

(On whether he is secure in the knowledge that he is coming back as coach next year…) I haven't given it a second's thought.

(On how the guys played today…) That's a great question. I feel like when you lose and you lose the way we've lost some of the games in the last few weeks, there's a perception that guys quit. I don't think guys ever quit at this level. I think at times, our team has gotten maybe a little despondent, is the word, a "here we go again" type of attitude that sometimes happens when you're struggling. Today we didn't get that. It's something we have to fight through and find a way to purge. When you have two seasons that are unsuccessful, like we have, back to back, that's common. But, it can't be accepted, so we have to way to purge any of that from our culture. It's not a problem, you have to find a way to purge it, and the best way to purge it is to win games. So, it's like a catch-22 sometimes. You have to have the right people, and you have to send the right message, and you have to continue to do that, and then you got to have success, and then you get rid of that. That's what it takes.

(On the struggle to score points…) We've struggled to score points. I don't know that it comes down to just that, but we have struggled to score points; that goes without saying. All you have to do is look at the scoreboard there. We have to figure that out.

(On why the team has struggled…) It's some of the things that we've had to overcome this year, starting from the very beginning, in terms of some of the things that are well documented. I'm not even going to use the "I-word". We just don't have a lot of margin for error. It's hard for us right now to score easy. It's hard for us to score an easy one. It takes a lot of work for us to go down and score right now.

(On whether this is a 5-11 football team…) We won 5 games, so we're a 5 and 11 football team.

(On Matt Hasselbeck's play…) He hung in there and he kept trying to win the game. It's hard for me to give you a great answer right after a game on an individual's performance, because I think it's important to look at the film, and see what transpired on the play that I might not have seen with my naked eyes. I don't get the opportunity to look at a replay right afterwards, so I know that he kept trying to win the game to the very last play. I know that about Matt, and that's indicative of the type of person he is.

(On a Fourth and 10 decision to punt…) It would have been a 54½ yard field goal. When we're kicking from plus-50, we move it back about a yard. It would have been 54½. That's a little bit out of our range, maybe. The wind was swirling, it was Fourth and 10, and I did not want to give them the ball on the 46 yard line, so I chose to punt it on Fourth and 10. I heard the boos, and I could understand that people would say, what the heck do you have to lose, go for it; but in my mind, we're trying to win a football game. That's why I did that.

(On whether his mentality was shaken at all…) I don't ever really approach life with a "what do you have to lose" attitude. I approach and my profession as "what can I gain by working hard and staying positive, and what does it take to succeed." I don't really ever think that way. I'm trying to win every football game that I ever go out and play. If I'm fortunate enough to continue coaching, then that's what I will continue to do, because I've had a lot of success with that attitude, and the great ones that I've been around have never just gone, "what do we got to lose." I've never been around a good coach that's done that, and I've been lucky to be around some great, great coaches.


(On the last drive where they could have won the game…)"Yeah. It was a fun drive. I felt like it was exciting to have the opportunity to go down and win it. Last game, last drive. The plays were there, I think. It's sort of the story of our season: opportunities were there, we didn't take advantage of them. I don't actually know what happened on the last play. I had Deon Butler open and I had to get it over a guy. Apparently, I didn't get it over him. So it's just disappointing, frustrating."

(On how good of a rhythm they were in on that last drive until the last few plays…)"Yeah. I think, at times today, we had good rhythm. We made some plays. We were explosive. Penalties hurt us at times, missed communication hurt us at times. You know, it's just too bad we can't just put it all together. I think that's the frustrating thing. I'm sure we're not that far away. I'm sure we're not. It doesn't feel that way right now. It doesn't feel that way. This year, it didn't really feel that way. But you know, I just can remember when we weren't good, and the coaching staff or veterans on the team [would] say to me or say to other guys, 'Hey, listen, I've been on good teams, and we're not that far away. If we all just tune it up, tighten it up, believe, buy in, we can get on the right side of winning and losing games.' And we did it, and we mastered it for a little bit. And now we're on the other side of that right now. It doesn't feel like it, but I'm trying to remember that advice from before, and just remember the recipe for success. Part of it's believing and buying in, and part of it is just straight up hard work and execution. But there were moments today where it felt like us again. That was fun."

