Titans/Raiders post-game quotes



(opening statements)

The most important thing about the preseason is finding ways to win ball games and that is what we did. It started to look pretty bleak there at the end, but the guys stepped up and made the plays. Ingle (Martin) did a nice job executing the two-minute drive. (We) kicked the field goal and got the win.

Before that, for some reason I don't feel the same way that I felt after last week. I think we played a slightly better opponent that was better prepared to play, but we didn't execute like we need to execute.

We're going to be OK. Maybe it is best that this type of thing happened to us today because we still have some work to do.

We played through some injuries. We had some people come and go out of the ball game. We had some guys that we didn't expect to play, play later in the game which is good, they got good work.

(We had) too many penalties, penalties on special teams and needless things. Those are the kind of things that you correct in the preseason.

(On if he is concerned with the play of Vince Young)

Vince's and Kerry's numbers were pretty much similar. We didn't have a lot of offense from a passing game standpoint. They're a unique defense and you have to scheme their defense to make plays. We just felt like we were going to go out to take basics and see if we could out -execute them and we didn't. It's not necessarily the quarterback's fault. We had some inconsistent plays with the receiver position, so it's all contributed to us as coaches, and the game play, and to everybody around the quarterback, but I'm not concerned. He had a great week at practice, he's had a great camp and he'll bounce back and hope his numbers are better.

(On the injuries during the game)

Keith's got a … his calf was cramping. We'll take a look at that. We've got a few other things. We've got a couple of shoulders that we'll look at. I don't think it will keep anyone from practice this week. Hawk's (Lavelle Hawkins) got an ankle [injury] and he couldn't return back to the ball game.

(On how he felt the run game was against the Raiders)

I think we probably could have run the ball a little bit better. You know all around. But we felt like we got it going last week and we wanted to do some different things. Do some different types of runs at them. And when we did call runs we ran it. It's just that they kept the ball. It's kind of the polar opposite of last week where our offense was on the field. This week their offense seemed to be on the field most the second half.

(On if Biren Ealy's big catches towards the end of the game made him feel better about the drops earlier in the game) He made two very good catches, and he needs to make those catches, but also needs to make the catches earlier and keep his feet. So it's just a matter of the whole group of receivers becoming more consistent. 
(on the first half)*
It was not a very well-played first half.  We pride ourselves on the defense not giving up points, and we gave up some plays.  Offensively, we ran the football OK.  You can tell by our plan that we wanted to come out and throw a little bit, which we did.  But we had some footing problems and some drops.  We have to get that corrected.  In the second half, we're going to play people and play to win this ball game.  You will see us run the ball a little more.  The defense is going to be challenged because they have a good group of back-up quarterbacks.  We will get a good chance to see what our players can do. 

(on the starting offense's performance)

We played all right. It certainly wasn't anything special. We have a lot of things to work on and have to do a better job of getting first downs and extending drives. We have to convert third and short and also catch the ball. We all have things to work on.

(on the running back rotation with Chris Johnson)

We knew what the rotation would be heading into the game, and we stuck with it. I'm excited to have Chris with us. He's a great addition, and hopefully we win a lot of games because of our backfield.


(On whether or not he could get in the rhythm)

No, I mean, you know last week I didn't get a chance to really just get in a rhythm and this week I was trying to get in a rhythm. I couldn't get in a rhythm like I wanted to. I had my reasons right and things like that but I just have got to complete the ball. That's basically it. I have to continue to keep working. As a receiver core, we got to just get the team to keep working on the little things. That's basically it, but on my part, my reasons and everything were right. I just got to complete the ball. That's basically it.

(On if the numbers were discouraging)

No not at all. Probably for you all. To me, I mean, that's preseason. That's why we work. I'm going to have a long season ahead of me and I'll continue to get better and better. I hate it because I have to hear these questions like this every time something like that happens. That's the only thing I hate about it. At the same time I know the potential of this team and the potential of myself as well. I have a great offensive coordinator who's going to get me ready, get me prepared to play each week. That's what I'm looking for right now.

(On the difficulty of progressing from last year and throwing the ball accurately)

I mean, the reads are coming along perfect right now. Because of all the preparation during the week, we pretty much knew what they were going to run on defense. At the beginning of the game they brought a couple of more blitzes than we thought, but the good part about it is I got the ball out of my hands and I made the right read. It's going to be even better next week. I wonder what they'll say after that.

(On if the coaches discouraged him on running the football)

No. Like I said, I was just going through my reads, trying to make the throws down the field. That's basically what we wanted to work on this week from an offensive standpoint. We always have to establish our running game. But what we try to do is establish an offense that's going to be very, very balanced in throwing the ball and running the ball. What I like about Coach Heimerdinger is that he didn't just put the throwing game into the bag. He just kept on letting us continue to keep on working. As quarterbacks and receivers we just have to continue to keep working. It's going to be alright. We have more plays in our offense than what you saw today. We're just going to continue to keep working. That's basically it.


