Titans Postgame Quotes

**Tennessee Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(Opening Statement)**  "It is hard to beat good teams – and that is a good football team – when you give them the ball twice inside the 30-yard line or thereabouts. I think really sums up our day. We had some opportunities. We got 10 consecutive points; we just couldn't do much after that. Obviously Kerry [Collins] is out with an injured calf; don't know how long it is going to be. I thought Vince [Young] did a nice job coming in considering the fact he was [the second quarterback] and unfortunately we just didn't get it done. They have a good football team and we just couldn't make a play when we needed to make a play to change the outcome of this football game."

(On the success the Dolphins had throwing over the middle of the field)– "We don't let tight ends go on purpose. We missed some coverages [and] had some people out of position. They made plays. They had a flea-flicker and then their deep plays. They earned this game, we didn't."

(On if he felt they got Randy Moss involved enough) – "We were trying, yea. I have to look at the tape, but it looks like they were rotating to him and one safety over the top, those types of things."

(On if any of Chris Johnson's running success was a result of coverage that Randy Moss was getting) – "It is hard to say. I would like to see [Chris Johnson] with about 10-12 more carries, but once again we didn't get time of possession. [If] we covert third downs, maybe we could run a little more. It is hard to say. Randy had a real good week, he played hard. I think with another week under his belt maybe we can make some adjustments."

(On if he would like to see his quarterbacks look toward Randy Moss more early) – "Our quarterbacks are throwing where the progression takes them. We had some open receivers. We had three or four balls deflected or [where] Kerry [Collins] was hit. If we catch those balls, maybe it is a different ballgame."

(On Randy Moss not being on the field for fourth and 20 in the fourth quarter) – "He was tired; they were all tired. That was a lot of running today. We tried to make a play in the end zone. He wasn't not out there for any other reason than he was tired."

(On if Vince Young was close to be the starter today because he was feeling better) – "Yea, he was close. We wanted to give him another week, [because] we didn't want to have any setbacks. We didn't want to reinjure the ankle and then have the case where he was setback for another two, three, four weeks. So that was the thought going in [and] that is why we made the decision. Fortunately he came through it. He was moving around, ran around, [and] played hard. I would have to say he will probably be a little sore over the next couple of days, but he is back and ready to play."

(On if they will need another quarterback if Kerry Collins is going to be out for a period of time) – "We will discuss that. We will see where we are with that."

(On if he is disappointed that the defense couldn't make a key stop) – "We have been in position where we have been able to get stops, but we didn't today on both of those."

(On the game having a little bit of everything with injuries and trick plays) – "They did a nice job. Obviously when Chad [Pennington] goes out and then [Chad] Henne comes in, he made some plays. I don't know his status, but when he went down we kind of realized what they were doing, they were waiting for the fourth quarter to activate their third quarterback and we gave up those two long runs."

(On why the wildcat worked in that situation) – "We had a couple of players out of position."

(On his impressions of Tyler Thigpen) – "He did the same thing to us today that he did in Kansas City. He has great mobility and he can make good decisions. I think he has a great future."

(On if there were plays designed to get Randy Moss the ball) – "There were plays. If you get the right coverage, he gets the ball. If you don't get the right coverage, someone else gets the ball."

(On if they ran to Randy Moss' side by design) – "We run the ball based on our normal run checks."

(On Kerry Collins having accuracy issues) – "The balls were being tipped and he had someone pushed into him; that makes the ball hot."

(On if a type of game like this says anything about the National Football League) – "I don't know if it is a commentary of the league. It was an unusual game. They made a change as a starter and they are back to where they were before because of an injury after a series. It is kind of one of those things. Our situation speaks for itself. We have two good quarterbacks and they been spelling one another with this injury thing we have been dealing with over the last month."

(On what he was talking to the referee about after the personal foul call on David Stewart) – "I didn't hear the whistle blow. So you have a ball that appears to be a fumble and guys are trying to [recover] the fumble and I didn't hear the whistle blow. When the whistle blows, you don't jump on the pile."

**CB Cortland  Finnegan

(On The Titans Defensive performance)** – "You know what; we held our ground in the first half. They made adjustments. Credit them for making adjustments and making plays. (We) gave up some plays. We held them to field goals, and then gave up some big plays. Sometimes you just got to weather the storm there. They are a good football team, and they make plays."

(On his matchup with Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall) – "You know what; that was something that the coaches talked about. We really didn't want to double him. We just wanted to play him man. He's an elite receiver. I don't know how many yards he caught for, but I felt like, if we could keep him contained for most of the day, then we gave ourselves the best chance to win."

(On his defensive coverage in the end zone) – "You know what; that's just one of those things you know, if you are beat, then you just want to find the receiver and then find his hands. I did that for the most part. I mean, I figured they were going to target him most of the day. And if I could just…you know, you can't stop a guy like that, so if I could just contain him then, you know, you got the best chance to win."

(On the Titans two-game losing streak) – "We just got to bounce back. The biggest thing is just to win. So that's big for us. You just continue to win, then we'll be alright."

