Titans Postgame Quotes


(opening comments)

We had penalties, we quit a lot and we didn't continue drives. Tony (Romo) did a nice job of moving the ball around and he didn't get greedy, he was just taking what we have him. That happens sometimes. We'll just plan on attack defense.

Then the offense goes three-and-out now we're trying to sub and we're trying to play different people. The game got a little bit out of hand, but overall it was obviously not one of our better efforts, but we made some mistakes and didn't do some things we were capable of doing and fortunately we have an extra day this week to get it going.

(on offensive problems)

Well, the three-and-outs. You run the ball first-and-ten, you get no gain second-and-ten, you pick up three and you don't convert on a third-and-seven, then you punt the ball.

(on Chris Johnson's 9 carries for 10 yards over last two weeks)

CJ can play. It's more us not necessarily game planning. We have to get him in the flow here in the next couple of weeks.

(on Kerry Collins playing first half)

We planned on everyone playing the whole half.

(on Rafael Little's performance)

He's a good little player. That was the first time he had returned a kick-off for a long time in the middle of a game and he was bouncing around making some plays for us.

(on issue of scoreboard being too low)

It is an issue. It will be an issue. I shouldn't have to throw a flag out there because they didn't see the ball hit the scoreboard. It's not necessarily their responsibility. Once the fair catch signal is given, then there's no eyes on the ball anymore. They don't see it, so something has to get worked out.

(on if the scoreboard was an issue during pre-game)

Both of our punters hit the (scoreboard) so something has to get worked out.

(on what positives he takes out of today's game)

The negatives. The corrections. What we correct. That's a part of preseason.

(on Tanard Davis playing nickel)

He played nickel, he's been playing nickel, and he's been challenged. We kept things basic. We didn't give him any help. That's kind of the plan. Just basic, play man and see what the young guys can do.

(on Vince Young's play)

He had a first down, we were getting ready to go to two-minute drive and the back messed up protection and we got an unblocked guy deflecting the ball. He had a good week in practice and played well last week. I'm not concerned

(on his thought that Young would play better this game)

Well, we have two preseason games left.

(on if he expects Young will start the next preseason game)

Not necessarily start, but expecting him to play with the starters

(on if Ramsey will play with the starters)

Pat's doing a nice job. He will get some time with them.


(On the defense)

It's our third pre-season game. Our first team defense, it's the first time we've done this many plays. The first two times we probably went a total of 15 plays. We didn't get much action. Well today we had two long drives and played about 25 to 30 snaps in the first three series. We didn't really have that much of a game plan. We just came out here, just lined up and played.

We managed to keep it 10-7 going into the end of the first half, but they managed to score right there at the end. We played decent toward the end – the backups and stuff. We had a little rough time here and there, but it happens. We have Cleveland ahead of us then on to Green Bay, then we have the first game. We just have to watch the film and see where it goes from there. See what we need to work on.

(On the new stadium)

You know, the Indianapolis Colts just built a new stadium. It reminded me of the Indianapolis Colts stadium. Just, you know, the big screens, it reminded me of [the University of] Texas, so it wasn't anything we haven't seen before. The only difference is, they probably need to raise that screen up a little higher. … It's a very nice stadium, but it isn't something we've seen before. The only difference is, there are a lot of TVs in this place.

(On UT players as captains/calling the coin toss)

It was cool. It was a great experience to go out there and call the coin toss. We have a lot of fans here. A lot of Texas fans here. And also a lot of Tennessee Titans fans here. It was a great experience to get to go out there as a captain, call the coin toss, you know, despite the loss. But it was a great experience.

(On the UT players playing together on the Titans)

It's a blessing to all of us to make it to the next level. Roy (Williams) and Leonard Davis on the other side. Its just a blessing for those of us who made it to the next level. I know Julius Crossen, Stephen McGee – I played against them. And Roy Williams. I never got to play with Leonard Davis, but I heard a lot of great things about him. But to be on the same field as him, just a blessing for all of us to be on the same field together, play on the same field, but also against each other.


(On the Texas players calling the opening coin toss)

Coach Fisher is real good at that. Setting the tone, and he'll let you know he's thinking about that. That's a great feeling to have four guys you know, that you played with in college on the field with you. That's awesome. … We hang out together all the time. We're Texas guys. We all go back to Austin all the time. We're from Austin. We hang out all the time and we're still together.