(on improving in the passing game)

Definitely, we need to get on the same page a little better. We need to get some of those easy passes in one-on-one coverage. We've got to complete those.

(on getting accustomed to each other offensively)

We have four games to get a good feel for each other under the lights. Getting some momentum to start the beginning of the regular season is what we are trying to do.

(on if the passing game is alarming at this point in the preseason)

It's not alarming. It's the preseason. We are still in training camp. We are still working hard every day. All we can do is look at the film and clean those things up. We are close on a bunch of things, but that doesn't cut it. We need to work out the kinks and improve next week.


(on the team's passing performance)

We can't let that get us down. We just have to get back to the practice field. All of us are working hard. There's going to be doubters. All we can do is keep working hard and trying to work as a wide receiver.

(on his chances of making the 53-man roster)

There's no telling. I'm a second-year free agent. I just have to keep going after catches.

(on his performance)

Everybody wants to play a perfect game, but it never happens. I'll watch the film, learn from it and get better.


(on the final drive)

Biren Ealy played real well down the stretch. The offensive linemen protected me lots of time. John Vaughn came in the clutch. I figured I owed him one because my senior year he missed by a foot. It was good to see him make that and get us the win.

(on executing during the final drive)

It was nice. The offensive line played like that and guys like Biren Ealy were making plays. Chris Davis recognizing that he had a guy outside and there was no one inside. I gave him the ball because it was so wide open. It was a layup. I thought he was going to score a touchdown, but it was nice to get John to get the kick. It was good to win the game.

(on if he was concerned that the game clock would expire)

No. I saw how much time we had left. I was making sure we didn't have anyone moving. Inside two minutes, an offensive false start is a 10 second runoff and the game is over. I was making sure no one was moving to lose the game for us.

(on making a big play in the final two minutes)

When you're the third guy, you don't know when you're going in. When they give you the fourth quarter that is going to be your opportunity. Luckily, tonight I had a great group of guys around me. Down the line it was a good effort from that group. We are all scrapping for our dreams to make this team.


(on the victory)

They (Raiders) came out and fought real hard. Those guys are real good and they competed real well out there. We've got some work to do on defense and offense, but at the same time it was a good game and a good match-up. Even though we won the game, it was kind of sloppy, but at the same time we did some good things and then there's a lot we need to correct.

(on Titans' slow start)

We wanted to get the feel of the game. We wanted to come out and attack like we always do, but they had a good gameplan themselves and it kind of slowed us down.


(on the start of the game)

It was probably camp legs. But I can't be too down on us because we won the game. We stood up to adversity. I can't say we got better tonight but at least we stood up and didn't fold.

This team right here (Raiders) is a lot better than the Rams. We practiced against the Rams those two days and knew what we were going to do against them This team is a lot better and they have improved a lot. We played hard, made a lot of mistakes, but we'll be all right. We didn't go backwards. We just took a step sideways.


(on Titans defense tonight)

We deferred. We wanted the defense to go first, regardless of who won the coin toss. We wanted to be on the field first and set the tone. We set the tone early with the three-and-out, actually had a couple of three-and-outs and we need to be able to sustain that throughout the game. We came out fast and that's what we expect to do this year. We did a good job of stopping their run except they did get a couple of long plays on us and that's what we have to limit down the road.

(on how he feels the first-team defense performed)

I think we did a good job. We wanted to set the tone out there, and we got some three-and-outs to start the game. That's very important, especially when you defer on the toss. Overall, I thought we came out fast and made some plays.

(on how the defense fared against Oakland's rushing attack)

I thought we did a good job against their rushing attack. All they really got was that draw. We bottled them up, which is really important when you're playing a zone offense. You have to keep them going north and south and not let them get outside.



(opening statement)

**I'm obviously not pleased by the end of the game but for us, as I talked about all week; this game was a test of playing a very physical team looking at our first guys versus their first guys and the guys that are going to make our roster versus theirs. A team that has been very physical on both sides of the ball and go in, on the road on a night game, all that as part of the test. We answered all of that for the most part. We ended up out rushing them with 230 or whatever it was. Our first unit took care of the ball and the score at halftime was 10-0, there's a lot of ifs in football, but if Johnny (Higgins)doesn't give them the football on special teams, our style of play was working. We moved the ball. JaMarcus (Russell) took care of the ball, threw one touchdown, and had no turnovers. Our defense didn't let them in the end zone. I'm very pleased and need to get over the end of the game. I'm responsible for that. I will take that one. (Oren) O'Neal was actually out of the game for a while and I put him in thinking we could sneak the ball in there so I will take the blame for that.

