Titans Postgame Quotes

Re: Defensive effortOverall, without having looked at the tape, I think there were some good things in the first half, on defense. 

Re: Overall effortDefensively, I thought it was a good carry over from last week to this week.  On the other side of the ball offensively, we did not execute our game plan.  We got some things to look at and some work to do.  I thought we punted the ball very well, and covered well for the most part.  We've got a short week and a lot of work to do

RE:  Panthers' PerformanceVery successful blitz package that they've got.  That's fine.  What we'll do is, we'll go back and correct it. We could have done this and we could have done that.

RE:  InjuriesWe've got the normal bumps and bruises.


QB VINCE YOUNGRE: Overall game performanceA couple of mistakes and things like that. Things happened, so overall I feel like we should have finished the game, win the game but we didn't. We'll get back together and work on it.

RE: Red Zone strategyWe'll just continue to keep working. From just what we had in the offense we have a lot of different things. We stayed pretty basic today to see how we handle different things. We did alright but we could have been a lot better, but I feel like we did OK.

RE: Difference in individual performance over the last couple of years.Just a lot of patience. I know what to do with my eyes. The biggest thing the coach told me is after I got out of the game  my eyes were right and that's the biggest thing you can ask for.

RE: You said you needed a game like this. Was it to wake you up?I wouldn't say waking up. This is pre-season. It's just how things go. I feel like we did a pretty good job. I feel like we could have executed better from a whole offensive standpoint. We have to just keep working and get ready for the next game.

RE: Surprised by pressure?No, we saw it in practice. That's the type of defense they are. Hands down to them. They are a really good defense, but at the same time that's nothing compared to us. We've just got to continue to keep working. I really believe in our offense. I really believe in our team. Our defense did a great job as well. We've just got to get back to work and get ready for Thursday night.
RE: Moving forwardWe've just got a basic offense right now. Just gettin' a lot of young guys where they need to be right now. Hawk (Lavelle Hawkins) came in today, started today. That's what we wanted to see –a lot of different guys taking a different position, you know if some of our guys go down how would you come in and take care of your responsibility. Overall I feel like the guys did a good job but we've just got to keep working.


QB KERRY COLLINSRE: The late-game interceptionI'd like to have that last throw back, but we were getting backed up and I was trying to make something happen. I just didn't get enough air on it.
RE: Coming back to CharlotteIt's just kind of part of the deal. I just really don't think about it much anymore.

RE: Clausen's rookie year versus hisHe's in a different situation, because I don't think he is going to be asked to play this year if Matt (Moore) stays healthy. I assume Matt is going to do a good job. I think he is a good quarterback. He'll get an opportunity to sit and watch and learn. My rookie year I got thrown into the fire pretty early. I'm sure he will benefit from this year.

Re: The necessary maturity level for a starting quarterbackThere is so much more that comes along with being an NFL quarterback than just what happens on the field. And obviously, I didn't handle some of that stuff as well as I could have, but I learned from it. Those are the kinds of things I feel, as time went on, I was able to handle a lot better. You live and you learn. I certainly made my share of mistakes, but I feel like I learned from them, and really made strides as a person and as a quarterback.

Re: His 16-year careeI'm very fortunate. I haven't lost any skills – still throw the ball well. I feel good physically. Still have the desire to go out and compete and be a part of it. As long as that's all there, I'll continue to play.



RE: how it felt to score the touchdownIt felt good to get in the end zone. It was kind of bittersweet. I wish we would have played better offensively, but it's just time to get better from here on out.

*RE: worried about the lack of offense? *I wouldn't say worried. We still should have come out and moved the ball more in my opinion. But there are some situations, you just can't control.

RE: The play that resulted in the touchdownThey brought the safety down on me, and it was one on one. So when they did that, I knew I had a shot. I just kind of quick jabbed him inside and took off. And Kerry (Collins) threw a nice ball… perfect ball. And it was six from there.

RE: His focus in the preseasonI'm still not where I want to be with the blocking situation, but it is coming along. And even Coach Z (John Zernhelt, tight ends) has told me that I've gotten better, but I just have to keep working hard. I can't get discouraged.

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