(On whether the coaching changes this offseason were harder to acclimate to than he had anticipated…)"No. I knew it would be hard. We weren't lighting it up offensively last year either, though. No, I knew that would be hard. I think, it's unfortunate, but late in the year, I think everything started clicking. We started figuring out what we want to be good at, and what each guy brings to the table, and you know, I think we're still trying to figure that out a little bit. We just got to work at it."

(On whether he thinks there are issues in terms of some players not buying in…)"I don't know. I think, if you have a season like this, I think you got to really take a long, hard look in the mirror, each of us as players. That's something that I got to do. That's one of the things that I'm going to do. You know, just try to figure out, what can I do to improve? When I say 'buying in,' it's not so much like…partly it's just believing in yourself, and…just having a little confidence, you know? I don't know. I mean, there's no answer. We all got to answer that for ourselves."

(On how frustrating this year has been for him…)"It's been really, really frustrating. But there've been some good things about it. Even though it's been a bad season and a tough season, I feel like I've learned a lot through it, and I feel like there's some young players on our team with a lot of talent. They're going to look back, much like I was able to, and just remember how this year went. And I also believe that we are doing things the right way. So that's very important. I think that's important. What we say is important, I believe really is important. Things like teamwork, and counting on the guy next to you, that kind of stuff. I probably need a breather for a little while."

(On that last throw…)"Yeah, I still thought I got it over the guy, but maybe I didn't. Disappointed."

(On what he thought happened on the last play…)"I thought I heard the crowd cheer, so I thought it was complete, and then…I don't know. I'm not sure. I was confused when I came out."

(On his progression on that play, and whether Butler was the first option…)"No. I was going middle, left, back to the right. I was going to take a shot down the pipe to…a two-on-one to Deion and TJ on that side, and the safeties cheated over real hard trying to take it away. I tried to come back to Deon Butler and, yeah."

(On whether he intended to block on Justin Forsett's run…)"No. It's exciting though. As a quarterback, you just get hit all the time. You never get to hit anyone. So it's a good way to let some frustration out."

(On what happened on the confusing play where he was hit well after the play ended…)"I don't know. It was loud. We were doing the wave. I don't think they heard the whistle. I'm not sure what happened."

(On why there was no roughing the passer call on that play…)"The ref told me he didn't see it."

(On whether he has any procedures scheduled for the offseason…)"I don't think so. We get our exit physicals. I don't know. We'll see."


(On how much the big plays that the offense was able to make today helped them…)"They made a humungous difference. I thought we ran the ball really well today. Our offensive line really did an excellent job. You know, it's just a shame that we waited for so long to really get going. Everybody fought hard, but…that's kind of been the story all year long."

(On whether it's safe to say that the team has enough there that it won't have to start from scratch next year…)"Yeah. But you never know what can happen at the end of the year, so God willing, everybody stays, and we get another chance to rectify the situation. We definitely won't be starting from scratch next year."

(On what he was able to accomplish—or not accomplish—this year personally…)"There's a lot of things. Some I don't want to talk about. Obviously, my personal goals weren't met. Team goals definitely weren't met. For me, I always go back to the drawing board, hit the reset button and start all over, and try to make it happen the next year."


(On the end of the game…)"It was pretty close with two minutes left. I thought there was no way that we weren't going to score. It's like the story of our season, close but no cigar."

(On the season…)"It's tough to lose period no matter how many in a row. This year we lost eleven games. I have lost that many two years in a row. It's tough because my body feels great and I feel like I could play a whole season right now, that's how I feel. You always in the offseason are waiting for the season to start. It's going to be a long offseason, but I feel great and I will probably start working out in a couple of weeks."

