Titans' Reaction to Selection of Casey


(opening statement)

There's a bunch of guys that saw these guys along with me that have the same grades and stuff. Phil Neri, particular over the top guy, had high grades on this guy and really liked him, and we both saw him there. It's a Titans draft, it's not a one-man draft, it's all of us together. Phil Neri is the west coast guy that goes over the top for us and stuff. He does a great job. A lot of these guys he has seen along with me.  

(on Jurrel Casey's abilities as a run stopper and pass rusher)

You know what, he does both. He's a kid that is very quick off the ball, he penetrates. He's a disruptive player. He's got great instincts, finds the ball quickly, redirects. He's a good tackler, gets up field. He can play the run, he can go to the sideline and he can get up field to flush the passer. He's very quick and he can close on the passer. He gets free a lot in the gaps and stuff. He can shed, he operates on the move. He's a good player, plays with real good pad level.

(on him fitting into the 4-3 defense)

I'll leave that to coach here, but he's got the traits.


(on him fitting into the 4-3 defense)

Well to me, quickness, he played 4-3 again this year under the current defensive coordinator that is over there. He got off the football. Like he said, he's got great pad level. He can stop the run and he can get after the quarterback. That's what we liked about him, getting off the ball and he can also fight a double team.

(on Casey having any weight issues)

No, I think that's why we all took our jackets off. Big men don't need jackets on, trust me. The bigger, the better to me.

(on if they got bigger on defense with tonight's two picks)

Yeah to me, I think we have. We want to get more athletic. We got some athletic guys, we got some bigger guys. They are not just going to be big guys coming in. We want those guys that can run. Again, these guys can play most of the positions. They can play nose and three. We got the linebacker that can play hands down or stand up. You kind of look for guys that can do more than just one thing in the NFL right now and I think that is what we have accomplished today.

(on how much of a rotation he thinks the defensive tackles will have)

Well, you know, we got a guy that we didn't have on our roster. We got some fast, quick guys, but we didn't have a big guy and that's kind of something that we were kind of targeting. Try and get in there with guys that can stop the run and just so happens that Casey can do both, he can stop the run and get after the quarterback. He's a guy that gives us the luxury of doing both, that doesn't mean that he's not going to be on the football field on third down. Anytime a guy can pass rush, that's a plus for us. He could be standing right over the center, which on third down, most centers don't like that which would be a plus for us with a quick guy who can move one on one. Now, you can do a lot more things with your linebackers, with Ayers and guys like that. You again, you're trying to create a whole lot more mismatches on defense and I think that's what Casey gives us a lot on third down.  

(on how the team sees Jason Jones role changing with the addition of bigger guys)

Well like you said, we're kind of looking to get bigger. I think Jason would be good for us. I think he did a good job for us last year, it's just sometimes those big guards and centers get on you and now you're in trouble, you know, if you are playing 275, 265. So to me, I think you try to give him a break and create some havoc with him inside and outside, get him on the move a little bit, try to create some space for him to where he doesn't have to take that double team like he was doing a lot last year. 


(on it being a coincidence that all three picks so far are from the Pac-10 Conference)

No (laughing).I think it's just like we said, it's great scouting, doing a great job in the market. I just think it worked out that way. We had both guys, actually after we went up after the draft yesterday, we talked about who we thought would be around. Both of these guys are guys that we targeted. Like Jerry said, both of them are needs for us, the linebacker and the defensive tackle. We liked both of them but they were in the second round and it just worked out, obviously, great for us that we got both of these guys. 


(on what he has seen on film and where Jurrell fits in with the defensive line)

Well I think in a 4-3 package, you're trying to have as many inside, core of the 4-3, you're trying to have as many big guys inside and at the same time, athletic guys, not just a bump on a log. That's why I think Casey comes in, he has the ability to be athletic. He can possibly be a three and also play the nose tackle spot. So I think we got a guy that can play two positions there, and in the same breathe, we have players that are here that also can probably play two positions too.

(on if he has spoken with Nick Fairley)

No, I'm very proud for Nick and I'm glad for that but I'm more concerned about Casey. That's the guy we targeted, that's the guy I wanted, Munch wanted, Jerry wanted and it all worked out when we walked into the room so it was a great day.


(on if he has been trying to draft versatile players that can contribute at different positions)

No, I just think that adds value to what they want. I think Jerry (Gray) from the beginning, from the day he came in, from the first press conference I think that is the first thing he talked about is having guys that can do more than one thing for us.  How important that was for his defense, so he can put guys in good situations and have some flexibility in some of our schemes so we're not just having the same guys in the same spots.  Having some different choices, and I think you're seeing that unfold a little bit in the draft.  Obviously it's a great situation when you can find someone that can play two spots—like we have.