(On Vince Young)

I think he's handled it pretty well. I mean, for a guy that's been top dog his whole life, he had some mishaps last year. And I think he's handled it pretty well. He's just going through progressions. We have a slightly more complicated offense with Coach Heimerdinger coming in this year, and he's making adjustments to that. And he's getting better each week.

(On what he's seeing on the field)

Basically, one guy can mess up a play. If all the other 10 guys are doing the right thing and one guy doesn't do the right thing it can mess up a play. We're not panicking right now, but we definitely have some things to work on, and get fixed before the opener against Pittsburgh.

(On the new stadium)

I had seen it on TV and everything. It's just such a huge stadium. I mean, driving up, I've never seen anything like this before. I thought Reliant was big when it first got built. And I was like, man this is a nice stadium. But I mean, I don't think any stadium in the league can compare to this. And driving up you can see it from the highway, and it's like, I can't believe they were able to build that. Then you get inside and to see everything it has, it is definitely unbelievable. I think the fans are going to love it.


We are definitely going to get focused on going into the regular season. We've already played three. We have two left – we definitely have to change our mindset and just focus and start game-planning the teams we're going to play and get ready for the regular season.

It's always frustrating when you can't get off the field. But to not be able to get off the field, but to only give up 7 points, you know, it says something. That was definitely good. We didn't game plan today, we kind of had an idea of a handful of plays they may run but for the most part we didn't do a structured game plan; we ahven't yet this season. … We knew they were going to come out to do whatever they can to win the game. They were full go – they had a lot of audibles and checks and sutff going on. Did we play good defense while we were out there? I don't think so. But first team defense, we did good for not game planning and going up against an offense with a lot of weapons.


"It's a beautiful stadium. A lot of hard work and a lot of money (went into it)…I definitely was happy be back home in Texas again. I had not been in Dallas in a long time. It's always good to be back in Texas."

"There were a lot of mental mistakes by pretty much everybody…We've got to get back to work and get back to practice. We've still got two preseason games to get better and better. So, that's the biggest thing."

On not playing with the starters: "That's kind of the way it went. The Cowboys did a great job of holding the ball with long drives. Overall, things happen. All you can do is go in and get your job done."

"Overall, my reads were right. There were some mental mistakes. We've got a lot of young guys. You can't really point any fingers at anyone. We are a team first. We'll get back to work tomorrow. That's all we can do."

"Things happen. It's never going to be perfect. There's a lot of ups and down in games like that. We need to stay together as a team and continue to keep fighting."

"I am just focused on getting better and better each week. All I can do it worry about my job."


"We were peppering that thing (the scoreboard) during warm-ups. Mind you, they are good kicks that are going up there and hitting it. It's nothing that is going to happen every time. But it's there and it's got to be addressed. I don't know how much further up it can go, but it's in the way."

"We were guessing about a 4.8 hangtime punt would be getting up close. It's doable for the guys in this league. It's something that's going to be an issue."

"It does not matter where you kick it from, it is just right there in the middle of the field. It's always something that you're going to be thinking about…it's a big target."

"I came out early just to see what we were looking at. My third ball hit it. That was my third ball of the day, so I wasn't completely warm. I wasn't trying necessarily, but when you get a good ball it's going to go up that way."

"It's a big problem. As far as the coverage running all the way down…and then having to come back and do it again. If that happens a couple times in a row, guys are going to be worn out. If you have to kick around it, that changes your game plan. I'd consider it a big issue if I had to kick here every week."


"I need to do what my goal has been to do during camp which is to continue to produce everytime I get an opportunity."

"I do feel very comfortable. At least, I'm able to show that. Inside, I still have some nerves but that's normally before any football game. Thus far, I've been able to go out there, handle myself well and act like I've been here before.'

On how to keep building: "Never get complacent. Continue to keep working. Continue to progress. Continue to work hard in camp and practice. I still want to be more comfortable with the offense. I feel there's more opportunity to develop."


"Our job is to score points and help our defense out. We haven't been doing a good job of that the last few games. We just have to keep going to work and keep getting trying to get better. September 10th is going to be here before you know it."

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