(on passing during the scoring drive)

That was by design. I was real excited about that drive. That drive was six passes. So a team that is really run dominate to come out of that drive and put it in JaMarcus' hands. I was telling him after that drive that this is how we are going to throw the ball. We're going to continue to call passes if you make right decisions. In that drive he did. Everything wasn't down field. He got in the check downs when he was suppose to. He made the right throws; he didn't force those balls in there and had a great drive. * *

(on Russell's performance answering any questions)

I was very pleased with how he played and by his energy and how he moved around. He looked great moving around back there in the pocket eluding some very good pass rushers. Fortunately on third down conversion, Johnny (Higgins) busted on them. I was really pleased with JaMarcus. His stats weren't gaudy but once again, no turnovers.

(on the need to see more from the receivers)

There were a lot of balls throw at them. We didn't put them in a position to make a ton of plays but at the same time they were there when we needed them.

(on Higgins' special team performance)

I really don't have anyone else to look at. That's the problem. There isn't anybody there that's really dynamic with the ball. If Johnny can't do it we are in a little trouble in the return game. The answer on kickoff, unfortunately is Darren (McFadden) but I don't have an answer on punts.


(On his and the team's offensive performance tonight)

It was fun, I got to go out there, we did some good things, and we just kept the ball moving. We were never in a bad position, like a third-and-long situation, at least not very much.

(On why they started the game out throwing conservative, slant patterns)

We just tried to get some things going, sometimes you have to start a game that way. But like I said, we had a good time out there.

(On whether tonight helped him find out that tight end Zach Miller is his go-to target)

I figured that out from my first time playing- for a long time. My first start, me and Zach [Miller] hooked up for like eight passes. But other than that I think he's a great athlete. He has a knack for getting open and when you put it in his vicinity, he's going to catch it.

(On whether he enjoys rolling out of the pocket to make plays)

It's a lot of fun, especially when you have guys who play up-field a lot. That's your edge if you can get outside and make a play.

(On whether he felt the running game was successful tonight)

Yeah, it builds the passing game for me at the same time, the play-action pass opens up the run game. So I think those guys did a good job of finding holes.

(On whether he wishes he could have played more in tonight's game)

I'm very competitive, I really do. But coach is at the point now where he is looking at other guys so I take my chances out there and go all out.

(On how he prepares himself for a preseason game that really doesn't mean much)

It's the same as if it's a regular game, just go in and prepare yourself to play the whole game and take it one play at a time and try to execute every play.

(On whether there were aspects of the game today he thought needed work)

I did pretty well out there today, but at the same time, you can always improve yourself on every aspect of the game.


(On how he responded to his fumble to get himself back into the game mentally)

Yeah coach was telling me, you have to let that play go, you have no control over what happened. So tell me where your head is. If your head is still back on that play, you aren't going to be able to do well.

(On whether it was good to be able to get the ball put in his hands immediately after his fumble)

Yeah coach [Kiffin] just told me to put it behind me and just keep moving forward to the next play.


(on the touchdown catch)

That was all finger tips right there. As soon as I saw him start to scramble, I worked outside. I figured he might try to come to me… I felt we had a good connection. He gave me a chance and I made a good play.

(on making two tough catches in the drive)

On that drive, we got in a nice little rhythm and then got a ball later. It was nice to get that first catch of the game and I felt like I got on a roll with JaMarcus (Russell).

(on Russell)

I feel like JaMarcus and I have good timing and he trusts me to make those plays when he puts the ball out there.


(on stopping the run game)

We felt good about trying to stop the running game up front. We had a good plan and kept it pretty basic and vanilla. We didn't do too much blitzing. They have some really good backs though. They have great vision. They find the holes. We had to be where we were supposed to be and we would be fine.

(on the Titans running backs)

LenDale (White) gets those grind it out yards. You have to stop him early. He pushes the pile and you have to get his legs early. Chris Johnson is fast. I think we did a pretty decent job.

(on the game)

We feel like we should have won. We know what we were capable of but turnovers and not taking the ball and situation football hurt us. We didn't get it done tonight. That is the purpose of the preseason. We need to get this stuff behind us and learn from it. We can play with these guys though.


(on the game in Tennessee)

It felt good today. Our line did a good job in the first half. For me, it is good to be close to home and good to be on the field. We made some mistakes. We played good hard-nose football. You make one mistake and it will cost you though.

(on his running during the game)

I was a little stiff starting off. I wasn't as loose as I wanted to. I got better though.

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