(on what they're draft board looks like heading into the final day of the 2011 NFL Draft)

I assume we're done for the night.  We have two fours coming up tomorrow, and then we'll go from there.  I think now that we addressed the three big needs that we thought coming into the draft that we needed to talk about, now I think it will be more of us knowing we have six picks left and we'll have an opportunity to take the best player on the board.  We can move around positions a little bit.  We can usually add another defensive lineman, linebacker, all the things that are available—a running back.  We can look at a lot of areas tomorrow depending on how the board sets up.

(on if the Titans' draft room got nervous when the Jacksonville Jaguars traded up to draft in the spot before they selected Jurrell Casey at No. 77)

Yeah, you always do.  You wonder, what made it even worse is they are in our division.  I think that is something that you get a little nervous when someone does that because you're not quite sure—you think you know what's going to happen in front of you, but you don't.  It's been interesting for me to be a part of this, to be in the room and see some of the things that do go on and you realize it's not as easy as you think it is to sit there and just hope these guys are going to fall to you.  There is a lot going on, there are phone calls coming in, there are things to consider.  Mike Reinfeldt, the general manager, does a heck of a job, he and Ruston (Webster).  There is a lot more going on, so you can appreciate that end of it.  As a coach I always saw the other end, now I see the preparation and actually some of the stress that goes into making those decisions.


(on if they are concerned about the pre-draft criticism that Jurrell Casey occasionally takes plays off)

No, not really.  To me, not to speak for anyone else, but I think he is a big man now.  You're talking about a guy that weighs over 300 pounds, so you're going to get tired.  The big thing you do is if you get tired, stand on the sideline, get your rest, go back out there, and that is going to be our answer.  Don't take breaks on the football field, and trust me I've been with some big guys that needed breaks; hold your hand up, I'll be watching.  Again, I'm pretty sure Rock's (Tracy Rocker) going to be doing the same thing, and to me we're talking about guys who are 300 and trying to get after the quarterback, trying to run and big guys don't like to run.  You know what, if you can give us the amount of plays that we think you're going to give us we'll have you on the sideline.

(on if there is any other specific type of player he would like to draft in the final four rounds)

Just as Mike (Munchak) said, we're trying to find the best available guys now.  We've actually gotten some guys who can help us, and when you look on the board, what else is there?  Do you have D-tackles, do you have linebackers, do you have some secondary guys that are there just outside the ball.  If those best available guys are there then I'm pretty sure we're going to pick those guys, but it could be on the other side of the football as well.


(on if the Titans' draft room has been in agreement with all three picks thus far or if there has been some disagreements)

No, it's been pretty calm really.  All three picks—I think Mike (Reinfeldt) does a good job of picking three or four guys when we get close to picking so we can all take a look at and talk about before our pick comes up just for the what if's in case someone does pick in front of us, so we have another option if we don't have an option to trade down, so we feel good about the pick.  We've been doing that, we're prepared for it, but it's worked out to where when our pick comes we've been able to get the guy we really wanted.  It has been pretty much where we've all been on the same page, so it's made a pretty easy two days in that regard.

(on if the Titans are looking to draft specific positions to fill needs on the roster with their remaining draft picks)

I think, like Jerry (Gray) said, on the defensive side you're still going to look to add in some of the areas that we did.  I'm sure if there is a safety we feel can help us, or a corner that can play multiple spots like we talked about with the defensive line and the linebacker, I'm sure we'll look at that.  Another big guy on the D-line, I'm sure if there is the right fit there we'd do that again—same thing at the linebacker spot.  On offense, we're going to take a look at tight end, which is always a tough spot in the draft because there's not as many, so we're going to see if something unfolds their correctly and running back.  Again, like all of the things we've talked about before we go into the draft, but now it's a matter of in the fourth round when our pick comes up in that group there as we grab the top three we like that are available and then we pick the one we feel best about.  When you do a little more crossover you may have a little bit more disagreement, and not necessarily arguing but banter going back-and-forth to decide which one is the best fit for the team.  Now there will be a little bit more offense vs. defense, at that point where as so far it has been pretty clean which direction we'd be going.


(statement on how smooth the draft has been in the Titans' draft war room)

You know, I'll tell you guys, you asked about banter in the draft rooms.  I've been doing this for a long time and I can truthfully say this is probably one of the smoothest drafts I have ever been through with the cohesiveness of the staff and Ruston Webster and the guys that we work with.  They're all veteran guys, they're all professional, they do it and we don't have a lot of arguments.  It's state your case and it goes on.  It's been a real pleasure being here.

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