(On if he has ever been a part of an offense that struggled like this…)"Last year in Cincinnati we struggled, but you can point that to the fact that Carson [Palmer] didn't play. I have always been on teams that offensively we move the ball up and down the field. This is probably the first time that you can say it has been like this."


(On the end of the game…)"The way the game ended kind of epitomized the way the whole season has gone. We did some good things and moved the ball there at the end, but we didn't make enough plays to win the game."

(On what Coach Mora said to the team after the game…)"He's proud of the fact that we continued to fight, have a good attitude and work hard and do all of those things. It was the same thing last year, we continued to fight. We're judged in this profession on wins and losses so it's tough."

(On what needs to be done to make this team better…)"That's not my job to figure out. I am sure the coaches and the front office guys are going to be on top of it and we're all expecting big changes so we will see what happens."

(On his touchdown celebration…)"I always wanted to do that growing up playing basketball. Seeing Tony Gonzalez always do it. As I was approaching it I was thinking that I better make sure that I get up there."

(On if there was a turning point in the season where things went south…)"I guess we started off winning twenty eight to zero against the Rams and going 4 and 0 in the preseason. So we were feeling good. From that point on we had opportunities. We'd get close and move the ball, but then we'd stumble. It's frustrating because offensively we didn't score enough points and didn't execute well enough."


(On Chris Johnson's second touchdown…)"I mean, I should've gotten over him. When the play happened, he was running so wide, and when I did get over the top, we all thought it was going outside…And then he cut back, and they gave him a touchdown."

(On whether he thought he was held on the play…)"A little bit. But I mean, that's the nature of the business."

(On why Johnson was able to break the 62-yard run that was subsequently called back on a holding penalty…)"It was just a matter of, I was inside and I was supposed to be inside of the play, and our outside linebacker was supposed to be outside of the play. It was just a missed gap on our end."

(On whether he was the player who was held on that play…)"Yeah, I think so…I was inside of him, so I wasn't trying to get over the top of him, you know what I'm talking about? If he held me, he held me, but my responsibility was inside of him. So I wasn't going to fight. He wasn't stopping me from getting over the top because I wasn't trying to get over the top."

(On whether he thought that Johnson's touchdown would stand on that play…)"Yeah. Yeah, to get a guy like that out in the open field, you see how dangerous he is and how explosive and fast he is."

(On how to deal with penalties…)"In football, guys are going to hold. Guys are going to clip, guys are going to push you in the back. Just do your job."


(On how a big focus of their game plan this week was to stop Chris Johnson…)"Yeah, it was on me at times. He had to carry it to achieve his goal, but we were definitely up for the task. He's an outstanding young player, a player that you really can't stop. I think you contain him or whatever, but I like the attitude that we brought. He got hit. He definitely had to work for it."

(On what he can learn from this season and carry into next season…)"Well, when you're out of the playoffs…like us or the Titans or any other team that's out of the playoffs—unfortunately, our scenario happened a little bit faster than most—you have to start building. You have to start seeing who you want to bring along with you, see what kind of guys fit your mode as a coach. You have a vision of what you want this team to be…See who's going to give up and quit, because you definitely won't want those types of players on your team. I can honestly say, me being in my fourteenth year, I'm really happy and glad to be around this team. The attitude that we showed down the stretch was the heart of a champion."

(On how the secondary improved over the course of the year…)"We just got stronger. We got closer, I think, on and off the field. It's a secondary that was patchwork for a little while waiting for Tru to come back, and the guys early on stepped in and did an outstanding job for him. I know we know we can get better. That happens over a period of time."



(On the holding penalty that called back Chris Johnson's long run…)"The ruling was that he was hooked with both arms at the point of attack, and pulled away from where the ball carrier ran right by him."

(On whether the penalty was engaged outside the shoulder pads…)"He had his arms around him like this."

(On who was being held…)"I don't know. We never get the number of the player."

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