Titans Rookies Visit Lipscomb Academy's Youth Football Camp

By Titans Community Relations

The 2014 Tennessee Titans rookie class visited Lipscomb Academy's Summer Youth Football Camp this week.

In the effort to involve the team's rookies in charitable activities, Titans Community Relations staff members believe the camp was a great introduction to the local community, allowing players to create a bond while making a difference.


Defensive back Marqueston Huff, one of Tennessee's two fourth-round picks, said he could relate to the campers from experiences he had growing up.

"Coming from the campers' position, I saw guys I admired and wanted to know their thoughts and how they looked at things," Huff said. "And actually being in shoes to inspire people is a great thing."

Titans Community Relations Director Tina Tuggle led a panel discussion based on Lipscomb's camp motto "Attitude – Work Ethic – Hustle - Pride – Class" (A. W. H. P. C.).  The purpose of the camp was to teach kids the proper way to play football and also identify the values within the sport. 

"So many people are trying to say how bad football is or how dangerous it is," said Lipscomb's head coach Scott Tillman. "We believe football is the greatest sport ever. There are so many lessons you can learn in football than any other sports." 

The campers, ranging from third to 12th graders, were given the opportunity to listen to words of advice from the rookies and ask questions, possibly benefiting their growth as student athletes. The 2014 class was eager for the opportunity and provided candid advice from lessons learned on their journeys and lessons they wished they had learned.  

Afterward, there was an overwhelming consensus of the positive impact felt by the rookies and campers. 

"It's such a surreal feeling," first-round pick Taylor Lewan said. "Having the opportunity and the position to influence kids' lives for the better, there's no greater feeling than that."

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