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Titans RB Chris Johnson's Conference Call to Miami Reporters


(On if he thinks about the single-season rushing record) –"Of course I think about it, but I'm not trying to make that be my main focus right now."

(On what his main focus is right now) –"To win these last three games, possibly get a playoff berth if we can win out. Right now, that's the main focus. I know if I do wind up breaking the record, there's a good percentage that we won those last three games, so I put it in a perspective like that."

(On what the biggest difference in the team has been since starting 0-6) –"We're having fun and we're doing the little things right. We worked on our red zone, and if we get touchdowns instead of field goals, we'll be fine."

(On if he thought he was capable of having one of the greatest seasons in NFL history) –"Yeah, I knew I was capable of that, I have great confidence. I knew I was capable of doing those things, it's all about the opportunity and just working hard and displaying your talents."

(On if Jeff Fisher has told him any stories about Walter Payton, whom Fisher played with) –"No, not really. I've watched Walter Payton highlights to get inspiration. He wasn't a real big back, but he ran hard and he made plays."

(On who he watched and admired growing up) –"Deion Sanders. I don't know why I play running back now, but Deion Sanders."

(On if he wanted to emulate Sanders because of his speed) –"Yeah, and how he celebrated and was the life of the team with his celebrations and plays that he made."

(On if he was heavily recruited by top college programs coming out of high school) –"No, I wasn't. I had one D-I offer when I was in high school."

(On if his one offer was from East Carolina) –"Yeah, East Carolina."

(On what it was like coming in under the radar) –"I don't look at it anymore, but I was the third running back picked in my year. I always have a chip on my shoulder. I was the 24th player picked in the first round, so players went before me. It's not easy to have a chip on your shoulder."

(On if being overlooked has motivated him) –"Yeah, of course, that always helps me through the season, when I have to prove stuff to people. Just play with a big chip on my shoulder, never satisfied."

(On if he is amazed by his three touchdown runs of over 85 yards this season) –"Yeah, that's amazing. I didn't know that was the record when I did it. I heard it, and it's crazy that no one else had three in their whole career, and to do it in one season, that's incredible."

(On if he still goes by the nickname 'every coaches' dream') –"Yeah, that's still my nickname."

(On if others call him by that nickname, or if there is a shorthand for it) –"ECD. It's kind of a long name, so if not ECD, it's CJ."

(On his thoughts on watching Ricky Williams) –"Ricky was one of the best running backs in the league before he walked off. I still think he's a great running back. Now he's getting the opportunity to get the bulk of all the carries and he's still showing he can be a playmaker."

(On why he only had one D-I scholarship offer) –"I wish I knew why, I don't know. If I knew why, I would have had more than one D-I offer, so I don't know. That's a question I can't answer."

(On how he did against competition that went to big time colleges)– "I did everything I was supposed to do. I was the top running back in my area. I don't know what it was."

(On who would win in a race between himself and Ted Ginn) – "That's not even a legitimate question."

(On who would between him and Usain Bolt) – "I think I would beat him in a 50. Now that is a better question. Any other person in the NFL is not a good thing for you to do."

(On if he broke Deion Sanders' record at the combine) – "Yes I did. I had the fastest time ever at the combine."

(On individually what his main goal is this season) – "Break Eric Dickerson's NFL record is the main goal and to be the NFL MVP."

(On if he has ever had a match race with anybody)– "No, they say they want to and they end up backing out at the end."

(On who the last guy was he thought he was going to race and then backed out) – "Ted Ginn"

(On where that was) – "Down in Miami, I was in Miami."

(On how long ago) – "This offseason."

(On why Ted Ginn backed out) – "Because he knew he was just talking"

(On if this was a real) – "It was real. It was at a pool party."

(On where this was going to happen) – "We were going to race down on Ocean Drive in Miami"

(On what happened) – "I walked out into the street and he never showed up."

(On if he had sneakers on) – "They were tennis shoes"

(On clarification of Ted Ginn not showing up) – "They said they were going to show up the next day and they never called the phone."

(On if he has talked to Ted Ginn since) – "No, I don't know him like that. I have seen him down there; he and Joey Porter were talking that he could beat me. When it came down to it, he was a no show."

(On if he will say anything to Ted Ginn before the game) – "I don't know. I am not sure."

(On what other NFL guys were there)– "Chad Johnson, Vince Young. There were a couple guys there. Mike Sims-Walker."

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