**RB Chris  Johnson

(On how the Dolphins defended the Titans)** – "It was tough. When you have 8 or 9 guys in the box against you the whole game; when you have a guy like Randy Moss out there who can make plays in the passing game, it's a thing where they are going to have to change up their defense. Once they do that you get a little more space and more gaps open up for the running game."

(On Randy Moss's impact today) – "They switched up their defense every now and then. This is our first game with Randy and once we play together and practice together more it will all stick like glue and we'll be all right."

(On having to play from behind all game) – "Yeah, when you're down you're going to have to come from behind and you're not going to be able to continue running the ball."

(On if he is disappointed with the way Randy Moss played in his Titans debut) – "I don't want to say I'm disappointed. It's his first week; he just came in this week. A little more practice, a little more work and we'll get things together."

(On if he felt like the Titans gave a game away today) – "Yeah, it was tied in the first half and then we had a lot of 3-and-outs on offense which really hurt. The more comfortable we get with Randy (Moss) in the lineup, the better we will be and we'll be all right."

**TE Bo  Scaife

(On team chemistry and how they clicked) – **"Yeah you know we're gonna execute, I know we missed some throws, I had a turn over. We didn't stay on the field the third down. You know all those things we can control that we didn't, we didn't take advantage of and you know that's what happens when you don't execute them things you come home with a L."

(On whether (Miami) did anything differently on difference then they expected) –"No, nothing you know. I think we had some good runs. We played pretty good. We protected it pretty good for the most part and we just didn't make enough plays."

(On continuing the season and division games to come) –"The most important thing for us right now is to go get that first win back. We play at home next week and the most important thing for us is to go out there and win the next one."

**LB Stephen  Tulloch

(On the challenge of defending the Dolphins)** – "I don't know. I got to look at the film. They used some trick plays. You know we just got to get better. We defintely did not play like ourselves today. That's not the way be play all here in Tennessee. We gotta watch the film and get better."

(On the Dolphins coming out with a sense of urgency) – "You gotta give them credit. They executed the plays. Fleaflickers, the Wildcat. They did what they did what they had to do today. We didn't. We gotta get better. Practice harder."

(On whether the Titans now need to play with more urgency) – "We always have to play with a sense of urgency. You never come to a game not playing with a sense of urgency. We just got to turn it up a notch. Do a little bit more of a self evaluation. Get after it a little bit more and turn it around."

(On whether there were any surprises in the game) – "No. They did the Wildcat and the flea flicker. They executed their plays and we didn't execute the way we know how to execute them. We'll get better. We'll watch the film and we'll do the evaluation and get better."

**WR Nate  Washington

(On if he felt like the guys gave one away today with all the mistakes that were made this game)** – "I don't know if we fully gave one away because we worked very hard today I think just just little kinks right there you know right now. But coming off of a bye-week…I'm not making any excuses but we got to play better than that. We had a lot of missed opportunities so next week we'll do a better job of seeing them instead of missing all of them."

(On how he caught a touchdown, but the inconsistency of the offense) – "Nothing, it was just the play that had to be made. I really don't know…we just really had a rough day today. Everything didn't work out as well as we planned you know coming off of a bye week. (We had) a lot of bodies are banged up but at the same time we were kind of out of sync so we just need to get back to the things we know how to do best so."

(On if he felt like guys were open and just couldn't make plays) – "I think there were a couple guys open here and there, but I don't think that was the issue. It's just things were out of sync today all around. You know can't blame not one position you have to just come out next week getting better as an offense."

(On losing a game in the division) – "Yeah, division is everything for us and we pride on playing with another division so we come back this week and do a better job."

**QB Vince  Young

(On how close he was to playing when the game started)** – "After we found out that Kerry was starting that was pretty much it. It was like I said all week, it depended on how my ankle felt and then whatever decision they make."

(On how he felt when he was out there) – "It's sore. It's definitely sore but you've got to fight through pain and things like. My number was called; Kerry went down so I had to go and try to win the game. That's what I tried to do."

(On if he wanted to start) – "Coming out and not really practicing, you have to go with what's best for the team. Overall, I always want to start but at the same time you always have the trainers and the protocol. We went with Kerry. There's nothing I can do about that but be a leader on the sideline, be his eyes on the sideline and then hopefully we win the game. We didn't win the game so obviously that's due to the Miami Dolphins."

(On not being able to get the ball to Randy Moss) – "Some of the things that they were doing on defense…he wasn't open. That opened up the rest of the guys and we had some good gains with the check downs to our running backs. Nate Washington made some good plays for us as well. That's just how it's going to be. Sometimes they'll blitz and leave him open one on one.  I had a chance to get him a ball one time but overall they were playing a lot of the safety over the top on him today."

(How costly were the turnovers today?) – "They were frustrating and they did capitalize off it. My fumble in the red zone down in their end, those are the types of things that can't happen. We've been doing well with not turning the ball over and things like that. We've got to continue to keep that up and get back in rhythm. I feel like we're ok, we'll be alright."

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