Titans RB Derrick Henry, Old Spice Visit With Students to Increase Graduation Rates


Titans Pro Bowl running back Derrick Henry recently spoke to students from two Nashville schools as part of Old Spice's recently-announced 10-year initiative to help increase high school graduation rates in underserved communities. Old Spice has partnered with several NFL players this year to host screenings of the documentary "BLACK BOYS" and help lead discussions as students talk about their reactions to the film.

Henry visited virtually with students from Glencliff High School and the Academy at Old Cockrill and discussed topics from "BLACK BOYS," a film celebrating the full spectrum of humanity of black men and boys in America while showcasing the social and emotional effects of racism, inviting audiences to imagine a world in which black boys experience true belonging and unlimited possibilities.

"Black boys can be anything they want to be, no matter what barriers they try to put on us," said Henry during the discussion. "Entrepreneurs, doctors, anything you want to be. You want to be successful, you have a dream, you go strive for that dream."

Old Spice's program has a goal of increasing graduation rates of students in underserved communities by 10 percent by focusing on growing their confidence. Experts report that confidence is the best predictor of achievement in both mathematics and English, is related to both cognitive and self-belief measures, and is among the best-known predictors of success.

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